Photo Epic: #PanShotFriday - Crowd-Sourced Blur Love

Apr 3, 2020
by Dave Trumpore  

After posting a selection of blurry and colorful photos from Pinkbike's staff photographers for last week's #PANSHOTFRIDAY, we've opened this week's and the coming week's to submissions from Pinkbike's community. For week one we had a strong response and tried to showcase at least one photo from everyone who submitted something. Those who submitted multiple photos will likely see a few pop up on next weeks posting.

If you like what you see and want to take part in the coming weeks just remember to upload your photos to you personal Pinkbike account and send a link to Dave Trumpore via his inbox here (Not Instagram, and not Gmail)

Enjoy some blurry goodness from your fellow Pinkbike users




@nijij - Oscar Powell

Classic Brendog with a huge nac
@cagreenwood - Classic Brendog with a huge nac!

Kade Casually chucking up the horns at 60kph before hitting the 100ft Step-Down
@cagreenwood - Kade Casually chucking up the horns at 60kph before hitting the 100ft Step-Down


Bernard Kerr - Fort William 2019
@mustang-sally - Bernard Kerr, Fort William 2019

@dulle - Matthias Stonig



@webmaticx - Dale on the Sunshine Coast

Golden hour pans with Ali Chapple in Vedder
@tomivorrichards - Golden hour pans with Ali Chapple in Vedder

Jo Peters making the most of the winter conditions in Squamish
@tomivorrichards - Jo Peters making the most of the winter conditions in Squamish

Pan Shot of Seth Shuster in Marquette Michigan.
@@Tinga- Pan Shot of Seth Shuster in Marquette Michigan.

@dylansherrard - George Proctor, Kamloops



 rideuse67 - Josh Bryceland Les Gets Crankworx Dual Slalom finals


photog David Alipio aka Evil Toad

We'd love to keep showcasing some of the incredible shots we know the Pinkbike community has hiding on their own hard drives. Send your best pan shots to Dave Trumpore's Pinkbike DM for a chance to be featured next week, and the week after, and maybe the week after that. Be sure to add the rider's name and location so we can hype them up too. See below for how to submit your best shots for a chance to be featured.


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 I just want to say to the entire PB Staff, thank you so much for putting out so much awesome (as always) content during social distancing. HUGE THANK YOU!
  • 54 0
 Pro-tip: with day drinking, all shots are blurred shots!
  • 7 2
 Also pro tip - keep your body sanitized by drinking copious amounts of alcohol
  • 2 1
 @dexterfawkes: Pro tip #3 - do not give to riders until after the ride.
  • 7 1
 @rrolly: Maybe a little pre or mid ride is okay though.
  • 8 1
 @VTwintips: Or maybe just a pre roll, pre ride!
  • 1 0
 @MOBrules: makes about as much sense as seeing athletes have a pre-game/intermission smoke. (spoiler alert - it doesn't)
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 i'm sorry, are you saying pan or pam?
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 Hard not to comment on the Polls issue although I wish there was a specific area to do it. I don't have access to PB's books but I'm sure they're doing well in terms of revenues. And I've always been happy to participate in polls that I'm interested in and I'm sure they provide value to the manufacturers who buy the data (and revenue to PB).

However, my issue is that I now have a "Poll To-do" list at the top of the page every single time I'm on the site and it makes me feel like I have work to do. And that's not why I'm here. Again, happy to click on ads, happy to participate in Polls when I see one that I like. But this feels forced and obvious and SO against everything that I like about PB.

PB...kill this thing before it gets cancerous; listen to your community as they are not sheep.
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 I understand they rely on revenue from the bike industry and use the site for market research which can then be sold to interested parties, but I think if they had gone about it differently they would've got a much better response. Maybe a front page story warning people what they were intending and the reasons why. This just feels a bit underhanded. I think a lot of people who dislike the way PB has gone about this will give false answers to try to skew the results and make them meaningless.
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 I don't have a polls button, I feel like I'm missing out on something I don't even want, but still kinda have FOMO....
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 @rippersub: I think it's been removed as it didn't seem to go down too well.
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 @commental: Boom, and the Poll To-Do Yellow Beacon from Hell is gone. love us, you really do. thank you.
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 I'm ignoring the purpose of every article until the polls button is banished from existence
  • 3 2
 I've not seen any polls but I assume this is something that gets solved easily with a half decent adblocker. I can't go back to an internet browser or youtube without running an adblocker either way.
Here, try this:
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 @rarerider: I believe the polls are something made by pinkbike, not an ad. You can see the 'polls' button if you are on desktop, it's right at the top by 'dashboard' and 'inbox'. If you are on mobile, scroll down to bottom and hit 'desktop version of website'.
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 @dexterfawkes: I'm on a destop and can't see any poll.
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 Why are you so butt hurt about it? Pinkbike needs to provide value to their advertisers so they can continue generating revenue and providing content to us for free. If you don't like the poll link, ignore it.
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 @pizzaiolo: cos bright yellow
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 Took me about 10 mins and done. Not a big deal and good info for them and their advertisers. Nothing is for free.
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 @dexterfawkes: simple solution..use your mobile. No idea wtf people were complaining about til I turned desktop version on.
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 im on my phone currently and there isn’t any polls
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 @dexterfawkes: All I can see is a tiny yellow "Polls n/x" button at the very top of the main page. I had to go actively look for it, surely this isn't what everybody is up in arms about?
Or is there a more intrusive one that hasn't been rolled out to all locales yet?
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 @rarerider: nope it's that... a yellow thing that can easily be ignored.
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 @davetrumpore: I switched to the desktop version and I still don’t have it.

@everyone: I went into Dashboard and saw a poll on the right. Nothing mandatory, though. Just ignore the bloody thing.
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 @everyone: Sorry pal, didn’t realise someone actually has that username! ;-)

My comment is for everyone complaining about the polls thing.
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 @harrybel: you, sir, are late to the party...they already disabled it.....
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 Cn we collectively agree to answer them all wrong for fun?
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 @dexterfawkes: wait they got rid of it?
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 @dexterfawkes: Fair enough
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 that example pic was the best
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 All of them are amazing, well done to all the photo taking peoples.

@mcartier that's a cracking wheel shot, my favourite one out of this group.

@dylansherrard - George Proctor, Kamloops gets an honourable mention too.
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 Hey! So glad to see my picture up there! Thanks PB Smile
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 New poll - Should Olly Wilkins be credited in every photo for inventing #panshotfriday?
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 Nice images, but I’d rather see the grim donut huck to flat.
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 has anyone else read the hashtag as 'Pans Hot' instead of Pan Shot?
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 @davetrumpore can you elaborate a bit on the directions for submission. The photos doesn't make much sense to me. TIA
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 Upload to your account... Caption with your screen name, rider and location in comments section. Send me a link to the photo or gallery via message feature on PB
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 THNAK YOU PB!!! Stoked to see my shot got used, but more stoked for Jaxon on getting print!
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 Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get away from the polls button.
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 Pan shots are so fun.
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 Where’s the video?
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 Polls are appalling
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 They should create a poll for whether we want polls.
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 Once the polls are done, they're done. Not a big deal, but helpful info. Would you rather they mine your info without you knowing like Facebook?
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 @rrolly: they can get their money from add revenue...this is a biking website,,,not a friggin polling company... plus the questions are so friggin boring and basic
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