Photo Story: 1.2 Million Feet of Vert in the Whistler Bike Park

Jun 25, 2020
by RideWrap HQ  

Words: RideWrap

Dean Olynyk, aka Zeus Lightning, might not be a name that comes to mind when you think of people you wished you could be, but probably will be when you finish reading this! With 131 days in the Whistler Bike Park last year and 1,281,083 feet of vert recorded on the WB+ app, Dean is Whistler Bike Park's biggest Vert Bag.

To put this achievement into perspective, most Whistler locals are feeling pretty high about anything over 50 days in the park. To hold the number 1 position on the WB+ Leaderboard, the motivation to go during the rainy and cold days needs to be there, and your equipment needs to hold up to match the demand that you put it through.

Dean breaks more than just records, he has broken plenty of equipment including himself.

bigquotesLast season I broke a crank arm, cracked a pedal, cracked rims, many spokes (later in the season I'll typically be in front of a truing stand every other day), stress fractured a few derailleurs near the hanger bolt and somehow folded over a chainring after the Shark Fin on Lower A-line.

After hearing about his crashes, broken crank arm and cracked pedal, we weren’t sure how his Carbon YT Tues held up under all of that abuse so we asked him to come by the shop to check out how it fared. We removed the RideWrap Tailored Protection™ from his frame and were enthused to see only nominal damage after what his frame has been through. There was only one minor chip in the paint from a hectic crash, but other than that, visible 'damage' was to the protection film only and never wandered to the frame! (Don't worry, we put a new kit on to keep it fresh for another season of park bashing)


The stats are there, and we are happy to hear that Dean reports we “performed amazingly well” in this challenge!


Fresh protection incoming!

The Whistler Bike Park isn’t really a data and equipment proving ground for Dean as much as it’s a place to let go of stresses built up from his intense job as a software developer. He’ll take a much-needed break to punch a few laps and finds it completely changes his mood and capacity for the rest of the day.

Crabapple Hits... Numero uno for senor Dean.

bigquotesEven after one lap I find it clears out all the negative crap that built up throughout the day. Once I get to the bottom and see the smiles and the positivity from everyone in line it just gets that much better.

A typical warmup lap for Dean goes something like: A-Line top to bottom, on over to Dirt Merchant for the next lap, and then onto repeat laps on Crabapple Hits! While logging air-time is his favourite, he smashes plenty of tech on some of his favourite trails like Indeep/Fatcrobat and Original Sin.

bigquotesThe tech/flow section of Lower No Joke above the Creekside gondy is an absolute blast when you bomb down the road into it. Shady Acres --> Del Boca Vista in between an A-Line lap is on the menu a lot as well.”

It’s a shorter season than usual, so maybe Dean won’t break his previous records, but we are interested to see if anyone can come close! Either way, we will be happy to see the Fits Chair turning next week and seeing everyone and their big bikes rolling again. When we asked Dean whether the shorter season is affecting him, well...

bigquotesAt the start of biking season, I'm wondering if I still remember how to ride. After the first few days though, it all comes back and I never want to leave.


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 For sale: YT Tues, MINT condition. I am disappointed to let this one go, but this beauty is accumulating dust in the garage. Bike has about 6-8 rides on it.

-Every pinkbike seller
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 minor edit....

^* ... YT Tues, MINT condition, RideWrapped from day one...*
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 @RideWrap: Just installed a tailored kit last night on a friends 2020 Transition Sentinel and fork kit on a new Fox 38. Very impressed with the precision of pieces, instructions, & install process! Can't comment on durability yet, but if this YT is any indication should be pretty awesome!
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 @RideWrap: i like your products, don't get me wrong and I do wrap my bikes. But buying a used bike that was wrapped can make it harder to judge just how much the bike has been ridden and then you end up with bearing jobs and whatnot
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 @nicfugere: On the other hand, I just had a tough time selling a perfectly good Nomad 4 with a couple of scratches from my bike lock. The bike was well taken care of, but I lost multiple sales because the paint easily scuffed off. I am wrapping all of my bikes from now on. Wish I knew of RideWrap when I bought that Nomad.
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 For sale TY Tues, Brand new lower triangle (warranty replacement) 2 rides. minor scuffs because of storage. YT replaced the bearing during warranty. Unrelated work injury forces sale.
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 @nicfugere: yeaaaaaaaahhhh......this is why you just remove the wrap and don't mention it. looks like a pristine unwrapped bike. LOL
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 @RideWrap: I saw this on your website "Designed, engineered and tested with proprietary technology in Whistler, BC." but when I went to the store today it said 3M on the back of it. Is it actually any different than the 3M vinyl roles I buy and can cut myself for 1/5th of the price?
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 @monkeybizz: Yes it is, because you don't have to cut it yourself, and its a cleaner job than you can likely do anyways. I used to wrap all my bikes myself. Ultimately you have to ask yourself, what is your time worth?
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 @nicfugere: a bearing job is like 100$ and an afternoon of your time. I don't get all the pessimism about buying a used bike. Most of the trouble you could find that are not inherent frame or suspension damage can be fixed with very little money, time and effort. 10K bikes are not meant to be thrown away after 2-3 seasons of bashing or avoided at all cost in the marketplace because you need to change a pivot bearing and maybe regrease the BB cup.
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 @jomacba: okay I understand that part but then it’s not necessarily proprietary tech then is it?
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 @monkeybizz: Well thats really a matter of how you look at it. Its proprietary tech developed by 3M that made 32.765 billion in revenue in 2018, and likely has more money in its research and development program than any company within the cycling industry. The tech is designed to protect automotive vehicles traveling at a much higher speed than a mountainbike, and protects against significant rock strikes. I'd say it is unlikely that any company within the cycling industry to produce a more effective product for what its intended for.
That being said, the premium you pay Ride wrap, is for an accurate scan, and cut material specifically for the bike you ride, in the size you ride. Adding in the ease of installation with the way their kits fit, and they supply everything you need to fit it. Reality is you can buy and create your own, but again, how well does it protect the bike, and how accurate can you make it?
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 @jomacba @monkeybizz

Jomacba hit the head on the nail quite a bit here. But we are happy to engage in the discussion and if you have any further question feel free to reach out directly!

- We use technology developed in-house to measure and design our kits and absolutely nobody else has access to it. This provides us the ability to give the best coverage available with ease of install to match across our range.

- On protective films... Our materials are sourced and tested specifically for use on bikes where they garner much more abuse than on a car. We consider all sorts of properties from install 'tack', long term adhesion and peel (big consideration for removal), durability, stain resistance, etc. We work with a few different suppliers, brands as well as factories, to ensure that the products that we create offer peak performance for both the installation and protection of bikes. We do work with 3M for our 'Xtra Thick' products that are available exclusively in-store, but that particular film is an OEM grade and is not available on shelves as are others that come out of our facilities. Rest assured that we are continuously refining the products and while we are not chemists ourselves, 3M also bought the film technology, haha.

- As Jomacba mentioned, one of the things that often gets missed in a packaged product is that you need a few tools to properly protect a bike, these include install solution, squeegee, isopropyl alcohol, a clean cloth. While these are not high-value items in their own rights, it is time-consuming and costly to acquire them. We are the only company to provide these products in the box, along with the detailed instructions and know-how of how to get a top-notch install.

Jomacba - you a pr guy in need of a job>? hahah
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 @RideWrap: let's talk!!!
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 @RideWrap: my bad that’s good to know thanks for the explanation guys Smile
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 How intense can your job as a software developer be if you're logging 131 days at Whistler?
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 Seems like ever software developer I've worked with...
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 Was wondering if he just goes for a couple of laps most days, but no.

1,281,083 feet = 390,474 meters
2981 meters per day
8.6 laps of Fitz or 4.5 laps of Garbo or 2.6 laps from Village gondola per day

Holy shit.
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 @CaMKii: So... that's like.. alot, right?
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 @PinkStatus: I spent 4 years in management consulting before exiting to tech. Those are the only engineers I've ever known that actually worked 80 hour weeks regularly. And they all leave after two years because they realize they can make 2x the money and work half as much at Google, FB, MS, etc.

Software engineering is the place to be.
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 @fullendurbro: At FB / Google some people are making more than doctors straight out of undergrad, with free restaurants, barbers, saunas etc. in the office, and working less than 40 hours a week, it's insane.
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 @NorcoCanuck: I've heard that Whistler is also free if you get the season pass. (Free restaurant means you don't make as much as you should.)
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 In the event you are interested in the question asked, if you have the ability to start working as soon as you get up, lose two ways of commuting and can work at pretty much any hour you'll find the summer days here in Canada are incredibly long.
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 @NorcoCanuck: I'm at Google now. Typical salary for an undergrad in an in-demand field is still less than most specialty doctors make. Right around $150k-$180k. The AI residents who have masters or PHds in their fields are the ones who are making $300k-$500k.
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 @fullendurbro: The return offers for interns at Facebook ranged from 190k to 280k USD (TC) last year. I was comparing those wages to Canadian doctors, so they exceed after conversion, but you're right that in the states it is less. At Facebook, for staff and senior staff though, the average on shows 580k and 850k respectively, and many of those engineers only have a bachelors degree.
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 @NorcoCanuck: Crazy, man. I'm happy for them, but I would never want to work for Facebook.
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 Once again reinforcing the fact that e*thirteen has cornered the market on structural cheese for their components. What an ad for the Tues though...some serious practical durability testing.
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 That's a shattered crankarm.
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flag sevem408 (Jun 25, 2020 at 10:56) (Below Threshold)
 He talks about how he tears through loads of different parts and you zero in on e*thirteen? People love to hate on them but I've never had an issue with their stuff. Anyone who can snap a pedal in half like the one above is going to blow through anything pretty easily imo.
  • 2 1
 @sevem408: I have nothing against e13 and Dean is still riding that model. As Frazecc called them out as the top structural cheese its worth noting that it's their mangled crank.
  • 3 0
 @sevem408: Anything that survives this many days of Whistler bike park in one season is a great product!
  • 3 0
 @sevem408: You are completely right I did zero in on them as a result of poor personal experiences. I've mangled both a carbon and an AL e*thirteen crankset. Happy to hear that others have had more positive experiences than I have.
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 had a Tues last summer with 96 days at wb. Broke the ethirteen crankset, both wheels and the bash guard... so no ethirteen for me anymore
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 Another happy e13 fan here. My carbon wheels have held up amazingly well for 2 years now (bike park and general thrashing included) and my carbon LG1r cranks too. Replaced my broken RF SIXC carbon cranks (now those are structural cheese) with the LG1 and never had a problem since....Also note that he snapped a pedal in half. With that kind of abuse carbon doesn't stand a chance!
  • 2 0
 @sevem408: what he's saying is actually not uncommon at all. I haven't had much positive experiance with E13 products personally. However; I cant say there is really anybody that produces a proper DH rated carbon crank. I broke 4 sets of SixC cranks. I'm now on Atlas. Not as stiff as I'd like, but peace of mind is worth it. I also have to note, that the recent Sram drivetrains don't seem to have the same lifespan they once had.
On that note, I ride wrapped my V10 the day I bought it. Best idea ever!! My bike has seen a seriously full season, and the ride wrap has saved it many times.
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 @jomacba: I've never been a big e13 guy but have nothing but positive experiences in dealing with them for support on products that came on completes.

Biggest example: I had a rim start to separate at the seam after 50+ days of shuttles/bike park over 18 months - and they sent me a new one.
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 Don't be a fool, wrap your tool!
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 Dean has also set the record for the most pints of Flagship consumed within Blacks and Beacon.
  • 19 15
 Man I saw Dean basically every single day I rode the last few years. Legend to be putting that many days and still loving it! Ask him about his experience with E13 rims. Pretty sure he loves them. He is a big dude who rides hard. He also was riding the first version, not even the newer carbon layout and had very minimal issues. With alloy rim he would have probably down 10 rims. See you in the Park Dean.
  • 23 3
 Let's not plug too hard Remy, he went through a few truing sessions and hoops.
  • 12 12
 @dangerdan69: yes like anyone who rides hard...
  • 8 2
 10 rims! kinda stressed out about running e13 alloys all summer at the park now, got any spare carbon rims for sale remy?
  • 2 1
 @Albatrosse: Any alloy rim is going to take a crap load of punishment in the park, unless it's super heavy (over 650g). Most companies don't spec top of the line alloy to save $ too...
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flag monkeybizz (Jun 25, 2020 at 16:36) (Below Threshold)
 @remymetailler: you stick to your bike riding and let the engineers stick to their wheel making... maybe research before swearing carbon is 100% go to Wink and if you haven't noticed the broken carbon crank yet... you know there's that too
  • 1 0
 @Albatrosse: yeah I wouldn't. I destroyed a brand new e13 AL hoop on a rental V10 from Evolution in 2 days. the shop mechanic looked at it and said, "great. another one.....I hate these things. I am not even going to hold you responsible. they begged us to run these and they are the weakest wheel."
  • 5 4
 Remy's trick is to inflate his wheels with his ego, bulletproof wheels.
  • 1 1
 @conoat: I knew it, they came with the bike I bought used but the last bike I had came with a set and one cracked at the seam on the first corner of my first ride. dont have high hopes for these ones either!
  • 1 0
 Thanks @remymetailler!

I can confirm, I will never not be using these rims ever. After going from four to five FR 570's a year to maybe one of these a year is a no brainer. Not to mention truing carbon rims feels like cheating compared to the alloy days.

See you monday!
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 great story, im working the same job and doing exactly the same thing as dean this summer - no way im gonna make that many laps though what a legend
  • 8 1
 Was the broken crank arm from e13 ?
  • 2 0
 It appears to be from e13, but curious on the details of how it broke. Was it from a crash or direct rock to crank arm impact, or from the force of landing a jump or something similar? Also curious if it was an earlier version or the latest Gen 4?
  • 3 0
 @DMoneyBike: jump, rock, pedal, arm, ring (used briefly as unidirectional suspension)? Software people know about crashing.
  • 2 0
 @DMoneyBike: Maybe it happened when he snapped the pedal in half!
  • 1 0
 FWIW, I've broken all sorts of cranks... except Saint's. But then again, I suspect those would hold up under Thor.
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 Great accomplishment but you gotta shout out to Adam Billinghurst who did 1 million vert in 57 days...Lest we forget
  • 3 0
 "I turned what I love to do most into something I had to do. It became the best first world problem I've ever had. I had to ride my downhill bike too much. Sometimes it wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be, most of the time it was. Even after 15 years of riding here like a fiend, every October I felt like I didn't ride the park enough that season. This is the year though. I rode enough. I say that now, knowing I'll be dying for an A-Line hot lap as soon as it closes for the season."

-- AB
  • 2 0
 Adam is a legend! It would be cool to see how his bike held up
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 Dang I thought 290K in 30 days was allot, but this is next level. Would love to hear how may rear tires were ate during this endeavor!
  • 7 0
 шшшш... шшшш... this just in from Zeus himself, 69 rear tires.
  • 1 0
 @RideWrap: does he buy in bulk, or full retail?
  • 2 1
 @RideWrap: 69 seems too much...

1281083/131 = 9779 feet per day on average
1281083/69 = 18566 feet per tyre

So tire just for 2 days of riding?
  • 1 0
 10-15 tires, RW was being cheeky because I replied to them too late Wink

I run pretty soft tires, and the fronts last about the length of three to four rear ones.
  • 1 0
 @plyawn: I buy them from zee Germans. Magic Mary's are available for about $50 each.
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 Would like to see these advertisements more clearly labelled, something like "Sponsored Content:" or something like that. Just in the interest of transparency. Yes I know it's there in the author field but I think PB could do better.
  • 8 2
 While we do mention our product this is not paid or sponsored which is why it is labeled as a 'Brand Story'. We wrote it because we thought it was cool just like if we make a cool riding video and wanted to share! Dean is rad and its something a bit different than the 'heavy hitters' that more often get shared.
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 I rode 56 days straight in the bike park from the first lift to the sweeper run everyday in 2010, I knocked out over 1 million feet good times.
  • 4 0
 Such a dirty vert bag.
  • 1 0
 :Zeus Lightning'?
No Comprende
Did dude gloss himself, or some other meaning?
  • 1 0
 Thats his app/site Alias back when the WB+ app ran a leaderboard.
  • 2 0
 WB+ still works?
  • 1 0
 If you managed to not delete it or update it, it will still log against your pass number (pending you also didn't lose your pass and just renewed)!
  • 1 0
 @RideWrap: what if we did update and or deleted the app. What should we do?
  • 1 0
 @nathonzel: Pray to the Gods that the Vail overlords will bring us our leaderboard back!
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 This year 80cad a day? vailfail go home u drunk...

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