Video: Pig Rodeo

Nov 11, 2014
by Lauren Jenkins  

David Graf is a BMX athlete and riding hardtails is nothing he would call strange. But the NICOLAI Argon FAT is pretty much the opposite of his daily ride, the Ro20 BMX. His after-training fun ride in Lenzerheide CH showed how quick David got familiar with the "PIG". You never saw pigs flying? Have a look!

Mentions: @NicolaiUSA @whyex

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 nice edit, but what impresses me most is the Lenzerheide Bikepark!!
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 mich auch bin normalerweise immer nur zum Snowboarden da ! Die haben viel gemacht
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 Oh yes, they did! Are you aware the UCI DH worldcup will happen there in 2015? And World Championships in 2018!
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 Pick a wheel size, and be a dick about it. or just shred on any style of bike
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 Pointless if it can be done on a faster, funner, lighter, nimbler & cooler bike.

Fat bikes are the Snuggies of the bicycle industry. Interesting, but a job better suited to a timeless invention like a blanket or robe.

You'll probably see this comment in the below threshold section...
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 You silly dude! Of course it can be done faster and lighter, but don't you think, that is is fun to watch? I think it's pretty impressive that he actually can take all beating that the wheels don't absorb!
Don't hate, really. Have you ever ridden a Fat Bike on some funny trails? It's a lot of fun.
It's a primitive bike without a chain, 26" and without suspension.
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 I don't feel hatred towards fat bikes. Have you ever been penny farthing? Now that's primitive.
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 r2r, you win the internets today.
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 I hate how well they work.
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 they work well, but do you have more fun on them??
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 I have an idea... let's put a gas powered motor on them and we'll call it a "motorcycle".
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 hahaha, man, that's never gonna work, lol
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 Great video. I like how it just proved everyone wrong about pretty much everything.
Suspension: none
Derailleur: none
26" tire diameter: nope
Chain lube: none
Heavy rear end: nope (maybe they edited out all the times he looped out backwards from that heavy hub... Eye roll...)
In conclusion, this guy just had a rad time on a bike with NO mainstream parts normally assumed to be required for high performance. And, he did so with a bike requiring nearly zero maintenance...ever.
You might want to pause and think about that. Or go back to thinking about which 12 month lifespan mainstream bike item you will buy next...
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 Well said Sir! You can follow the path or create your own...
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 BMXers are so smooth and stylish. It makes me want to spend time on 20" wheels to learn some finesse.
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 I didn't understand the appeal of fat bikes at first, but now every time I see a new video or magazine article, I want one more and more. They make so much sense for many different reasons, and man, doesn't that look fun as hell??
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 Doing that on just about any mountain bike that didn't explode on impact would be fun as hell.
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 That just took things to a whole new level
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 I WANT A FAT BIKE for te snow this winter !!!!!!!!! It looks too much fun
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 Get one if you can. I had more fun riding the fat bike last winter than any other winter. I used to think they were silly but now I'm a huge fan!
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 Im with @RedBurn I really want one for the snow! Some of these shreddits looks like a lot of fun too.
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 can someone explain me what happens at 1:11 with his pedal? Or is it just an optical effect
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 I cant see anything weird about it?
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 It is a belt-drive not a chain. Looks kind of wonky at first.
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 It looks like the teeth are moving independently of the rest of the chain ring.
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 I'm sure some PB member with a background in video can talk about frame-rates and objects such as teeth on a sprocket, or spokes on a wheel or knobs on a tire appearing to do interesting things like appearing to move in the opposite direction or appearing stopped etc. depending on the frequency that identical objects pass the lens of a camera shooting with a specific number of frames/second.

Definitely a cool optical illusion, but I think the mystery is easily explained.
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 It's actualy a belt drive with speed integrated hub. No maintenance needed for such a bike.
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 Aye and it wouldn't be ruined by sand either
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 Coolest fatbike vid I've seen so far!
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 Pretty sure that guy could shred on any bike down that hill.
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 My neighbor commutes to work at Whole Foods on his fatbike.. [smacks head]
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 this edit could have been half the length. I skipped the intro, skipped the gondola ride, and after three or four of the same berm shots and whips on the same terrain, I quit.

looks like good fun to ride tho. was it a 24" wheel? Lighter and turnier yet still wide and grippy... could be a good combo.
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 It's a 26". This is the only production 24" fat bike that I know of.
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 I wanna see someone ride one on a trail that not totally manicured with the normal roots and rocks that are around, something tells me that'd be about 1/10 the fun.
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 I demo'd the spec fat boy this weekend on my normal trails and it was still a blast. its an insane amount of traction and as long as you're pressing in to the turns you don't feel them fold too much. it was surprisingly light and when they're gear well it climbs like a mofo.
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 Every edit I've ever seen like this would be more fun on some other kind of bike. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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 looks like an ex-balerina, now a fat chick trying to dance again
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 i rode a norco range most of the year. strava'd all my rides for fun to see how my riding changed throughout the year. last month i got on a 2014 norco bigfoot. not the best one not the worst. so far not only have i killed all my climb times on all the trails i rode on the range but ive had a lot of fun doing it. no there not fast and no there not that light. fully rigid can leave u with a headache after a longer ride. like 50k. but what i can say is that its more challenging than an all mountain and at some times there more fun. theres a certain difficulty that comes with them. yeah there easier in some spots but let me tell you when your decending down a tight single track with a wet rock garden full of off camber turns wet roots and sharp rocks its pretty much hang on for the ride. theres not a ton of control but thats part of the fun.i gotta say dont knock it till you try it. i got a 2015 pivot mach 6 for next year but im thinking of switching to something like a salsa bucksaw or even a trek farley 8. think what you want but dont say anything till you try one.
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 My prediction for 2015: Far more freeride and park fat bike edits.
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 Edits like this make me want a fat bike. I really don't want that. But damnit they look fun
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 It's important to remember it's the rider, not the bike, that is shredding here. Any other claim is marketing. Fat bike, sure if you gave me one. But I wont give up hard earned money to go backwards in bike technology.
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 I don't think I ever would put real money into one. But those POS Mongoose's at Wal-mart would be fun in the snow, like an expensive sled.
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 A BMX champion landing at 3.20... Probably not that easy to jump big and wild with fatbikes...
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 Why is there no one else riding at that park? It's empty!
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 End of Season (probably), bad weather, on a weekday. - On sunny weekends that place is crowded!
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 Soundtrack to that should bwaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrp
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 Fat Bike Downhill World Cup, just saying, could be a thing.
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 thank you all for the nice words Smile
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 That was some impressive riding, daymn
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 Boy got skillz
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 that pig is a beast
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 If it rolls, it works!
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 Sony FS700 ??
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 Fat tire bike porn and I was hard the whole time
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