Photo Report: Huge Gaps and Big Tricks from Huckfest

Jul 13, 2019
by RambaudMax  

If you wanted to see huge jumps and a hand full of legendary mountain bikers, Huckfest in Norway was the place to be. Their bikes were set up especially to hit massive jumps.
Most of the riders set their bike up like a big dirt jump bike. The settings of the suspensions are fully closed, the tires were pumped up to 3 bars and most of the riders are in single speed.

In the riders first runs you could see Andreu hit the first hip with a flatspin. During the show, he also landed a huge flatspin superman seat grab on the last jump.
Nico Vink with is legendary signature manuals showed us how it was done when he casually manualed for 40 meters after landing a 13-meter hip.
Remy Morton was one of the steeziest man during the week with his BMX inspired style.

Left Maxim Boulay from France is the first who flip the bug ramp during the Huckfest Right Chris Visscher from switzerland is the first to open the festl line.
Two fun facts about this edition: A French unknow flipped the big ramp first and a swiss guy who opened the entire line first!

Chris Visscher from Switzerland was riding a 26’’ Rocky Mountain Maiden opening the line. He is also one of three who flipped the big ramp. On the left,Maxim Boulay from France, an unknown rider from Annecy, France, he is a skate shop owner who has been riding for a very long time. He was the first to do a backflip on the biggest jump of the line. Chris and C-Dog joined him the day after.

Lluis putting in some steez during the training session

Vinny T - Flip Can - The last jump is a perfect trick jump
Nico Vink going high with style on the last kick

Bike Checks

Here you can see a couple of details of the bikes:

Nico Vink is still riding 26 inches Hope wheelset. You can also see that he kept the old rod shock system.
You don’t need to pedal much on the fest line so he set himself up with a single speed.

Nico Vink s bike 26
Nico Vink's bike
Ohlins suspensions
Hope 26" wheels / Brakes / stem / Crank / Pedals
Reverse pro model series bar and saddle
Instagram: @vinknico

Old rod for a bigger shock on Nico Vink s bike
Old rod shock system
Vinny t adding some air in the shock before hiting the jumps.
Vinny T adding some pressure before hitting the jumps. He is riding the new rod shock system with 26" wheelset.

Nico Vink bike Single speed
Single speed for Nico Vink's Scott Gambler.

Nico Vink Bike Saddle pro model
Some pro model parts: Vink’s Reverse component Saddle

YT Andreu Lacondeguy
Lacondeguy’s YT. He is also riding 26’’ wheels. Andreu has an easy for setup: maximum pressure authorized and fully closed compression.
Pro Model Pedals on Lacondeguy YT.
Lacondeguy’s signature pedal edition

C-Dog 700lbs spring
@C-Dog is the winner of the heaviest spring shock with 700lbs

Redneck atmosphere during the Huckfest, like this mobile soundsystem

@Maxime Rambaud


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 26 ain't dead!
  • 2 0
 Can only think its the higher speeds on bigger jumps, and trying to heave that rotation mass off axis in such delightful manners.
  • 7 1
 You won't find any dork wheels at this even.
  • 7 1
 Fuck yeah....26 life for those who know!
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 Huck Yeah!!
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 Didn’t even know they made 700lb Ti springs !!
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 Give us more detailed bike checks from the boys!
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 Thanks PB for the bikechecks and this article!!
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 requesting more of that bikeporn!
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 How does YT Tues from Andreu runs 26"? I thought only 27.5 right? Cheers
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 Does that stop hom from doing it? The only real concern is the lower BB but with as hard of a setup as he runs that won't be an issue.

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