Photo Report: DMR Dirtwars UK Round 4 - Day Two

Oct 18, 2020
by Nick Bentley  

Photo Report
DMR Dirtwars UK Round 4
Redhill Extreme

Words & Photography by Nick Bentley (Man Down Media)
The new slopestyle course was slowly bedding in but was still soft in places.

Day two of DMR Dirtwars Round 4 brought some more favourable track conditions. The hard work put in on day one paid off with the challenging second berm becoming more rideable and allowing riders to start to send it off the boner log. There was a little fine-tuning in the morning with riders chipping in with brushing and patting down where needed before the competition runs got underway.

The addition of the branding and sponsors banners just made the course look even better.
Riders chipped in to add the final dressing to the first double.

Josh Terner throwing an x-up off the ladder drop .

Adam Padfield looked good continuing where he left of on Saturday.

Riders were starting to fill in gaps in their runs in morning practice.

The ladder drop was busy all morning with everyone wanting to start there runs off right.

Tom Isted throwing cashrolls over the last jump on the course

Zac Rainbow flipping off of the whaletail.

Finley Evans throwing a smooth front flip over the first double.

Josh Turner's tucked no handers on to the whaletail were looking good all day.

There were a few riders pushing the luck on the big course but most of them managed to walk away fine. Sadly Harry Gascoyne wasn't so lucky with a big crash on the first double meaning he had to be taken to hospital. With everyone hoping it wasn't as serious as it looked.

Get well soon Harry.

After issues all Saturday with the second berm an option to avoid the boner log was added. A spine was quickly made by the Dirtwars team and this became something that a few riders were keen to take advantage of.

The boner log became one of the most tricked features of the course, With most riders throwing something off of it by the end of the day

The dirt quarter was put to good use mostly with smooth airs to keep speed before the track gap.

Everyone was having plenty of fun with this monster course.

Even 11-year-old Finley Davies putting on a good show with some amazing top to bottom runs put in. this boy is one to watch for the future!

Zac Rainbow was loving sending flips over the last jump with or without his hands on the bars

Joe Aldridge with a big 360

Finley Davies was on it today.

Tom Reynolds on his way to second in the Pro field with a double tailwhip

Finley Evans supermaning the final jump.

Tom Istred barrel rolling his way into 3rd in the pro field

Finley Davis with superman seat grab over the last.

Sam Hodgson taking the win today in the pro class. with the DMR rider showing his class all day.



1st Sam Hodgson
2nd Tom Reynolds
3rd Tom Istred

1st Josh Turner
2nd Finley Evans
3rd Dan Capes

A massive thanks and well done on an amazing and event to the Dirtwars and Redhill Extreme teams


  • 3 0
 Respect to Dirt Wars main man Cliff Barbeary for bringing this event to life after the disaster this year has turned out to be for event organisers. Same for Matt Pugh of RedHill who has worked tirelessly to bring this venue back to life.
  • 2 0
 Thanks bro
Means a lot ????
  • 4 0
 Well played to everyone involved. Really raised the bar with this event. Nice write up too. Cheers everyone!
  • 2 0
 What's Redhill like these days, has much changed? I used to go a bit about five years ago and loved it but just haven't got round to going back.
  • 1 0
 Not been myself, but I know a lot of work has been put in over lockdown and I've heard it's well worth a visit (when it's open of course)
  • 2 0
 Wicked looking course! Redhill going to town on it this year, big up.
  • 2 1
 What a mint weekend down at redhill, shout out everyone involved ????????

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