Photo Epic: Slopestyle - Cranworx Innsbruck 2019

Jun 17, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

The third time proved to be the charm for Brett Rheeder as he finally stepped on to the top of the podium at Innsbruck after two consecutive second-place finishes. Innsbruck once again provided the goods as it came down to the very last run for Rheeder who had to improve on his first run to beat Emil Johansson's monstrous score of 95. In a line stacked full of opposite variations, he did it and managed to scrape an extra 0.5 ahead of the young Swede.

Third place went to the newcomer and BMX-pat Dawid Godziek. The brother of Szymon was competing on a wildcard but announced himself to the world by throwing some Crankworx firsts including a Twister No Hander and a Cashroll Barspin.

After a frustrating day of wind delays, the pressure was on for riders to deliver and they did across the board. Here's how it went down:

Rogatkin was looking fired up in the morning's practice.

Tomas Lemoine kissing his tyre in a warm-up run.

A lot of eyes were on the comeback kid who looked as fluid as ever despite his absence.

If you didn't know him already, you do now. Dawid Godziek announced himself to the world of slopestyle with a Twister on the first big jump, a Cashroll on the third and this front flip tuck no hander up on to the whale tail.

Rogatkin's first crash was relatively tame as he bailed out mid-air on the first jump. His run may have been over but he still ran up to the top of the ramp to drop in for the rest of the track.

He attempted a cash roll off the very next hit, the boner log, bit got catapulted off the bike and into the dirt face first. There were a nervous few moments as he lay motionless and the medics covered him from view with a blanket but a loud "f*ck!" at least let the crowd know he was conscious.

Dazed but not defeated. Rogatkin wanted to run again but made the wise decision not to after he was advised by medics to sit it out following a SCAT assessment.

Matt Jones was another rider that would have to pass on a second run. His first was fluid all the way until the final landing where his knee got caught between his wheel and his fork and he was flipped over the bars.

Tomas Lemoine had two targets yesterday afternoon, retain the King of Crankworx lead and podium in the slopestyle. It looked like he could do both after run 1 as he sat third but a crash in run two meant he wasn't able to improve and finished fourth.

Erik Fedko also put in a huge run to score 80.50 to sit fourth after the first runs.

The last rider of the first runs, Brett Rheeder put down the only score in the 90s to take a lead of more than 8 points into the second half. He stayed in the finish area for a long time until Emil Johannsen forced him to ride again.

Paul Couderc was competing on a wild card entry picked up at Swatch Rocket Air and delivered at the second time of asking with an 82.5 that would eventually land him fourth.

We saw the full range of Diego Caverzasi's trick book but he came up short on a few jumps and could only score 67.

The wind still played a part on Sunday with a few riders, including Emil, coming up short on the first jump and not registering a score. He nailed it at the second time of asking and shot into first place with a score of 95. The comeback was complete.

Anothony Messere always delivers huge amplitude and style at these events but would have to settle for eighth.

Alex Alanko's second run looked super-strong but a crash on the last jump means we never got to see how it really stacked up.

Fedko's second run was packed with crowd-pleasing bangers but didn't move the judges quite as much. He finished seventh after only increasing his score by 0.25

Godziek went even bigger in run two and added combos to his cashroll and twister. The judges bumped him up another six points but it wasn't enough to get anywhere near close to Johanssen

Rheeder was the last man to go with all the pressure on his shoulders but he shrugged it off and delivered a run for the history books.

He hit every beat and he would have to if he was going to score higher than 95.

The judges took their time announcing a winner but in the end, they plumped for Rheeder, just 0.5 separated them.



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 and now back to the usual bike business in innsbruck:

- gondola 1 (main gondola) is again closed during the week
- gondola two (götzens) is closed for the rest of the season (with the track where kaos and the kiwis went crazy on instagram, it only opened for the week of crankworx and is now dead again)
- public bike transportation is again literally not existing anymore from monday on. bus drivers and local bikers will beat up each others ass again
- the pumptrack will not be shaped anymore
- flowers and grass will grow on the slopestyle course as it is closed for the rest of the season
- pro riders are not anymore forced to tell how epic the trails in innsbruck are in their interviews

thanks again for the epic fotos and tourism illustrations crankworx. hopefully you will never come back to innsbruck.
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 Savage. I was surprised the gondola closed, saturday of crankworx, at 5pm, didnt make much riding (one run) for those of us working the event. Sad face.....was a sweet run to Gotzens though!

Also, Fedko got hosed. New panel of judges are needed.
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flag RichardJBos (Jun 17, 2019 at 2:12) (Below Threshold)
 Man, who pissed in your coffee?
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 Sad but pretty accurate...
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 Yeah, I too was amazed how poor the bikepark is in such a great surroundings Frown I was expecting smth near Leogang / Serfaus fiss-ladis - turned out to be worse than most polish bikeparks.

Last year, when the Gotzens trail was closed for DH practice, you were restricted to one trail (first / chainless) which meant out of two gondolas you could only ride half of it from mittelstation as the chainless is way to flowy for anything above XC bike.
And on the other hand, to reach the chainless, kids and weekend warriors have to pass the first trail which can be rough (my 10 year old hated it) so the trail was full of confused / scared riders standing in the way

So the Tirol is really great, but there's like a dozen better places in Tirol to host Crankworx
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flag RichardJBos (Jun 17, 2019 at 2:59) (Below Threshold)
 @Mateo-s: There's a fire road you can use to access the chainless trail, just saying.
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 I don't understand why they would spend the money on an event and then do this. Baffles me. Thanks for the advice though, will avoid Innsbruck.
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 @grobes-hack yeah, but at least there will be a second track on the Mutters side now.

This reminds me, some years ago when I first came here and was exploring the bike areas with friends.
Bikepark Tirol came up in a google search and we headed there without looking at videos or even the trail map.
A month before we'd go to Bike Park Wales in the UK, it was such a good time just mentioning the name was grin inducing, and this was before they had the new trails.
So we were thinking, if Bikepark Tirol is half as good - we're golden.

We got there, get passes, go up the lift and...there are two trails Big Grin

The trails are okay, I'm glad they exist, even though unlike places like BPW, Leogang etc they close the park when it rains even a little, but it was a bit shocking especially bearing the fancy name - Bikepark Tirol, you'd expect something...more.
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 @Milko3D: from what I've seen in the track preview video, the track was using some part of the previously existing trail and parts of the "mountain karts" road. So in the end it's probably only 200 m (elevation wise) of new trail.
Oh and the website says the trail is not open, surprise surprise
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 @zede: meh...
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 Cross that one off the bucket list I guess.
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Innsbruck is all show, no go. The pictures sure are pretty, but when you arrive and have nothing to ride your bike on (imagine travelling from North America paying ~$1200 just to get to Europe), you're gonna be pretty pissed.

The city of Innsbruck needs to put up or shut up. Stop claiming the title "Bike City" because you have a pseudo-skatepark in town and some bike lanes. Either be for mountain biking, or join your constituents and be against it. Stop trying to sell a fake destination.
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 The runs were so sweet to Gotzens!! Keep those Gondolas running Innsbruck! @stikmanglaspell:
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 Great shots,, hard to beat that level of riding with that background.
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 The new track should be open now! Just saw a FB post.
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 Also, Emil was robbed
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 Even Rheeder knew it.
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 I'm a Rheeder fan, but Emil's run was probably the most exciting run I have ever seen. So much variety and with tricks no one else was doing
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flag Miguelangel780 (Jun 17, 2019 at 8:37) (Below Threshold)
 I prefer rheeder run, more tricks and style than just do 1000 bars pings and a crash at the end
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flag onemanarmy Plus (Jun 17, 2019 at 11:46) (Below Threshold)
 @Miguelangel780: I agree with you so we'll get down voted together. LOL!

Exciting doesn't necessarily mean better. He crashed, period. He did not ride that trick out. Credit for full commit. though.

My opinion... top 3 dudes... any of them could have won that even and no one should be pissed about it. I'm just stoked to see Emil back. Dude's amazing.
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 @onemanarmy: He definitely rode it out. It's not his fault there was a barrier put right at the end of the landing.

But I do agree that you could argue Rheeder won it. Feature by feature one was out doing the other. A flat drop flip whip beats a flat drop 360 shoulder buzzer look back. But then a quadruple truck driver beats a front flip with a missed tuck no hander, and so on.
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 i think emil and brandon should have crankworx wild cards any time they decide to compete
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 14th photo down: pretty sure that's Lucas Knopf sending a frontflip, not Diego Caverzasi.

Some amazing riding from all the guys, shame about the tough conditions in the first half of the event.
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 The bar was raised like nobody's business this year. Double flips all over the shop, twister combos, Messere's Candide Thovex-style front, cashroll madness, quality and bangers throughout the field, and that's without Rogatkin even pulling out a run. Jaw-drop city.
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 1. Does anyone know if the PIke Ultimate on those Dirt Bikes is a DJ or just a regular 26 Pike? At least a DJ Ultimate doesn't seem to be available aftermarket...
2. The front tire from Anthony looked like an Aspen, while the backwhee was a DTH. Can anyone confirm the front tire?
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 It's the same casting for the 26" Pike and the Pike DJ just with the new Ultimate silver paint. Probably won't see it come to market, as there hasn't been any major changes to the Pike DJ since 2013 besides stickers and paint finish.
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 @NickBosshard: "Bike industry hit by ain't-broke-so-haven't-fixed-it controversy".
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 Innsbruck is always a great contest. Everybody throws down crazy. Props to whoever convinced Rogatkin to sit this one out. That crash was brutal.
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 Who Is this JohanssEn?
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 Just watched Emil's story video yesterday. Happy for him!
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 Can Fasthouse please make a bikepants-version of Emil Johanssons jeans?!
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 @Lasse2000: considering the fact that long pants start at 100 € ... I pass
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 Johansson was robbed. Brett Rheeder won because he is Brett rheeder
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 I'm feeling like an absolute noob watching this pro events, but Brett Rheeder impressed me with his first trick. He and Godziek also did complete runs (ended both sitting on their bikes. Emil had only one complete run an he drifted sideways and was going over the fence ! They are all on a level that is so awesome, including the judges who always have the hardest job !
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 Don't agree. Emil got a huge score because he's Emil and because of his story. Brett won because he won.

If anyone got understored its Dawid. He should have been way more in the mix. 93/94 for sure. Even with the straight back flip off the whale tale. That back flip was clean and HUGE. They bumped him 6 points from his first score because they were using his first score as a basis for his second score instead of considering it as a solo run. He was underscored on his first run because he went first. That carried into his second score being scored too low.

Saying that... I think the podium was probably right.

I'm just stoked there are 4 dudes that can win these events now instead of 2. And another 15 dudes that can lay down podium bangers. No one can rest right now and that's rad. Brett is going to have to learn some new tricks and Rogatkin is going to have to learn how to go oppo. Otherwise Emil and Dawid are going to start taking wins.
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 @onemanarmy: Agreed. Slopestyle is on another level. Watching dude's like Messere stepping up his riding like he did was insane. Slopestyle is more exciting now than world cup downhill. I can't wait to see what these dudes come up with next.
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 @chriskneeland: Seeing Messere ride is always ride. Dude goes so big.
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 @chriskneeland: Surprised to be as excited as when DH is upon us. A proper eyeful.
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 @onemanarmy: Dawid got his score because of his straight 360 and his straight backflip. Brett & Emil both combo'd every jump. Emil wasn't underscored at all and his story had nothing to do with it, are you serious dude? Quad truck? Oppo 3 1 foot invert to downside tailwhip? Tailwhip to double bar? Oppo 3 whip to bar? Are you really gonna tell me that wasn't deserving?
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 @JustinLund: I don't think that first sentence came out the way I wanted it too. The dude said Brett won because he's Brett. My point was basically to say that that was B.S. it's no different than saying Emil got scored high because of his back story. Both are false. Though the reality of judging is that emotions can and do factor in. First few guys are always underscored if they do well because they want to set a high baseline. When several dudes go back to back with huge runs people get hyped and scores rise. Etc.

But in this case I think neither is true. Emil scored high because his run was freaking bonkers. Brett beat him because his run was just as bonkers and was much cleaner in some spots. Dawid got 3rd because that's where he should have been. But I think he earned a low 90's score.

And I'm pretty sure I never said Emil wasn't deserving. In other posts I actually said I would have been fine if either of them won. It was that close.

People get all pissy. Reality is. It's over. Brett won. Nothing is going to change that. So the better response is to be freaking stoked that Emil is back and that Dawid has arrived.... along with several other young guns. And the crazy thing is there are still quite a few gnarly guys that are not competing and/or don't have enough points for the big show. Reed Boggs. DJ Brandt. TVS. Godziek. Genon. O-Bro. etc etc.

So here's the quick of it.

I think Brett won. I think he earned it. Had he got second I would have thought that was fine too. Emil got second... barely. He earned it. It should have been really close. Had he won I would have been fine with that too. Dawid got underscored but earned 3rd.

That's my feelings about it. That and I'm stoked to see Emil back in the game. He's a really nice dude. He's humble and friendly. He's been through a lot. He goes as big, gnarly, smooth and technical as anyone. I love dude that go oppo.
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 Bring Crankworx to switzerland, i think @graubuendenBIKE will find a good place.
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