Photo Recap: New Tricks Aplenty - Audi Nines Days 2 & 3

Sep 10, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  
Photos: CA Greenwood, Syo van Vilet, Klaus Polzer, F Breitenberger

Day 2 at the Audi Nines saw the debut of Audi Nines Live, the event's first-ever live-streaming experiment. The one-hour live session, with four different perspectives streaming simultaneously, was a rousing success—so much so that the traffic briefly crashed the servers! There's more live action coming direct to fans in the days to come, with another live stream session scheduled at 4:00 PM CET on Friday.

During the live session at the Big Air setup, several riders took the opportunity to land breathtaking new tricks. Among them were French pro Antoine Bizet, who became the first person to land Cash Rolls in both directions, Adolf Silva who landed his second-ever Cali Roll, and Peter Kaiser with a backflip barspin to superman seatgrab. The day's action concluded with an afternoon session on the Freeride and Slopestyle Lines.

Day 3 kicked off with some excitement as Swiss rider Lukas Weilenmann attempted a triple backflip on the Big Air jump, only narrowly missing the landing. Weilenmann crashed today, but looks forward to trying the triple again soon. "That's a trick you only try once a day," he said. The action kept coming in the afternoon as the week's second Audi Nines Live session took place on the Freeride Line, with riders like Emil Johansson throwing down their best for thousands of online viewers. The day wrapped up with a wind-down session on the features of Slopestyle Line.

"Today was amazing," said Adolf Silva. "I was riding trains with the boys, sending double flips every run. I sent eight double flips today! The freeride line is super smooth. There's a lot of airtime."

Emil Johansson dropping in for an airbag warm up

Sam Hodgson getting the crashes out of his system early in the day.

The 21 year old British rider made up for it later in the day with this huge superman seatgrab.

Adolf Silva was determined to land his second ever Cali Roll after debuting the trick at the event last year.

It took him a few goes to work up to it.

But he stomped it during the live session.

Bienvenido Aguado sending a huge Nac on the Big Air line.

The dual set up on the Big Air jump meant synchronized tricks were the order of the day.

Clemens Kaudela and Max Fredriksson get inverted together.

Brandon Fairclough
Brendog is out in Germany representing the World Cup racers after a summer building his Lockdown Rampage course.

Erik Fedko was delving into his bag of tricks all day.

Jackson Goldstone
Ike Klaasen
Jackson Goldstone and Ike Klassen have been racing rivals around Europe together this summer but they're taking a far more chill approach to this event.

Max Fredriksson showing us all the action from ground level on the live feed.

Sam Hodgson
Sam Hodgson, remember the name.

Szymon Godziek
Szymon Godziek at full extension.

Thomas Genon
Thomas Genon has already ridden on water this year, now he's flying above it.

Thomas Lemoine
Thomas Lemoine dropping in with a 360 barspin.

We're full charge into the rest of the event now, expect plenty of content from the quarry over the next few days.

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 I should buy an Audi
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 All of the sudden I like Audi as well lol
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 I'm not an Audi fan, but I went with Falken tyres because of their sponsorship on a few action sports events. If you got to buy car rubber anyways, it might aswell be from someone who supports the sport you love. BF was high on that list too.
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 Adolph Silva is back. Rad! So bummed he missed rampage last year.. dude was ON FIRE.
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 How was it not called the Audi Nine Lives?
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 That last photo is terrifying in so many ways...
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 Personally I think that dude's having the most fun.
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 This is awesome! Such a neat event, thanks Audi!
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 Is this live streamed anywhere? If so what venue? I want to watch man!
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They have done daily one hour live sessions. Last one is at 3pm cet
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 Yesterdays replay
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 Backflip, bar spin, super man?!! Sounds like something I should only be able pull off in Downhill Domination.
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 Those kickers have been brought straight from the NASA.
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 Sam Reynolds selling tickets to the moon
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 The camera rarely does justice. Dang, that's a big kicker.
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 That Sam Hodgson tho
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 Things to come!!! Watch this:
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 That's not the space needle, its the up-link to the planet these guys are from. :-)
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 I have no balls
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 Amazing stuff. Thank you Audi

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