Photo Highlights: Absolutely Massive - Loosefest XL 2019

Jul 30, 2019
by Eric Palmer  

Once again the beautiful small, quiet town of Malmedy has some of the world's best riders descend on it for another edition of Loosefest! Nico Vink had some plans to make the already massive jumps even bigger and better, which is hard to imagine, but he did just that!

The rider list this year was packed with heavy hitters and some new "groms" and everyone killed it! Kade & Kaos took no time to get comfortable on these jumps and once Jaxson Riddle's bike arrived he also didn't waste time getting through the line. By the end of the week he was playing on these beasts, crankflip the 3rd and a sui off the drop were a few standouts. Another little grom had his eyes on this line. No one was quite sure what to expect from 15yr old Ike Klaassen. He is an amazing rider, but a lot of guys thought he'd be too light to carry enough speed to make the gap comfortably and after running into it a few times he was not sure himself, but got the courage to go for it toward the end of the week and was looking so comfortable over it. I'm sure he'll send the full line next year!

The OG's, Sam, Nico, Clemens, Andreu were getting the style out right from the start and blasting so high on everything. Andreu pulled the craziest line of the week with a superman on the 2nd, flip on the 3rd and a huge flat 450 on the hip at the bottom to earn the Best Line title! Remy had a score to settle after his horrendous crash here 2 years ago. Let's just say he showed this course who's boss this time and was making them look like a set of BMX trails with toboggans and chilled, lazy looking one handers on the hip, while blasting it higher than anyone else at the same time! Conor also unleashed some madness on the line with a few flips and on the last day nailed a flip no hander on the 2nd... how you do that on these type of jumps still blows my mind and Joel was following everyone so closely he got an amazing POV shot of it right in front of him.

Sideways over the Lambo!

Unfortunately with jumps this size a small mistake can turn hugely horrible very quickly and the first casualty was Adolf Silva, who overshot the first and went all the way to flat and nose heavy. He unfortunately broke his femur & had to be rushed off for surgery, but is already full of nonsense again & will be back on his bike in no time! Damon Iwanaga and Szymon Godziek both did some damage to their shoulders. Damon broke his collar bone and scapula and flew home for surgery and Szymon dislocated his shoulder after landing nose heavy on the 2nd hit. Tom Reynolds also took a heavy hit on the first, got thrown over the bars and only stopped halfway up the next lip. Luckily he only got a few nice tattoos out of it & nothing seriously injured.

Most of the week we were treated to amazing weather, the crowd was massive and everyone in good spirits cheering for the riders and shredding the bikepark, which makes the atmosphere even more special here.

Remy, King of the Hip!

Huge thanks to Nico and his team for organising one of the best events of the year yet again! It's only just finished and we can't wait for more already!!!


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 Where tf did the video post go?
  • 6 0
 The video got taken down off YouTube—apparently it wasn't quite ready for prime time. We'll post it up again as soon as it's live tomorrow.
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 @brianpark: can we get like a one hour version.
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 I was about to ask this myself.
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 Air time. Air time. Air time.
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 I really wish at the end of the season they put all the Fest series in video FOR SALE.....yes I'll pay money for a full length Fest series 2019 movie
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 Not only do I agree that the coverage/content here should be 10X and for sale, but also like to add that I'd pay money for an hour of Friday Fails, or Monday Movies, or UCI top 20's, or Rampage Highlights, or Crankworx, or porn... So much stuff that's free, but scattered and unwatchable on a garage TV. I can't stop rebuilding a fork every two to five minutes to click on a new link... Someone bundle this crap and charge me $3.
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 if they charge for Friday fails they better give me my royalties for the clip of mine they used. That makes me a pro rider right? Lol @mtbikemccoy:
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 @ejopdahl: valid point... I guess this is why we can’t have collective DVDs of anything.
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 Dad, can I have the keys to the Lambo?
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 Why son?
I thought none of the girls in town fell for your trick anymore.
Does this mean you finally want to work the land?
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 How big are those gaps? 50, 80, 100 foot?
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 Not 100% on the exact sizes, but overheard...
1st 95ft
2nd 89ft
3rd 82ft
drop off 100ft
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 @yolokiwi: mine is closer to the real sizes than that. The disclaimer in the corner even says it's approximate on that image. I heard Nico chat about it with someone, so I trust him more.
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 Anyone know where the video recap is gone ??????
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 On Fest series youtube channel there is an awesome raw video.
Dunno if its ok to post links here, but ima try it.
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 @hail-euros: thanks that one. Class. But there was a highlight edit up on pb and youtube but its been taken down
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 @funbert: A few changes are being made & should be up again in a few hours
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 These guys are nothing short of Amazing..!!!
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 Total insanity.
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 Video seems to be gone....
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 @zoobab2: Yeah, a PB mod mentioned they had to pull it for some reason, but it is supposed to be back up soon.
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 @man-wolf: Let's hope, it was good filming, seems lot of jumps happened on Thursday, was only there on Friday, on Saturday most of the runs were cancelled due to storm.
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 Shove ya photos where the sun don’t shine ! Videos pls Big Grin

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