Photo Story: Boris Beyer’s Favourite Pictures of Bluegrass Riders from the 2019 Race Season

May 30, 2020
by Bluegrass Eagle  
Boris Beyer maddogboris

We are missing racing. Period. While we are looking forward to finally seeing some action later this year, we keep thinking about all the great memories that the 2019 season brought. So we asked our friend and photographer Boris Beyer, aka Mad Dog, to make a selection of the 10 best images he took for us last year. After digging hard into his thousands of Terabytes, here is the final take, mixing the Enduro World Series and UCI DH World Cup. A legit selection!

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 120mm / F3.2 / ISO 640 / 1/3200

Sam Blenkinsop is actually known as one of the world’s fastest downhill racers and also as one of the most stylish ones. In Rotorua, he raced the first round of the EWS and finished 11th. It doesn’t matter what Bike Blenki is riding, he is always a photographer's favourite!

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 110mm / F3.5 / ISO 2000 / 1/2500

Isabeau Courdurier winning the first EWS of the 2019 Season in Rotorua. It’s always a special moment when one of your clients wins a race! Sometimes it’s tough getting a proper shot of the podium champagne shower celebration, especially when riders are jumping off the stage so they don’t get wet. Luckily this time it all worked out.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 160mm / F3.2 / ISO 2500 / 1/1250

It was my first time in Tasmania and I absolutely loved it! Here you see Isabeau Courdurier on her way to her second win of the 2019 Season. She always looks pinned and stylish which makes it easy for us to get rad shots of her. Especially on some jumps in a good looking forest with tons of spectators.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 145mm / F3.2 / ISO 2000 / 1/1250

Closeup Blenki Shot. For me, it’s a perfect way to show the intensity of racing. The low body position and the focused look in his eyes!

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 300mm / F3.2 / ISO 1000 / 1/8000

A classic Mick Hannah shot. No one else throws huge no hand-suicides in their final race run. The World Cup in Fort William is always a special one. Doesn’t matter how hard it rains or how many midges are trying to eat you, Fort William always has the biggest crowd.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 130mm / F20 / ISO 160 / 1/20

The French crowd at the World Cup in Lets 2019 was absolute nuts. The Panshot of Flo Payet through the crowd was a good way to showcase the speed of the riders. That one was right after the massive grass jump in the middle of the track. Panshots can be tricky as you have to move exactly with the rider. Luckily this one worked out!

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 200mm / F3.2 / ISO 1250 / 1/1600

Veronika Widmann at the World Cup in Val di Sole 2019. The Italian track is always a riders favourite and one of the hardest of the season. Here I was hiding in some bushes to get the foreground. Veronika finished 4th and Marine won the race.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 150mm / F3.2 / ISO 1000 / 1/3200

Dean Lucas at 2019 World Champs in MSA! Right before qualifying it started to rain and the riders had a tough time coming down the track. That section was one of the fastest even it looks pretty easy…some of the riders were struggling, not Dean Lucas.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 5D Mark4 / 25mm / F5.6 / ISO 800 / 1/4000

Alexandre Cure at EWS Round 8 2019. The Scenery in Zermatt, Switzerland was awesome to shoot. Nearly all of the trails had amazing views and were surrounded by beautiful mountains. With views like that and especially at EWS you try to shoot wide.

Boris Beyer maddogboris
Canon 1DX Mark2 / 200mm / F3.5 / ISO 1600 / 1/2500

A very special moment for Bluegrass and I was happy to deliver the shot. A full Bluegrass World Cup Overall Podium in Snowshoe! Well done Tracey Hannah, Marine Cabirou and Veronika Widmann.


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 Damn, i wanted to see Boris Beyer’s Favourite Pictures of Bluegrass Riders with an itchy toe from the 2019 Race Season
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 Must be tough for Mad Dog at the moment. Not only is there no racing, but the tattoo parlours are shut, so he can't add to his crazy collection.
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 great pictures - hard to go wrong with such a great list of riders on the roster, and that last shot would be incredible for any brand!
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 Didn't know Canyon is now also selling DSLR cameras... classic misspelling only bikes do...
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 Great shots, chilled dude on the Trigger and some of the nicest (best) riders... Oh dear We miss racing.

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