Photo Epic: Silver Star Air DH - Crankworx Summer Series

Aug 1, 2020
by Clint Trahan  

It's been one hell of a week for Vaea Verbeeck. 2nd in the Enduro, and a sweep of Dual Slalom, DH and Air DH, the question is: Can anyone dethrone the defending Queen of Crankworx? Her crash Tuesday would have stopped most mortals.

On the men's side, it isn’t quite the same at the top of the podium, but it is close. Finishing 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd, Finn Iles sits atop the men's leaderboard leaving Silver Star, with Bas Van Steenbergen a close second.

So with the results already revealed from today’s Air DH event, let's kick into some photos.

Cous dropping into Pipedream.
Cous dropping into Pipedream
Can you gap the triple Hold my beer .
Can you gap the triple? "Hold my beer"
Mckay or Cous
Who did it better 1 or 2
Who did it better?
ALN is rounding into riding form as the week progresses
CLIF - thank you for keeping us all going.
Bars, blocks or shots? Which do you prefer? (Blocks is the only right answer).
Leonie Picton making her way around the course.
Vaea Verbeeck calm and cool on course
Cool as a cucumber, Vaea Verbeeck on her way to her 3rd straight event win.
Seth Sherlock has looked every bit the promising up and comer. The kid has been flat out all week.
Mark Wallace on the berm.
Canyon Collective representing on Pipeline
Remi Gauvin
Boys will be boys.
Casey always looks steezie on the bike.
Lucy Schick one of the younger riders of the series gaining valuable race experience this week
Miranda Miller flat out as usual.
The ladies, however, always hold their own. Casey 2nd and Miranda 3rd.
Kasper Woolley on two messed up ankles is destroying Silver Star.
Kasper Woolley, on two messed up ankles, is destroying Silver Star. Kasper would finish third.
All eyes on the prize for Finn Iles.
Finn riding to another podium finish, this time coming in second behind Bas.
Bas is in the chase for the overall title heading into Kicking Horse.
1st place for Bas.
Vaea has been unstoppable this week. Too bad I ve missed just about every shot of her. Sorry V. I promise to do better
Vaea has been unstoppable this week. Too bad I've missed so many shots of her. (Sorry V. I promise to do better!).
Men s Podium. Bas Van Steenbergen 1 Finn Iles 2 Kasper Woolley 3
Men's Podium. Bas Van Steenbergen (1), Finn Iles (2), Kasper Woolley (3)
Womens podium Vaea Verbeeck 1 Casey Brown 2 Miranda Miller 3
Womens podium: Vaea Verbeeck (1), Casey Brown (2), Miranda Miller (3)

That is a wrap for Silver Star. Stay tuned next week for more CLIF Crankworx Summer Series action!


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 Finn has had a stormer! Great to see him doing so well, especially given that he has no idea what a caliper is.
  • 3 0
 That's the bit you pull to make the stoppy thing go stop, right? Haha, j/k...

Great to see good results from someone like him who seems to be a genuinely nice guy.
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 Wooley's career is definitely going to benefit from this week. Nice to see a fresh face.
  • 4 0
 He isn't really a fresh face if you follow EWS, he has been a contender for some time in U21 EWS class, turning Pro this year is what is benefiting his career the most.
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 Im anxious for it to move on to Kicking Horse.. The racers living at Silverstar know the mountain and all the lines too well, me thinks
  • 2 0
 Especially anxious for Woolley's ankles...
  • 2 0
 Same with sun peaks. Although I have seen Bas and Vaea practicing honey drop and a couple of the other trails quite a bit this summer....
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 Can someone explain to this noob what the difference between Air DH and regular DH is? Timed format with a bonus for tricks? A timed DH course but with bigger jumps? Thanks in advance for the snarky comments!
  • 9 0
 Air DH is typically a jump/flow line. For example, at Crankworx Whistler the Air DH is on A-Line. Lots of photos of the jumps being scrubbed.

DH is typically tech/rocks/roots and few if any smooth/buffed jumps.

Both are raced for time only.
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 From observation only - Air DH appears to be a race down a jump line/ flow track (A-Line) with minimal steep/tech/gnar. Contrast with a regular DH which *should?* be mostly steep/tech/gnar with the obligatory UCI motorway thrown in for a short stretch somewhere
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 Not to interject the lit pics, but could it read something different than boys will be boys?
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 My thought exactly
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 Well said
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 Careful the cancel culture vultures will be out lapping that Comment up
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 The only thing I'd change about this article is you're verbatim.
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 Racing on pipedream? That would be super wierd. I wonder why they didn't use jmt or rockstar
  • 1 1
 Rockstar was used as a stage for Enduro. Pipeline was a good trail, not sure why it would be weird. =p
  • 2 0
 @ClintTrahan: what's pipeline? It doesn't show up on trail forks and the beginning of the trail with the hut drop is pipedream. Did they change the name? Its just a fun jump trail with some tight steep berms you have to dial in super well.
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 @ClintTrahan: they also used walk the line in the enduro stage...
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 the trail is named pipedream not pipeline
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 Well I guess Jill won't get a chance to dethrone Vaea, so its up to Casey?
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 Wooley last time out with a borrowed air shock, this time on coil..
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