Photography Tutorials with Ian Hylands - Part 1

Feb 19, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
"Introduction to Basic Workflow" is the first of several video photography tutorials from Ian Hylands that Pinkbike will be featuring in the upcoming months. Ian goes through the basics of how to set up your camera and computer and the 5 basic steps that he uses and recommends as a photography workflow, from start to finish. Topics covered include everything from basic camera settings to file naming and backing up your data.

Tutorial inside,
Photography Tutorials - Part 1:
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 Nice little tutorial covering the basics. Would be awesome to see something similar from any of the film-makers featured on PB.
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 Very useful, there should be more articles like this on Pinkbike. Good work!
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 LOl I didn't get 80% of what he said hahaha gotta get photography classes in college next semester Camera
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 Yeah but im glad it was a video i thought i was gonna have to spend ages reading a really long article!
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 pretty much what ive done for years but very well explained. this will be really helpful to those new to the world of workflow. good effort dude.
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 thank you Smile keep them coming and good work.
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 Great idea! Salute
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 great informative tutorial

I've been waiting for something like this to come along. Reading it in a book or on the web is dry, listening to someone talk lets it absorb better. Keep them coming.

Ian, have you considered putting on a clinic at Crankworx similar to what you are doing at Sea Otter?
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 thanks for a great idea, it's on my list, I'll talk to them about it...
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 I really like the tutorial, although basic at first it is good for the photographer that really wants to make a career out of it.
Was slightly distracting how you always looked to the left ( your right) at your notes im supposing. May be less distracting if you were to have the notes up on the screen infront of you.
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 I had notes on paper behind the camera, tried the screen but it looked way more obvious...
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 Ahk then Smile otherwise brilliant tutorial, looking forward to more in the future
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 Yeah Very helpful and informative article. Way to go pinkbike. I have been trying to play with some photography over the last few months, this will totally help me be more efficient. Tyler you are posting some great articles as of late. Good Job. Trev
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 One of the things that I really wanted to talk about in this video was basic color management as it applies to workflow, but that will be a separate video sometime in the future. What else would you like to learn about? Send me a message or just post here...
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 1 color management is really intresting! For when you have your own printer and when not.
2 getting the most out of the speedlight flashes and sycing.
3 anatomy of the dslr and lens, how does it work and what happens if play with aperture, shutterspeed, iso etc.
4 how to turn your photos into money (stock sites, magazines, company's, prints, personal photoshoots (how much should we ask to not shoot ourselfs and our fellow photographers in the foot.
5 how to keep your gear clean and working in our hostile playgrounds.
6 a company is sponsoring your buddy and wants free photos from the rider that you have shot to use for commerial use. What to do. When do we ask money and when do we give away for free.
7 economical backpacking, what to take when to travel light and what not to use.

well, maybe you can use some of this. Good luck.
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 I've read and reread your stuff on high speed sync with speedlights on your blog, but i think a video tutorial would really help me with that as well (although I'm only using plus ii's, maybe it's not possible unless I get some multimax's?).
I really enjoyed this tutorial though, even just as a reference or refresher on things I knew about but maybe didn't practice well or often enough. Thanks!
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 I'm not going to do any more on high speed sync stuff. That's pretty much been done, although I do go through it in my advanced clinic or one on one advanced teaching. Color Management is good, I'll do that for sure. Packing for a shoot is good, I'll probably do that as well. I'll go into speedlights and other flashes in a tutorial on flashes in a month or so.
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 The pie chart showing how much information is in the brighter stops was an eye opener.
If I shoot in jpeg RGB it is better than SRGB ? What is SRGB? I have my SLR set for SRGB but I shoot in jpeg.
I am looking forward to seeing tutorials of your work as it pertains to shooting mountain bike themed images. Most sports (photography) does not involve thrashing about in the bush.
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 Fantastic tutorial. I just started taking photos, this is catching up for me haha. Great stuff Ian!
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 Wow really professional video. I like it a lot. I did not really catch on to a lot of it, I am not a photographer, but I am extremely impressed with your video. Keep up the good work I hope to learn a lot from these videos.
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 Yes Ian, you can easily hire a gorgious chick to hold up your lines for you. Put her in front of the camera, wearing nothing at all. Your tutorial is great, but we would like to have a bit of sex in it also, sex sells you know. But besides that, I love the tutorial! I have crooked eyes also, Joost Wichman also, Lance McDermott also.... uh, so who cares hahaha, crooked eyes rule! I can look at 2 places at the same moment, how about that....
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 Maybe I'll try that for one of the next ones. I don't think I'd be allowed to have her in naked in front of the camera, PB isn't that kind of site... But we can do something to make you happy! Next up is basic composition, won't be much of me talking, mostly just screen capture...
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 Another few things I was wondering Ian:
1 When you have saved images in Lightroom, you select them (good and bad's) and you make a cataloge of the good ones. But do you als make a separate cataloge for the Prime shots that you will be sending to your client?
2 Does it matter if you save your copy's on a CD or DVD? Is there a differance in quality between the two mediums?
3 I have a Eizo monitor that shows 95% of the adobeRGB collors. Should I work with this collor space for print or should I work with Pro Color RGB?

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 CD and DVD really don't have any difference, DVD's hold more. There are good DVD's and bad DVD's though...

I make a collection of images that are a selection of the good images. Then I make a collection from there of the best images. Does that make sense?

AdobeRGB and Pro Color RGB are both good spaces to use, whichever one you want is fine.
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 seems pretty cool, first part is really promising. Hope it stays that way... not explaining what shutter speed ist but how to use it. Keep it coming
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 great stuff hopefully we'll see something on flash photography and pocket wizards and how to purchase and setup a basic system
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 Really great tutorial Ian, so useful for people like me who are fairly new to photography. Any idea when the next part is coming out? Can't wait!
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 Composition is coming up pretty quick, then basic light, then probably flash. Although I may do one on a basic guide to color management from start to finish...
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 I dont think i'll be questioning any selection of your pods anymore Ian! Great tutorial and I feel like I know way more about photography. Thanks
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 sick! a video tutorial would be cool too
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 thanks to ian and pinkbike for offering up this kind of quality information. keep it up!
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 gotta start fimlmig
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 Great video. More of these on PB!
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 Was that an 85mm Zeiss at the start?
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 Zeiss 50 1.4 my favorite lens right now...
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 Yep, 1.8 is my go to. Cheers,
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 can't wait for more advanced tutorial Razz
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 still awaiting part 2 Wink
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 wow he does not blink..
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 I like this idea, i just dont like the way it looks like he is readin everything he says.
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 Everything? I can talk for hours so I had a few notes to keep it from getting out of control, but really only a couple of points here and there. Maybe it was just hard to stare at the camera for 16 minutes straight?
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 Very informative video Ian, and much appreciated- thank you! Clearly there is no pleasing some people.

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