Photo Epic: #PanShotFriday - Our Favourite Crowd-Sourced Blur Love This Week

Apr 17, 2020
by Dave Trumpore  

Once again we've opened this week and the coming weeks to submissions from Pinkbike's community. This week, we received another batch of user-generated images via emails, in addition to the photos Dave Trumpore selected from various industry veterans. Those who submitted photos will likely see a few pop up on next week's postings if they are not showcased below.

If you like what you see and want to take part in the coming weeks just remember to upload your photos to you personal Pinkbike account and send a link to Dave Trumpore via his inbox here (Not Instagram, and not Gmail)

Enjoy some blurry goodness from your fellow Pinkbike users!

Thomas Vanderham at 2012 Shimano Saint launch in Whistler British Columbia
@sterlinglorence - Thomas Vanderham at 2012 Shimano Saint launch in Whistler, British Columbia

@brookscurran - Martin Maes, MSA 2019

Classic speed and style from Mr Wilkins in the Surrey Hills
@cagreenwood - Classic speed and style from Mr Wilkins in the Surrey Hills


Peter Disera leading the charge through the flowers in California
@tomivorrichards - Peter Disera leading the charge through the flowers in California




 camsurrie giving it a nudge down a straight nice section
@camsurrie giving it a nudge down a straight nice section

 bortels - Joe Smith Val d Is re 2012
@bortels - Joe Smith, Val d'Isère 2012

R-Dog s 2017 NZ Enduro Story
@SamNeedham - R-Dog in NZ

Our final day was supposed to be a crusher 100 kilometres in sweltering heat and humidity mostly on a paved road. Instead due to a mechanical failure on one of the bikes and a general lack of interest in riding on the paved road we caught a ride on the roof of the locals bus to Pokhara. Keeping an eye out for low hanging power lines we were highly entertained by the guy collecting fares pictured on the left . He would climb out of the bus and check for new passengers on the roof all while the bus kept moving. For this shot I really wanted to convey a sense of motion and a bit of chaos so I used a slow shutter speed to blur the shot and shot with a wide angle to capture as much of the crazy scene as I could.
@steveshannon - Pokhara

@IanCollins - Parallel

Bas Van Steenbergen Rotorua
@brommers02 -Bas Van Steenbergen, Rotorua

@kazyamamura - Steeeeeeeeeeeeeez

Photos from Let Em Eat story in Killington Vermont.
@briceshirbach - Photos from "Let 'Em Eat" story in Killington, Vermont.

 MiguelBento Myriam Nicole in Porto de M s
@MiguelBento Myriam Nicole, in Porto de Mós

 jemima - Fort William WC 2018
@jemima - Fort William WC 2018

 joshmoore16 - Anton Thelander Dream Track New Zealand
@joshmoore16 - Anton Thelander, Dream Track, New Zealand

 SimonValenti - Jules Bellot Annecy
@SimonValenti - Jules Bellot, Annecy

 TadejStrah - Bernar Kerr DHWC Maribor 2019 I would love to see one of Kerr s stoppies down that landing
@TadejStrah - Bernar Kerr, DH WC Maribor 2019


 adrito - Peter Diaz in CADEN Argentina
@adrito - Peter Diaz in CADEN, Argentina


 rollbretzel - Pierre-Charles Georges during WC Lenzerheide Switzerland 2017
@rollbretzel - Pierre-Charles Georges during WC Lenzerheide, Switzerland 2017


 camno Unknown in G ra ar Poland
@camno , Unknown in Góra Żar, Poland

Photo - bea5ty Rider - mike24dh Location - Long since destroyed jump Suicide the stepdown
Photo - @bea5ty, Rider - @mike24dh, Location - Long since destroyed jump. Suicide the stepdown

Finding the motion in a logarithmic spiral. kelleyhalephoto
Porcupine is open again! @kelleyhalephoto

 keatonistheguy - Joren Taylor in Southern Maine
@keatonistheguy - Joren Taylor in Southern Maine

Miith - Matt Walker in les Orres during the EWS
@Miith - Matt Walker in les Orres during the EWS

We'd love to keep showcasing some of the incredible shots we know the Pinkbike community has hiding on their own hard drives. Send your best pan shots to Dave Trumpore's Pinkbike DM for a chance to be featured next week, and the week after, and maybe the week after that. Be sure to add the rider's name and location so we can hype them up too. See below for how to submit your best shots for a chance to be featured.


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 Fantastic content, can anyone recommend a good breakfast wine I can quaff whilst going through them ?
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 Von Winning Sauvignon Blanc 500
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 @Ben-P: for breakfast?
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 Black tower hehe
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 @idecic: It's always after lunch time somewhere in the world!
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 Nothing wrong with a good old Mimosa at breakfast.
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 @yerbikesux: absolutely. I was questioning the wine selection, no issue with getting the party started first thing in the morning!
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 I want a panshot of me walking off my couch. I would need a photographer who could wait hours, just to get one shot. anyone know anybody who would be up for that?
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 These photos are all blurry.
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 That’s the point. ????????‍♂️
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 I remember at Vallnord, Bernard Kerr went past me doing a near vertical manual.

Why does Pompon's rear wheel look bigger than the front one?
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 Because at 1/30th shutter the wheels will be blurry from vibration and hitting bumps, so that's probably what creates the illusion here.
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 @denzilheeger absolutely nailed it! What a fantastic shot!
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 Think I need glasses !
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 Terrible pics...all have extreme motion blur...1/10

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