Photo Story: Beauty Shots from Reece Wallace's Ride on His Search & Rescue Inspired Bike

May 5, 2021
by Giant Bicycles  

Safety is at the front of mind - headlines about health daily, new safety and emergency measures. For many, an escape plan does not cross their mind when out riding as biking typically is an oasis from reality. This is a reminder to let you know someone has got your back when you call Mayday.

Clear the LZ


Style as effortless as the change of the seasons


Some do not fair as well as others

Style check in-between takes

bigquotesI love working with my brother Liam on these shoots. Growing up, he was the little brother who I picked on and told him he sucked. Now, he tells me I suck and to hike back up and do it again. It's a partnership only brothers know, but I had it coming.Reece Wallace

Mayday is an emergency procedure word used as a distress signal in radio communications. Convention requires the word be repeated three times in a row during the initial emergency declaration ("MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY") to prevent it being mistaken for some similar-sounding phrases.

It's too late for this berm to be saved

Starting from scratch, a vision was in place for the trail. What the lips will look like, how it will ride, what tricks the trail should allow. Putting together countless hours thinking, wandering, building and testing resulted in a beautiful hand built trail in under six weeks

1. Spot landing. 2. Make adjustments (if necessary). 3. Set it down

Hand built from a steep bench cut - no easy task

No matter the conditions, they will be out there

Reece's Giant Reign Advanced Pro 29 0

Words & Photos: Liam Wallace

Giant Bicycles


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 It's cool how trek and giant allow him to ride the other brands bikes for wheel he's freeriding or racing
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flag theothernorthshore (May 5, 2021 at 9:22) (Below Threshold)
 he's not sponsored by trek, only giant
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 World Champion and freeride shredder, what can't this man do?
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flag IvanRiot05 (May 5, 2021 at 18:41) (Below Threshold)
 Two different people: Reece WILSON=Trek, Reece WALLACE= Giant
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 @IvanRiot05: r/whooooooosh
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 As the little brother, I bet that Liam is insanely proud of his World Champion big brother.
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 Looks like we now know who won that Leatt 'Win It Wednesday'
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 How come he's not wearing his world champs kit?
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 Those wheels though!
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 my goodness that kit is wild
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 "Some do not fair as well as others"

fare... that's almost as bad as their/they're...
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 awesome pictures
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 What a rad bike and edit.
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 Really enjoyed that! Impressive build, looks very detailed
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 Best looking bike I've seen in awhile.
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