Photo Recap: Big White Freeride Days

Jul 25, 2019
by Clint Trahan  

There are events similar to Big White’s Freeride Days all around the world, but none quite like it. I can’t explain it; but there is a deeper, more tangible sense of family and community there, than at any event outside of Rotorua I have ever been to.

They’ve captured something special in their inaugural event. With six competitions running over four days, there was always a sense of chill and playfulness in the air. During one long wind delay, the guys sessioned the quarter pipe for over an hour; hooting and hollering trick after trick.

Tom Isted always stylish.

3rd place in the Gold Event, Erik Fedko practicing his finishing moves.

It was just fun to watch, and sums up the entire weekend perfectly. So what is it about Big White that is so right?

Well, we’ve touched on the people. From the top down, Peter Plimmer and his team have assembled a group that truly cares about the health and momentum of the sport. Louise Hatton, known as Mom to the riders, deserves a special nod. Ask any of the athletes, organizers, media, about Mom. They’ll tell ya.

Louise (Far right) and the ladies. Such a rad crew.

Chad Nell, Ethan's dad, hand crafted the trophies for the Gold Event.


Big white added a female category to the slopestyle schedule. I was skeptical at first. I know very, very little on the female side of this category. I am not afraid to admit it. I was going in blind.

I gotta say - these girls and women, rock! I differentiate because the ages ranged from 13 to 47.

Thirteen-year-old Julia Lofqvist Traum once broke her arm riding, got the cast, went right back to riding and hitting jumps. She’s now dropping FMB recognized slopestyle courses, pulling tuck no handers and sick whips.

 Photo by clint trahan
Did I mention she is thirteen?

Kaylee Gibb, a mom of three, finished just outside the podium in the woman’s event. For an encore, she crushed at the whip-off. That, fine folks of the internet, is true superpower.

Which is scarier, three kids under 10, or hitting some of these jumps?

 Photo by clint trahan
Ladies, well done.


It ain’t easy for media to eat during events; from shooting to editing, to posting, when the lights go off is when the real work for content creators. And for that we need fuel.

The Food Truck Scene at Big White is pretty damn awesome.

Chicken Lips and Pacho's was a popular dish from Kelly Os

The nectars of the gods quenched many a thirst over the weekend.

Oh yeah... Sports!

It’s all downhill from here with the Fox Air DH.

Even on the track they look good together.

Justin Roy, a.k.a Dewey, and Trevor Berg hitting practice laps.

A new addition to the Big White event schedule, the Fox Air DH combines local trails The Joker, and Black Mamba as the timed run. A comic book run if ever there was one.

This is a sexy course.

Big n bermy with plenty of chances to catch air.

A few open drops at the top.
The Rock ain't got tables like this...

A wide trail gives the riders plenty of room to carve their lines.

Female Open
1 -Vaea Verbeek, 2:24.96
2 - Casey Brown, 2:27.87
3 - Jordan Scott, 2:29.54

Master Male
1 - Keenan Wiebe, 2:29.49
2 - Dave Mallory, 2:34.46
3 - Corey Ban, 2:50.68

Junior Male
1 - Taylor Munden, 2:23.00
2 - Keegan Zilinski, 2:34.28
3 - Max Wright, 2:35.68

Male Open
1 - Bas Van Steenbergen, 2:10.37
2 - Bryce Stroud, 2:19.91
3 - Jackson Goldstone, 2:20.84

The are just adorable together.

So with 2019 in the books, here are a few extra favs as we sign off until 2020!

We are licking our chops with anticipation too!

Rambo Killed it at Best Trick.

In The Trees.

Loving that rubber smell.

David Lieb setting quite the nice table.

Big White


We love you too.

If you weren't here in 2018, didn't make 2019, put 2020 in the calendar right now. Big White is on to something.

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  • 8 0
 The park has come such a long way in it’s short life. The passion from the top down to create a world class summer destination at BW is what makes this place so special and I am thrilled this is my backyard.
  • 5 0
 This event looks sick! With Big White one of my favourite ski destinations, the temptation to bum it out in the parking lot for a few years and try the summer offerings is strong
  • 3 0
 Finally a pro purse that's solid... $10K to the winner is pretty solid and almost $4K down to 3rd is solid.
  • 3 0
 David Lieb is an absolute slayer on bikes and super nice off of them. Helps a ton of kids at Highland!
  • 2 0
 @ClintTrahan Great pics.
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 wanna go there!

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