Photo Story: Days 3 & 4 of the Trans NZ 2021

Mar 4, 2021
by Yeti TransNZ Enduro  

We're stoked to bring you the 2021 Yeti Cycles Trans NZ Presented by RideWrap featuring six days of epic riding and racing across the South Island of New Zealand. Catch all of the action right here, all week long.

New Zealand recently went into 'Alert Level 2' for coronavirus, which limits large gatherings, but luckily the Yeti Trans NZ could take place with fewer than 100 riders.

Day 3

Day 3 took riders through some of Queenstown's most iconic trails. The day consisted of 4 stages, Coronet Peak Enduro, Coronet Peak DH, Rude Rock and Zoot Track. If you've ever seen anything about mountain biking in Queenstown chances are, one of these four trails featured in it. With three gruelling climbs throughout the day, it certainly wasn't going to be a walk in the park though.

Making our way to the top of Coronet Peak for a sunrise crew photoshoot
It was an early start for the media crew who decided to head up for a little sunrise mission before racers hit the trails.

It doesn't get much better than this.

The day started with a climb up the Coronet Peak Enduro trail. It gave riders a chance to see what they were about to tackle.

Concentrating on the trail is easier said than done sometimes.

Brendan Clarke keeping the rest of the Masters field on their toes. Brendan finished the day in 3rd for the Masters.

Anyone for a quick swim?

After a lung-busting climb up the Coronet Peak Access road riders dropped into Stage 2 - Coronet DH.

The Coronet Peak backdrop is simply breathtaking.

Jack Sisson rocking the party shirt.

Melissa Newall rode strong again to hold onto 2nd overall for the women.

What. A. Place.

It's hard to put into perspective the scale of the surrounding landscape. If you haven't been to Queenstown put it on your to-do list... or just come and race next year.

Bradley Harris rode with confidence all day and extended his lead in the overall.

The tussock covered hills provide very little shelter from the elements. Thankfully the weather god's were on our side today.

Do not go the wrong way. You will regret it... a lot.

One of the rare happy faces after climbing out of Skippers canyon
The final big climb of the day. Thankfully the clouds provided a little cover so riders didn't overheat.

Ben Friel dropping into Zoot track, the final stage for Day 3.

The ladies have been getting their shred on all week long. Watch out boys, they're coming for you.

Stopping in time for the finish line is always a battle
It's time to stop now.....

Day 3 Results
Overall Men

1st. Bradley Harris - 00:24:00
2nd. Ben Friel - 00:24:19
3rd. Will Johnston - 00:25:54
4th. Matt Breen - 00:25:54
5th. Daniel Ellison - 00:25:54
Overall Women

1st. Ronja Hill-Wright - 00:29:29
2nd. Melissa Newall - 00:30:14
3rd. Julie Greenslade - 00:32:04
4th. Karolyne Dunn - 00:36:21
5th. Ann Hunn - 00:36:43

Mops down the last stage and straight into chill out mode
Another day done and dusted. Time to hit the reset button.

Day 4

Day 4 took riders and hour and a half from Queenstown to the small Central Otago town of Alexandra. The Alexandra trails are like nothing else anywhere in New Zealand. The dry, incredibly rocky landscape makes for a truly unique experience. Staying on the narrow single track and avoiding punctures is a huge part of the day but if you trust yourself enough to let go of the brakes and follow the pink dots, riders would find that the janky Alexandra trails are a lot of fun! Riders tackled 5 stages before finishing the day at the Monteith's Brewery Co who always are an incredible host to the finish of Day 4 each year - not a bad way to end a hot day!

Just a bunch of goons
Who's ready for Day 4?

All the climbs were pretty mellow in Alexandra. A welcome sight after yesterdays suffer fest
All the climbs were pretty mellow in Alexandra. A welcome sight after yesterdays suffer-fest.

These were on everyone s mind all day the wind in Alex is warm and dry and builds a monstrous thirst
These were on everyone's mind all day, the wind in Alex is warm and dry and builds a monstrous thirst.

Those pink dots are a lifeline in Alexandra. Follow them at all cost.

Karolyne Dunn taming the Alexandra rocks all day long.

The man, the myth, the legend. Kashi Leuchs is holding down 2nd overall for the Master's men after Day 4.

You don't want to venture far off the trail here.

Jamie Young had his best day so far claiming 8th for the Masters.

Remember kids, always look ahead.

Try cutting corners here.
Try cutting corners here. We dare you.

Rolling in for lunch
Riders passed the snack station several times today. Keeping the energy high is the key to getting through the week.

Stage 3 was the longest of the day and took riders right to the base of the Alexandra trails.

Cats with laser beams for eyes... how good!

This pinball section on Stage 4 is one of the few times riders would see tree's all day. The Alexandra landscape is vast and barren.

Sometimes you just gotta close your eyes and hope for the best.

Bradley Harris used his local knowledge of the Alexandra trails to build a solid lead and take the day overall.

It doesn't always work out.

It was dusty out there!

Did we mention it was dusty?

You could just about smell the beers at the finish
You could just about smell the beers at the finish.

Cheers to another RAD day!

Day 4 Results
Overall Men

1st. Bradley Harris - 00:15:48
2nd. Ben Friel - 00:17:05
3rd. Will Johnston - 00:18:00
4th. Daniel Ellison - 00:18:05
5th. Matt Breen - 00:18:17
Overall Women

1st. Ronja Hill-Wright - 00:20:50
2nd. Melissa Newall - 00:21:21
3rd. Julie Greenslade - 00:24:54
4th. Karolyne Dunn - 00:26:44
5th. Ann Hunn - 00:45:03

2022 prototype cleat design. You saw it here first...

Making the most of the hour and a half back to Queenstown
The media crew makes the most of every last minute. Cheers guys for the banger images!

About TRANS NZ / Megan Rose - Megan has been riding and racing bikes all over the world for more years than we count. She moves between New Zealand and Canada organising not only Trans NZ but also Trans BC and now the brand new Trans Tasmania kicking off in 2021. She has over 15 years of racing and riding experience and no stranger to some epic full-day missions. Over the last 7 years, Trans NZ has evolved into New Zealand's premier multi-day Enduro event. Covering 6 days of only the best riding New Zealand's south island has to offer from Craigieburn to Queenstown.


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 WHY ARE THEY STANDING SO CLOSE? oh yeah its NZ they beat COVID so they can do shit like this.
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 Crash photo: broken chain. I hate when a chain snaps when you're hard on the pedals and you get thrown forward all out of balance. Not sure if that's what happen to that guy tho.
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 Lived just outside Alexandra this time last year, those pics hit me right in the Covid lockdown feels.
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 Simon Noble's photos are sick!
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 I was waiting for Gandalf pop out from one those peaks with the white horse , can see it's Hobbit Land Smile
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 Where did those cleats come from?
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 How many people gonna be bitching about no knee pads?
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 Can't it just be called 'Yeti TraNz 2021'?
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 I’m hoping Trans BC goes this summer.

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