Pierer Mobility Announces Plan to Sell Felt Bicycles Brand

Dec 7, 2023
by Ed Spratt  
Felt Decree 2018

Pierer Mobility is selling Felt Bicycles to a new consortium led by the current Chief Sales Officer for New Mobility at KTM, Bicycle Retailer reports.

After two years since Pierer Mobility purchased Felt Bicycles from Rossignol, the company has announced it will sell the brand to a consortium led by Florian Burguet, the current Chief Sales Officer for New Mobility at KTM. The deal should be closed in the first half of 2024, with Florian Burguet leaving the Pierer Mobility management board by the end of December.

Pierer Mobility has also revealed the divestment of its non-e-bike division, with the company also selling the Raymon e-bike brand to its founders, Susanne and Felix Puello. The decisions are part of plans at Pierer Mobility to focus the company on the KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS and MVAgusta brands.

The company aims to expand Husqvarna and GASGAS in the e-mobility sector with a new E-Mobility business unit containing all electrically powered two-wheelers, including e-motorcycles and stand-up scooters.

In recent years, Felt moved away from selling mountain bikes to cover road, triathlon and gravel bikes.

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 I vote we get a go fund me going and buy GGs old carbon manufacturing equipment and make PB Comment Section bikes. There’s no way our company would go under.
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 Username checks out
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 CEO will be Mike Levy so we can have him back.
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 HA, you would probably manufacture way too many different bikes with ZERO economy of scale and sell them for half the market's price
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 First model has to be called the Canyonero
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 @Yuley95: Grim Donut enters the chat.
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 @vhdh666: but it would be most appropriate to make one bike with expensive modifications you can buy to make it into multiple bikes.
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 @GTscoob: no because then 'n + 1' doesn't apply anymore
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 @Yuley95: “All my life, I have searched for a bike that feels a certain way. Powerful like a gorilla, yet with suspension that's soft and yielding like a Nerf ball. Now, at last, I have found it.”
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 so advent calendar this year is basically one bike company going out of business per week?
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 That and riders losing their sponsorship.
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 The real news here is that Felt was still around.
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 They Felt like they should see other brands!
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 Now they just need someone willing to buy one.
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 Wonder if a brand(/enterprise) like Felt has any market value at all in the current market? Do they have a USP at all? Not hitting on Felt in particular. Believe this goes for a lot of other brands as well. Believe those that are only ordering frames from Taiwan, China etc. with limited input, putting OEM kits on and not generating any profits or prospect of profits will be suffering going forward.
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 Jim Felt should have kept the company and stuck with road and tri bikes. Maybe a xc hardtail and xc full-suspwnsion, i.e. Scale/Spark type. That was the companies strength. Fast/light bikes.
And, the very cool vintage motocross cruisers!
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 I've seen one of these in existence and it wasn't exactly a looker.
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 I had a 2016 Decree. It was a fantastic bike. Extremely light and pedaled well. Looked great in the Ferrari red with lime/yellow too. That bike as a 29er/mullet with updated geo would be a tonne of fun.
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 @big-red: they were legit 6 bars too weren’t they? Pretty identical Lay-out to the Commencal Supreme V5
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 @samdaman1: Nah, the Decree was a single pivot with flex stays (same frame as pictured in the article above). Their longer-travel enduro/AM bike was six-bar though. Never heard much about how well it worked, but they were definitely trying to do things that a lot of bike companies are still striving for with that six-bar design.
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 @big-red: Agreed, the decree was super fun. A little longer and slacker, maybe a little more standover and it would be great. The quality was high.
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 Man, my girlfriend got a great deal on a 2019 Compulsion, it's such a sweet bike and the suspension layout is quite cool with the six bar linkage. Unfortunately the dogbone rear bar is getting worn out and I haven't been able to find a replacement since the company stopped making mountain bikes.
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 Felt xc bikes were just getting good in 2019!!
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flag likeittacky (Dec 7, 2023 at 6:56) (Below Threshold)
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 funny enough, as they've been selling felt bicycles all the time until now and by selling felt bicycles, they will stop selling felt bicycles.
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 Fuck Pierer, such an asshole. First cashing in tax payers money, now outsourcing to the far east and letting several hundred people go.
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 I haven't heard of Felt for a decade. Makes sense why they are going under.
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 They are quite famous for their Tri bike but it's a very niche market.
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 I’ve never Felt like buying one of their bikes.
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 Here's and idea , close down some of these companies !
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 Poor Felt. Nobody wants Felt.
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 Is this just the same group of employees getting laid off rotating from one MTB brand to the next and destroying them?
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 Just remember that once upon a time Cam Zink rode one of those P.O.S.
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 He also has a Walmart bike Cam Zink Hyper
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 Ooof. Felt that.
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 I Felt that coming.
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 Just look at the felt bike in this article. It’s ugly. It doesn’t matter if you make a great riding bike. It’s got to look good too. At least moderately good. This felt bike looks like a Diamond Back. And that is not a compliment.
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 Nice, if they weren’t f*cked already they definitely are now
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 You mean paid?
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 They really felt the recession
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 Where the Felt meets the road
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 feel deleted?
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 so a catalouge brand is being sold to another catalouge brand.... probably just change the stickers at the chaai'nese factory
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 You have no idea who FELT was/is and about their innovations, right?
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 I know there BMX's are shite and innovations...... in the cycling world???
ONly other felts I'ver ever seen are bargain sales on CRC
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 @naptime: Just a few:
MTB: Equlink was back in the day cool idea. They also won gold in woman WC XC few years ago + Cameron Zink
Road: first aero road bike ever (AR), first endurance road bike ever (Z), they use of Textreme carbon
Triathlon: they were long time the benchmark for all other brands, IA is still one of the best + Daniela Ryf (5x Ironman World Champion) + Jan Frodeno olympic championon in the beggining of his career
Track: US national team
Timetrial: with Garmin Slipstream Team they made a lot of buzz, also later with Marcel Kittel Tour the France victories + Chloe Dygert
CX: Wout van Aert World Champ on F1X in 2017

FELT had a great team, great athletes, but they have repeatedly lost teams contracts to bigger brands

So, far away from some generic brand and they own few patents. But you are right, since takeover of Rossignol they were smaller and smaller and now they are in difficult situation.
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 @sergejk: shame this is an MTB site......
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 @naptime: Your original post suggested they weren't a serious brand and I tried to explain you are wrong. They also had very serious MTB models, but they stopped production cca. 5 years ago, which was a big surprise.
(I have worked with them in various roles since 2008.)
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 @sergejk: not in the UK MTB or BMX market they don't. Maybe in the tri/road world.....
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 @naptime: That's true, especially in recent years, but it still doesn't make you say: "so a catalouge brand is being sold to another catalouge brand.... probably just change the stickers at the chaai'nese factory".
Absolutely nothing in your sentence is true. You just don't know FELT, which is totaly fine, because they are small brand after all ;-) I fear they will never recover and stay marginal.
I wish you a nice week and a lot of great rides.
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