Photo Story: Searching for Tropical Singletrack Treasure in Ecuador

Nov 14, 2020
by Mauro Cepeda  

This time we went riding to Santa Rita bike park which is located near Quito in a natural reserve. This bike park is the one that has more techy stuff and more downhill-oriented trails, certainly if you are looking for a place with fast and playful trails this is it. But also, it has a big variety of tracks and a pump track focused on the beginner to the wannabe pro rider.

At the top of the bike park you will find a classic Andean landscape, big and steep hills full of straw with farmlands in background.

If you are lucky enough you can ride with the Cotopaxi volcano in the background while you shralp for the boys, however for our bad luck that day was raining a little.

Berms with a beauty of a view.

Santa Rita bike park is in the area of Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge, which is located in the extinct volcano Pasochoa and near the biggest active volcano Cotopaxi. So, there is as well the opportunity of having an epic ride from the base of the volcano or only ride the good trails which is also a no brainer.

After the straw land you’ll be riding in the forest full of bushes.

Shralp for ages.

Then in the low section of the bike park, there is a tropical forest which is a microclimate where there are harder technical sections and bigger jumps of the bike park.

From left to right: Chacho Lopez, Daniel Bascompte and Alejandro Cepeda.

Besides the trails, the bike park also has an old farmhouse, camping areas, and also glamping where you can stay and keep shredding from days. We decided to stay in the camping area which was a good experience because we had an amazing starry night and a sunrise with Cotopaxi volcano as our guest.

In the end, if you are interested in riding at a rad location you should visit this place because it is "the place", if not the most downhill oriented bike park in Quito and the region. Also because of its gorgeous views the place never fails to deliver, the uniqueness of the place due to its guides and personnel and quality of the bike park trying to push the level in the region.

Photography: Mauro Cepeda


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 Chacho hooked me up with some epic riding when I was there last November. Didn't ride Santa Rita, but it looks sick.
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 Wow, this really tugs on my heart strings. Seeing Cotopaxi again makes me lust for Ecuador, Quito and Otavalo!
  • 3 0
 Yo vivi en Ecua unos anos atras pero nunca fui en mtn bike. Que lastima. Regreso con mi bici, les prometo!
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 Se ve buenisimo! Excelente trabajo con las fotos Mauro!
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 ¡Gracias !
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 Awesome job!
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 Donde se puede conseguir mas informacion sobre el area, especifica a MTB?

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