Race Report: Peaty's Steel City Downhill Episode IX

May 5, 2019
by Duncan Hague  

A few days ago in a field far, far away...

First up, sign on and goodie bag collection

First one onto the start ramp.
The first one to make it to the start ramp.

Turtle by name not turtle by nature.
Followed shortly after by a young Turtle.

Mark Neal dropping in the start ramp.

Jumping straight into practice.
Chloe Taylor getting the practice laps in early.

In case you miss the sign Rob Jolley is also on hand to demonstrate there is a split ahead.

Mr. Steel City Media practising being the other side of the tape.

Practise trains.
Showing young Padawans the way to go.

Harrison Clarke reminding us what it s all about.
Harrison Clarke reminding us what it's all about.

Matt Smith falling victim to the gap jump.
Hopefully it's not about eating dirt for everyone else.

Woodhead Mountain rescue did a fantastic job of taking care of those who momentarily couldn t keen control of their grip levels.
Woodhead Mountain rescue were on hand to take care of anyone taking a tumble and what a fantastic job they did.

Local lad Jack Bower showing how it should be done.

Forge Coffee Roasters were none stop grinding out the coffees.
Forge Coffee Roasters were none stop 'grinding' out the coffees.

Maybe a caffeine fix powering an overtake?

Pasca Nicholson amongst the mid-track greenery.

Expert Bike Repair keeping an eye on their surroundings.
Expert Bike Repair keeping their eye on you.

Jack Roberts relandscaping the gap jump.
Just about getting away with it.

That ll true out won t it
Not quite getting away with it.

For Steel City Downhill goodies stop here.
Steel City Downhill goodies on tap.

The sun was in and out all day.

Young Tom opening the course keeping his distance from the dark side and Darth Peat.
Young Tom opening the course keeping his distance from Darth Peat.

Dropping into the finish line for one of two runs.

Matt Smith managed to pick himself up after his tumble in practise.
Matt Smith managed to pick himself up after his tumble in practise.

Luke Knight stepped up to the Elite category and made light work of beating the usual names in the field.
Luke Knight stepped up to the Elite category and made light work of mixing it amongst the usual names in the field.

Tom Walker trying to lay one down in his first run.

Laying it down a bit too much from Katy Woolley.

K-Rad in command of the tunes.
K-Rad had the tunes to pick people up again though.

George Hemingway dropping in to finish his victory lap.
George Hemingway wouldn't need a second run to secure a win in the Bike Garage 10-12 boys category.

Harry Hemingway styling it onto the podium.
Brother Harry put on a show to get on the podium too.

A Wicked blur amongst the crowds.

Ratboy laying it down before entering the bombhole with Loosedog getting recording the action.
Ratboy gunning it before entering the bomb hole with Loosedog recording the action.

Tristan Nunn had a cracking day out.
A 'cracking' day out was had by Tristan Nunn

Marc Beaumont keeping it low.

Kieran Kenny firing over the gap jump driven by the local support.
Kieran Kenny firing over the gap jump driven by the local support.

Mr Steel City Media on the other side of the tape.
Joe Bowman taking a Gamble with the light.

Quite the setting for a finish line.

Darth Peat trying to keep control of the Galaxy.

Will Keogh hunting for his third win of the year after taking top spot at the Howard Street Dual and BUCS - DH Student Champs.
Eyes were on Will Keogh after his recent form.

Billy Matthews laid down near identical runs on the timesheet. 0.058 seconds difference.
Billy Matthews - Great to see so many locals still mixing it up at the top.

Skin suits are now allowed aren t they
Sam Reynolds was the only rider to bring out a skin suit...

Hope 19-29 men
Will Keogh made it three for three this year after taking the top spot at Howard Street Dual, BUCS Downhill and now Hope 19-29 men at Peaty's Steel City Downhill.

Fastest down the hill not fastest to break into a bottle of bubbly.
Sheffield Lass Chloe Taylor was fastest down the hill but not fastest to break into a bottle of bubbly.

Leighton Vans Elite Men Podium.
Marc Beaumont took the crown from Darth Vader to take the Leighton Vans Elite Men category with Like Knight a solid third.


Leighton Vans Elite Men

1st Marc BEAUMONT: 1:08.510
2nd Steve PEAT: +1.268
3rd Luke KNIGHT: +1.287

60 Sticks Elite Women

1st Chloe Taylor: 1:16.730
2nd Tracey Moseley: +1.683
3rd Becci Skelton: +6.076

Hope 19-29 Men

1st Will Keogh: 1:11.026
2nd Kieran Kenney: +0.653
3rd Luke Wall: +1.105

Full results here.

Marc Slugger Beaumont s and his winning Evil.
Marc 'Slugger' Beaumont and his winning Evil.

Chloe Taylor and her Cailbre Sentry.
Chloe Taylor and her winning Cailbre Sentry.

It goes without saying that this event relies on the people that volunteer their time and help to run the biggest little race that has now been going on for 9 years. Big thanks to the main men Steve Peat, Henry Norman, Nick Hamilton, Steve Hardcastle and Si Bowns. That's not just it though my keyboard would wear out if I was to mention every single helper. Everyone raise a beer and say thanks to those that make it happen.

We're also fortunate to have a some amazing sponsors to thank, Leighton Vans, Santa Cruz, 60 Sticks, Hope Tech, Hook it Products, Eighteen Bikes, Monster Energy, Bike Garage, Peaty's Products, Expert Bike Repair, Renthal, Cotic, 7 Protection, Polaris, Trek Sheffield, Five Ten and Royal Racing. Also without the partnership and co-operation of the Wildlife Trust, the race would not be possible either!

Dark skies and hail showers closed out the day.

The Dark Side has fallen.
The Dark Side has fallen.

Maybe next year the Empire will strike back?


  • + 11
 My capra was 2015 had plenty of abuse and had my moneys worth , it was my fault fir getting the corner wrong before taking off on the soft stuff to the left of the gap jump , it was an impact that could of ended any bike frames life
  • + 1
 They've changed factories anyway! I'm still going to buy one. Alloy though.
  • + 13
 Ben Deakins video of this is worth a watch.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=adDo4MLJUbk&t=3s
  • + 1
 Worth it to see Sam Reynolds riding in his undies
  • + 1
 DJ K Rad on the 1 and no 2's and some loud mouth soup brewdogs, yeeeaaaaahhh!
  • + 3
 @Shiny-side-up holy shit, that jump took some casualties! o.O
  • + 4
 The crash that ruined that front wheel was absolutely mental, check it out on Ben Deakins video
  • + 4
 Oh look it's me ???? stormtrooper that is fell off twice.
  • + 0
 Top day with a massive turnout again and a mix of brilliance and pandemonium on view at the big gap. And seeing peaty race in his darth vader outfit just rounded it off nicely ????
  • + 1
 I see broken Capras bit more often than expected, maybe it's just because of the number sold..
  • - 1
 No you don’t.
  • + 0
 @Rucker10: well, not so many as broken Banshees, that´s for sure
  • - 3
 @bok-CZ: Lying to drive your narrative? You almost sound American.
  • + 4
 @Rucker10: may sound like an American, but Iam not scared of nipples
  • + 2
 Is that the 1st time peaty has been beaten at this race?
  • + 1
 Nah, I think Ed Masters won it a couple of years ago (although Peaty was coming back from injury/illness at the time I think).
  • + 1
 Come on pinkbike there was more than one rad woman in that race!
  • + 1
 Chloe Talyor’s Calibre....my eyes or 27.5F / 29R?
  • + 1
 Not the frames fault just my fault
  • + 1
 Yes Slugger!
  • - 2
 Watch my video of the race including course preview! youtu.be/Kd3V6k1tzz8
  • + 0
 Great day out ????????

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