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Pinkbike Audience Survey Results: What Parts do Pinkbike Readers Use?

Nov 26, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

The last piece focussed mainly on bikes as a whole but what good is a frame without parts on it? There are an awful lot of brands out there trying attract your dollars for bike parts from frame manufacturers producing in-house gear to specialized component brands to oddballs and innovators trying to shake up the status quo and do something new. Which ones would spec the ultimate Pinkbike bike? Let's find out.


What brand of fork is on your current primary mountain bike?

Fox: 44.11%
Rock Shox: 41.10%
Marzocchi: 2.53%
DVO: 2.34%
SR Suntour: 2.07%
Manitou: 1.70%
Other: 1.14%
Ohlins: 0.82%
Cane Creek: 0.81%
MRP: 0.67%
X Fusion: 0.61%
Cannondale: 0.49%
EXT: 0.31%
Formula: 0.27%
Specialized: 0.23%
BOS: 0.19%
DT Swiss: 0.14%
RST: 0.14%
Trust Performance: 0.08%
Intend: 0.06%
DNM: 0.05%
Magura: 0.05%
Wren: 0.03%
Maverick: 0.02%
Scott: 0.02%

We expected a two-horse race between Fox and RockShox when it comes to suspension and they're totally dominant in the fork market. If you include Marzochhi as part of the Fox umbrella, the next biggest brand outside of those two is DVO with 2.34%.

What brand of shock are you using on your current primary mountain bike?

Fox: 46.47%
Rockshox: 31.49%
Other: 8.61%
DVO: 2.82%
Cane Creek: 2.81%
Push Industries: 1.12%
EXT: 1.11%
Ohlins: 1.07%
Marzocchi: 0.91%
X Fusion: 0.83%
SR Suntour: 0.72%
Manitou: 0.52%
Specialized: 0.31%
Avalanche: 0.20%
MRP: 0.20%
DT Swiss: 0.15%
BOS: 0.12%
Elka / MRP: 0.11%
DNM: 0.09%
RST: 0.07%
Diverse: 0.05%
Intend: 0.05%
Fast: 0.04%
Curnutt: 0.03%
Foes: 0.03%
DSP: 0.02%
Kindshock: 0.02%
Magura: 0.02%

Fox's domination of the suspension market continues when it comes to the shocks on your bikes as well. Here, they account for nearly 50% of all rear suspension among our respondents with RockShox still second on nearly a third of bikes. DVO remains the best of the rest with 'Other' responses mainly coming from hardtail riders. We also asked about riders' air vs coil preferences and riders that prefer air out number those that prefer coil by more than 2 to 1.

Which brand of drivetrain do you currently ride on your primary mountain bike?

SRAM: 54.65%
Shimano: 41.73%
Other: 3.62%

Which model of drivetrain do you currently ride on your primary mountain bike?

Shimano XT: 21.20%
SRAM GX Eagle: 13.12%
SRAM GX: 10.04%
Shimano SLX: 8.41%
Shimano XTR: 5.91%
SRAM X01 Eagle: 5.77%
Shimano Other: 4.64%
SRAM X01: 4.06%
SRAM Eagle: 4.02%
SRAM NX Eagle: 3.39%
SRAM NX: 2.05%
SRAM X01 Eagle AXS: 1.84%
SRAM XX1: 1.66%
SRAM GX Eagle AXS: 1.65%
Other: 1.65%
SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS: 1.56%
SRAM X0: 1.35%
SRAM SX Eagle: 0.95%
Single speed: 0.88%
Box Components: 0.80%
Shimano Saint: 0.65%
SRAM X9: 0.64%
SRAM GX DH: 0.53%
Shimano Zee: 0.47%
SRAM X01 DH: 0.46%
SRAM X1: 0.44%
SRAM other: 0.38%
SRAM X7: 0.26%
Shimano XT Di2: 0.25%
SRAM EX1: 0.24%
Pinion Gearbox: 0.23%
Shimano XTR Di2: 0.20%
SRAM X5: 0.14%
SRAM XX: 0.09%
Nuvinci hub transmission: 0.03%
Rohloff hub transmission: 0.03%
SRAM X3: 0.02%

Once again there's a duopoly in drivetrain manufacturers and this time it's between SRAM and Shimano. As we expected this, we split the drivetrains down into specific models and this allows us to see Shimano XT at the top of the tree followed by a pair of SRAM GX options. Mechanical drivetrains still rule the roost with the highest placed electronic option being the SRAM X01 Eagle AXS drivetrain with just under 2% of the vote share. Box Components come in top of the other brands but are on less than 1% of bikes in the survey. We also asked which aftermarket brands you had added to your drivetrains and Absolute Black came out on top followed by OneUp and Wolf Tooth.

What wheelset are you currently using on your primary mountain bike? (Top 50)

DT Swiss: 17.34%
Other: 8.80%
Stan's No Tubes: 6.27%
Specialized / Roval: 5.82%
Bontrager: 5.65%
Race Face: 4.99%
WTB: 4.68%
Industry 9: 4.23%
Custom - handbuilt: 3.77%
e*thirteen: 3.67%
Giant: 2.69%
Ibis: 2.68%
We Are One Components: 2.67%
Hope: 2.57%
Santa Cruz / Reserve: 2.45%
Mavic: 2.36%
Spank: 2.28%
Sun Ringle: 1.48%
Shimano: 1.38%
Enve: 1.25%
Hunt: 1.09%
Nobl: 1.08%
Syncros: 1.03%
Nukeproof: 0.89%
Alex / A-Class: 0.83%
Light Bicycle: 0.83%
Reynolds: 0.80%
Crankbrothers: 0.74%
Newmen: 0.70%
SRAM: 0.56%
Easton: 0.50%
Nox: 0.38%
Zipp: 0.37%
Halo: 0.32%
Nextie: 0.19%
Novatec: 0.19%
Formula: 0.18%
FSA: 0.16%
Fulcrum: 0.16%
NS Bikes: 0.15%
American Classic: 0.13%
Acros: 0.12%
Mercury Wheels: 0.12%
Syntace: 0.12%
Superstar: 0.11%
Alpha: 0.10%
Atomik Carbon: 0.09%
Azonic: 0.09%
Velocity: 0.09%
Box Components: 0.08%

Wheels are the first area we see a large spread of brands all featuring with decent slices of the pie. DT Swiss is the most popular but is still on less than one fifth of the respondent's bikes. Just 14 wheels had to be registered for a brand to make the top 50.

Which brand(s) of tires do you currently use on your primary mountain bike?

Maxxis: 69.99%
Schwalbe: 14.79%
Specialized: 8.30%
Michelin: 5.15%
Continental: 5.04%
Bontrager: 4.82%
WTB: 4.14%
Vittoria: 3.55%
Kenda: 2.66%
Other: 1.22%
e*thirteen: 1.19%
Onza: 0.78%
Hutchinson: 0.73%
Vee: 0.62%
Teravail: 0.57%
45 North: 0.46%
Goodyear: 0.43%
Mavic: 0.42%
Panaracer: 0.37%
Pirelli: 0.31%
DMR: 0.22%
Versus: 0.20%
CST: 0.19%
Terrene Tires: 0.17%
Tioga: 0.10%
Halo: 0.06%
Ritchey: 0.06%
Duro: 0.02%
Pacenti: 0.02%
Rubena: 0.02%

When it comes to tires, Maxxis is clearly the most popular brand with more than two-thirds of responses. Schwalbe is the next most popular followed by Specialized.

Do you run tubes or tubeless on your primary mountain bike?

Tubes: 14.3%
Tubeless: 82.75%
One Tubeless & One Tube: 2.95%

Do have tire inserts or plan on purchasing them in the next year?

Yes: 32.3%
No: 67.70%

Nearly everyone is now running tubeless but only a third of respondents are choosing to use tire inserts. We wonder if it's the cost, weight or added faff that's putting the rest off.

What brand of brakes are you currently using on your primary mountain bike?

Shimano: 45.91%
Avid / SRAM: 36.83%
Magura: 5.16%
Hope: 4.22%
TRP: 2.12%
Hayes: 1.51%
Tektro: 1.51%
Formula: 1.37%
Other: 0.85%
Trickstuff: 0.19%
Clarks: 0.08%
Atomlab: 0.04%
Box Components: 0.04%
Brake Force One: 0.04%
Cane Creek: 0.04%
Promax: 0.04%
Bengal: 0.02%
Dia Tech: 0.01%
FSA: 0.01%

As it finishes off the groupset, it's no surprise to see Shimano and SRAM also dominating when it comes to brakes. They don't seem to have as much of a stranglehold as they do on the drivetrain though with Magura having nearly 1,000 responses and Hope more than 750.

Do you primarily ride flat or clip-in pedals?

Flats: 53.86%
Clip-in: 37.06%
Both equally: 9.08%

The eternal debate between clips and flats continues to rage and it looks like flats have the edge among our audience. Clearly Pinkbike readers are somewhat good looking and ride foot out, flat out.

What brand of clip-in pedals do you currently use?

Shimano: 60.34%
Crankbrothers: 23.01%
Time: 6.38%
HT: 2.93%
Nukeproof: 2.00%
Other: 1.26%
Look: 1.20%
Xpedo: 0.63%
DMR: 0.51%
Funn: 0.47%
Ritchey: 0.29%
Mavic: 0.19%
Wellgo: 0.17%
Azonic: 0.13%
Bebop: 0.05%
Powerplay: 0.01%

What brand of flat pedals do you currently use? (Top 50 brands)

OneUp Components: 14.82%
Race Face: 11.9%
Crankbrothers: 11.46%
DMR: 9.17%
Deity: 7.43%
Other: 6.66%
Nukeproof: 5.15%
Chromag: 5.04%
Shimano: 3.62%
Burgtec: 2.59%
Kona: 2.39%
Spank: 2.33%
HT: 1.98%
Bontrager: 1.45%
Hope: 1.36%
Specialized: 1.06%
Pedaling Innovation: 0.95%
Wellgo: 0.86%
Canfield: 0.81%
ANVL: 0.72%
Superstar: 0.72%
Blackspire: 0.49%
On-One: 0.47%
VP Components: 0.47%
Xpedo: 0.45%
Funn: 0.42%
Straitline: 0.38%
Sixpack: 0.32%
Azonic: 0.30%
Tenet: 0.25%
Yoshimura: 0.23%
NS Bikes: 0.20%
NC-17: 0.19%
NRG: 0.18%
Reverse Components: 0.18%
Atomlab: 0.17%
45nrth: 0.16%
Alpha: 0.15%
Answer: 0.15%
Dartmoor: 0.14%
Forte: 0.14%
WTB: 0.14%
Tag Metals: 0.13%
e*thirteen: 0.12%
Kore: 0.12%
Acros: 0.11%
Fire Eye: 0.11%
Odyssey: 0.11%
Truvativ: 0.11%
Syntace: 0.10%

It's not a huge surprise to see Shimano and its legendary SPD system dominate the clipless rankings but things are spread a bit more evenly among the flat pedal brands. OneUp Components is the most popular but Race Face and Crankbrothers also secure more than 10% of the vote each. Just 11 pairs of pedals had to be recorded to make it into the top 50.

Which brand of handlebar are you currently using on your primary mountain bike? (Top 50 brands)

Race Face: 16.69%
Other: 13.50%
Renthal: 8.77%
OneUp Components: 7.69%
Deity: 4.83%
Specialized: 4.83%
Bontrager: 4.82%
Chromag: 4.72%
Spank: 3.31%
Nukeproof: 2.96%
Enve: 2.54%
Giant: 2.27%
Santa Cruz: 2.16%
Easton: 1.81%
Syncros: 1.59%
Burgtec: 1.58%
Truvativ: 1.42%
PNW: 1.23%
Kona: 1.04%
ANVL: 0.85%
SQ Labs: 0.80%
FSA: 0.68%
Funn: 0.68%
Answer: 0.59%
Ritchey: 0.59%
Salsa: 0.58%
Thomson: 0.53%
Sixpack: 0.44%
Pro: 0.42%
Kore: 0.40%
Joystick: 0.38%
We Are One Composites: 0.36%
WTB: 0.36%
Syntace: 0.34%
Pro Taper: 0.33%
Acros: 0.31%
e*thirteen: 0.30%
Hope: 0.26%
Crank Brothers: 0.24%
3T: 0.22%
DMR: 0.21%
Newmen: 0.20%
Azonic: 0.17%
NS Bikes: 0.17%
Box Components: 0.16%
Niner: 0.16%
Reverse Components: 0.16%
Tag Metals: 0.16%
Fasst: 0.15%
Atomlab: 0.12%

RaceFace is the only brand to feature on the bikes of more than 10% of bikes, which is no surprise as it's a popular OEM option. This is also an area where brands will often spec an in-house bar and this shows in our results too with Specialized, Giant and Santa Cruz, some of the most popular frame brands, featuring highly. 20 bars needed to be registered in the survey to feature in the Top 50.

What is the bar width of your current primary mountain bike?

Less than 700mm: 1.71%
700mm: 1.20%
710mm: 1%
720mm: 3.14%
730mm: 1.17%
740mm: 3.72%
750mm: 3.96%
760mm: 15.38%
770mm: 6.50%
780mm: 32.85%
790mm: 2.65%
800mm: 18.57%
810mm: 0.87%
Over 810mm: 0.87%
I don't know: 5.89%

Which brand of grips are you currently using on your primary mountain bike? (Top 50 brands)

ODI: 16.72%
Ergon: 15.42%
DMR: 7.26%
Other: 7.10%
Deity: 6.46%
Race Face: 4.26%
ESI: 4.24%
PNW: 3.39%
Lizard Skin: 3.34%
Specialized: 2.97%
Chromag: 2.78%
Bontrager: 2.46%
Sensus: 2.01%
OneUp Components: 1.84%
Oury: 1.66%
Santa Cruz: 1.55%
Revolution Suspension: 1.45%
Renthal: 1.28%
Burgtec: 1.26%
Giant: 0.98%
Nukeproof: 0.95%
Wolf Tooth: 0.90%
Syncros: 0.66%
Kona: 0.59%
Fabric: 0.55%
Pivot: 0.52%
SRAM: 0.51%
SQ Labs: 0.48%
Crank Brothers: 0.46%
WTB: 0.46%
Troy lee Designs: 0.41%
SDG: 0.36%
Easton: 0.31%
Evil: 0.31%
Spank: 0.28%
Yeti: 0.24%
Ritchey: 0.22%
Supacaz: 0.22%
Cannondale: 0.21%
Answer: 0.17%
Funn: 0.17%
3T: 0.16%
ATI: 0.16%
Hope: 0.16%
Shimano: 0.16%
Sixpack: 0.14%
Acros: 0.13%
Azonic: 0.13%
Box Components: 0.13%
Cult: 0.13%

Grips are one of the first things that tend to get swapped out on any bike so this is a category where we could be seeing what a mountain biker chooses to run rather than what a product manager specs on a bike. ODI and Ergon are closely matched at the top of the table with DMR coming in as best of the rest.

Do you use a dropper post on your primary mountain bike?

Yes: 88.07%
No: 11.93%

Which brand of dropper are you currently using on your primary mountain bike?

RockShox: 15.81%
Fox: 14.29%
OneUp Components: 11.42%
KS: 9.41%
PNW: 4.33%
Other: 4.04%
X Fusion: 3.61%
Race Face: 2.99%
Specialized: 2.83%
Giant: 2.66%
Crankbrothers: 2.16%
e*thirteen: 1.62%
SDG: 1.01%
Thomson: 0.95%
Gravity Dropper: 0.59%
Magura: 0.41%
DVO: 0.26
Vecnum: 0.24%
Marzocchi: 0.23%
Yep Components: 0.20%
FSA: 0.19%
Tag Metals: 0.15%
DNM: 0.13%
Nukeproof: 0.13%
Easton: 0.11%
DSP: 0.07%
Maverick: 0.07%

Nearly all of us now have dropper posts on our bikes now and we're assuming those that don't are mainly running downhill or dirt jump bikes as our primary bikes. We imagine that RockShox was once dominant in this market with the Reverb but it looks like there's a far broader spread of brands now providing droppers on bikes. RockShox is still top of the tree but Fox and OneUp aren't far behind.

What percentage of your maintenance or repairs do you have done at your local bike shop?

I do all of my own repairs: 34.33%
Less than 25% of the time: 35.70%
25-49% of the time: 11.78%
50-74% of the time: 8.96%
75-99% of the time: 6.87%
100% of the time: 2.35%

Is there a bike part that you can't get that you currently want or need?

Yes: 41.68%
No: 58.32%

What bike part can't you currently get that you want or need?

Cassette: 23.55%
Chain: 23.55%
Tires: 22.85%
Complete Bike: 21.82%
Derailleur: 21.22%
Brakes: 19.56%
Wheels / wheel parts: 19.27%
Fork: 15.86%
Brake Pads: 14.66%
Other: 13.65%
Dropper post: 12.08%
Frame: 11.32%
Cranks: 11.09%
Shock: 10.94%
Apparel: 8.72%
Saddle: 7.93%
Grips: 7.89%
Handlebar: 6.82%
Stem: 4.77%
Tubes: 2.31%
Tire sealant: 1.90%
Derailleur cable: 1.50%

The bike industry shortages have been well-publicized but they are currently affecting less than half of you. The most difficult items to source seem to be drivetrains parts as cassettes, chains and derailleurs all feature highly in our survey. Other wear items such as tires and brake pads are also high on the list. More than a fifth of you are also struggling to get a complete bike at the moment so it seems bike brands are struggling to get stock as much as the rest of us are struggling to get replacements and spares. Hopefully, these numbers will have decreased when we repeat the survey next year.

So there you have it, our Specialized Enduro from yesterday's article can be specced with your most popular parts for what sounds like a pretty sweet build. Maybe if we can get our hands on all these parts we'll get the Most Pinkbike Bike built up and put it through its paces. Watch this space for that but in the mean time we'll do the full data dump shortly so you can dig into the numbers yourselves.

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  • 86 1
 I feel alot of these aren't actually down to choice. They just come fitted on the complete bike the rider chose to buy.
  • 15 0
 Agreed. It would be interesting to ask people which parts they bought individually as opposed to came on a complete bike. Also interested in if there are particular parts people look for on complete bikes. I definitely chose my old complete patrol gx partly because of the code rsc brakes and the fox performance elite suspension.
  • 18 0
 I also feel that because most people just use the Sram and Shimano, or Fox and Rockshox parts that come stock, they never figure out how good any of the other smaller brands are.
  • 11 2
 @Boxmtb: I wanna try DVO suspension on my next bike. I have heard good things.
  • 3 0
 I agree. How many people will change bars let alone suspension, dropper, wheels or group set.
  • 2 0
 Been months and I still can’t get the brakes I want
  • 2 0
 True I have changed to a Formula fork and brakes, they are excellent
  • 3 0
 You will be glad!@carbking:
  • 2 0
 @carbking: Their stuff is great. Rider owned, too.
  • 3 1
 What's the point when the parts you have are already too good for your skill level. I'd love to have full custom suspension at my fingertips but realistically I'm more then happy on the fox and rockshox I already own and don't see the benefit of experimenting with small brands especially when you have brands like bright releasing finicky forks.
  • 1 0
 I specifically bought my current because it came with Ohlins, which I wanted. Also changed droppers (stock sucked), drivetrain (stock was obviously specced for a price point) and wheels (because I broke them).

So I think the question is more how many people swap parts on bikes they plan to keep, vs bikes they ride a season and move on from.
  • 46 0
 I like how this whole breakdown of what the Most Pinkbike Bike would be and it is turning out to almost be a stock Stumpjumper Evo
  • 23 1
 Anyone would think specialised do market research and know what people want
  • 3 0
 I have one and it’s pretty hard to beat. Amazing performance and value.
  • 1 0
 Only thing I don’t like about mine is the silly 34.9 seat post, almost feels like shopping for a proprietary shock
  • 3 0
 @DizzyNinja: PNW make the loam dropper in 34.9
  • 1 0
 @DizzyNinja: u can pick up shims for a couple dollars. I use a 30.9 in a 34.9 with a problem solver shim, no issues
  • 1 0
 I just swapped from a shimmed Fox dropper to a PNW dropper last night. 34.9 actually gives you MORE options to choose from.
  • 1 0
 I have this and completely agree, it’s the perfect do it all bike. You can take it anywhere!
  • 2 0
 But they were all of them decided, for not enough Specialized EVOs were created
  • 39 0
 Why wasn’t the BikeYoke dropper listed? Mine have been absolutely trouble free for more than two years. As in not even needing to bleed them. Amazing performance.
  • 18 0
 Agree, there must be more BikeYoke droppers than "Tag Metals" right?
  • 7 0
 Not including the Best Dropper Ever Made can only be cluelessness, or a lie of omission.

Either way, I’m offended!
  • 4 0
 I had same question. Ironically enough I have owned both Tag and Bike Yoke droppers. Not a surprise, but Bike Yoke is best dropper compared to any other. Smooove and maintenance free!
  • 6 0
 @Geochemistry: this whole time I thought Other was a brand.. they were doing so well in all these polls
  • 1 0
 Surprised me too. Bike Yoke has to be the best in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance, which were my top priorities in a dropper post (what else really matters on dropers?). The only other post I've ever heard of being nearly as reliable is the Thompson. If this poll taught me anything, it's that my tastes in bike parts (aside from my RS fork) are apparently very obscure. Hello Pilgrips!
  • 21 0
 "Nearly everyone is now running tubeless but only a third of respondents are choosing to use tire inserts. We wonder if it's the cost, weight or added faff that's putting the rest off", its all of those but mostly a general lack of necessity.
  • 2 0
 Agreed. Sometimes I think inserts would be nice (after I dent a rim mostly), but then it just gets too hard once I start looking and I CBF’d and go ride.
  • 1 0
 To me tire inserts are a must. Since I put inserts in my tires I save a ton of money in tires & rims.I had 0 problems,swap tires when toasted,that´s it. I could buy a new bike only with the money I spend in broken tires,rims & labor over the years.
  • 2 0
 Yes! Most of the guys I ride with use inserts of one sort or another, while I and one or two others do not, and there is absolutely no difference in any measurable metric. One guy who flats seemingly every other ride runs inserts, and another insert rider has destroyed more rims than any of us. I understand the theory of inserts, sand guys who swear by them believe that they are valuable for them, but I question that value, especially when you consider the hassle and weight. Curious how they became so popular.
  • 14 0
 These people still using tubes either like to roll the dice or have graduated Jedi school and simply use the force.
  • 3 10
flag naptime FL (Nov 26, 2021 at 10:31) (Below Threshold)
 Or they don't like tyre burps
  • 1 3
 I'm running Schwalbe/Syntace ProCore front and rear. It doesn't work without a tube. On my spare rear wheel I use Tannus Armour so that's an insert and a tube but no sealant as then I can just keep it ready and spare without worrying about the sealant aging.

Not sure about the dice thing so that implies I must be a Jedi knight indeed.
  • 1 1
 DH baby!
  • 1 1
 @vinay: So procore is designed for tubeless, but doesn't actually work with tubeless?
  • 2 3
 If you run 35-40 psi there is no reason to run tubeless.
  • 8 0
 @NoahJ: I feel like I could poke a hole in your theory
  • 2 1
 I've used latex tubes for many years,almost never puncture..1,8-2 bar,regular trailriding..guess I'm a total ninja
  • 1 0
 @boozed: You need a tubeless compatible tire, rim, rimtape and sealant. You could call the blue inner tire an insert but you need a tube in there for it to work. So in a way I could say it ticks all boxes. But as "tubeless" is defined by what it has not, it isn't tubeless. You need a tube in blue inner tire.

@lenniDK: Yeah, before I started riding with ProCore, I used the green Michelin latex tubes. I still use them inside the Tannus Armour. They allow for more strain so don't puncture as easily when they get poked. Plus they're easier to patch as they don't have the silly ridges that butyl tubes somehow seem to need. That said though, I'm running 0.9bar in my front tire and 1.2bar in the rear (with 5bar in the tube). I would never be able to do that just running tubes or regular tubeless (which I noticed when I accidentally rode with the ProCore tube deflated). I need something to push the tire and rim beads together. Tannus Armour is even more weird as the sidewalls remain flexible but it stiffens the running surface. So even though it feels firm at low pressures it moves really weird when hitting off-chamber corners hard. I can't use that below 1.8bar. But I don't blame that on the latex tube.
  • 1 0
 These days, I RARELY see a wet spot on my tires from sealing a hole anymore with DD or equivalent tires. I'm still tubeless on everything except my roadie, but I can imagine getting away with tubes with the right tire.
  • 1 0
 @vinay: So we're splitting hairs...
  • 1 0
 @boozed: Ehm, I just answered your question. You need some tubeless compatible components as mentioned in my first sentence so yes, it does work with (and actually needs) tubeless stuff.
  • 16 0
 Maxxis 69.99% - Nice
  • 13 0
 Please take a pink Enduro frame so it can actually be the most Pink Pinkbike Bike
  • 10 0
 2.67% on WRO wheels….based on that pretty sure about 50% of peeps claiming their the best in comment section haven’t actually owned or tried em
  • 1 2
 Or not everyone responded to the data mine
  • 10 0
 Are the numbers a "these amps go to 11" type thing with the percentages going above 100?
We're stoked to be on the list but the tires add up to 126.6%
  • 4 0
 I guess some riders have different tires front and back. *shiver*
  • 7 0
 These numbers are largely dictated by OEM spec. Is there some value in the information? Maybe. But not as a reflection of the preferences of PinkBike community.
  • 1 0
 Perhaps the PB “community” most often picks a stock bike and sticks with it?
  • 2 0
 Agree I'm surprised Suntour forks and shocks didn't rank higher given the billions that come stock.
  • 7 1
 Go DVO!!! OEM or aftermarket. They got up into 3rd! They deserve it!
  • 2 0
 Yeah, for sure. Great RIDER-OWNED product & company!
  • 1 0
 watch Ohlins over the next 3-4 years. going to go eat a whole load of Fox and SRAM lunch!
  • 3 0
 So this is a "what parts came on your stock bike" survey? Without knowing what people are buying as changes/upgrades/full builds you can't really call this preference based information and it's pretty misleading.
  • 2 0
 My bike is for the most part, mine. Most of my build is ranked in the 2-3% of people who responded and what they are using. Other bits, tires for example, are majority. Interesting to see, and cool to know I won't likely find bike a twin out there!
  • 3 0
 @jamessmurthwaite . I may have missed it, but how many people responded to this survey? Without this context the full meaning of the results can't be grasped.
  • 2 0
 It says nearly 1000 respondents use Magura brakes which is 5.16%. You do the math. I could do it but we're already too deep into the weekend. It takes you another hour to get where we are now. Good luck. If it doesn't work out, hand it to those in the Americas. Cheers!
  • 6 0
 @vinay: 1000 / 0.0516 = 19,380
  • 1 0
 I'm musing, since I don't have enough information about how bike MFG's stock parts.

As others have noted, we buy and use the parts supplied with our bikes. What's preventing companies from stocking bikes with different components? Would consumers pass by a bike with a Suntour or Manitou fork for instance? Not if it was cheaper they wouldn't.

The fork / shock and drivetrain markets need some serious competition too.
  • 5 0
 I think a lot of people would pass on a complete with SR Suntour *just because* the price is lower. People tend to make a direct correlation between price and quality, even if it's not fair or accurate.

I've got a Durolux, I would buy one again.
  • 9 0
 @AndrewHornor: A suntour bike with wireless electronic lockout took Olympic gold and we have heard nothing about it in the last 5 months. What are both the employees of Suntour doing?
  • 1 0
 @AndrewHornor: furthermore I don't even think it would be that much cheaper. If one bike brand orders like 1000 suntours they are probably a similar price like a rockshox fork that gets ordered by multiple bike brands 10000 times each.
  • 2 0
 @Pussyslayer: That's quite a username btw.

The smaller brands should offer low prices to get in the door. Consumers would bite at a 10-15% savings.
  • 4 0
 @njcbps: It probably means something completely different in Austrian German
  • 1 0
 @njcbps: and yet the basic concept of economies of scale is exactly why small companies can’t compete with the big guys on price. And even if they could match price, they don’t have the means to provide enough to fulfill big brand needs.
  • 1 0
 @SprSonik: SR Suntour is not a small company. Their consumer facing brand has tiny market share within MTB, but if I understand correctly, they do most of the bike suspension manufacturing in the world. Someone please correct me if that's wrong
  • 2 0
 @AndrewHornor: The most resent information I found on that is that they ended production for other brands completely and 100% manufactur for Suntour. But another interesting thing I found was:
"Unlike other bicycle component manufacturers, Suntour did not charge what the market would bear, but instead charged a price that covered costs of production plus a small profit markup."
So for example their derailleur did cost half of a shimano derailleur. And for the last decade their quality and functionality stands on par with other brands.

I guess cheaper prices ain't what customers want. How often did I see complete beginners buying the top models with kashima and 4 button thingies because they think everything less expensive must to be unrideable crap..
  • 1 0
 @Pussyslayer: thanks for the info
  • 3 0
 The drivetrain section could be improved by removing the "eagle" options and adding Shimano Deore. Good job on these articles! Very interesting! Thanks
  • 1 0
 Seems a little forced bias by breaking the SRAM up by 12 speed or not, but keeping the Shimano count as one. No?
  • 1 0
 Maxxis 69.99%,wow!. Maxxis in OEM is huge,many bike come stock with Maxxis tires and the Assegai is the best overall tire by far. Now it is hard to find them and you can see more variety of brands. Specialized tires are available everywhere and many people try them,I had an Assegai/Butcher combo for months and it is really good.
  • 3 3
 I'm confused...41% is less than half.

"The bike industry shortages have been well-publicized and are currently affecting more than half of you."
"Is there a bike part that you can't get that you currently want or need?"
Yes: 41.68%
No: 58.32%
  • 6 0
 Good catch on that brain fart, thanks!
  • 1 0
 @jamessmurthwaite: Wow, that was a quick fix! Nice. Smile
  • 1 1
 Delayed availability, having to find alternate sources, or paying more are also impacts of supply chain shortages. It is easy to expect that while 41% can’t get what they want, at least 9% are having to search, scour, pay more.
  • 1 1
 @SprSonik: Go beat the dead horse somewhere else.
  • 5 0
 Maxxis, 69%... nice.
  • 1 0
 I think it is the biggest win in the survey.
  • 1 1
 Could be really interesting to sort this again by "built" bikes and completes. We may assume nobody would ever buy a non-AXS Reverb on purpose, but is that actually true? Are Hayes Dominions as popular on builds as I think they are?
  • 3 0
 Nice work OneUp! Strong representation in pedals, droppers and handlebars.
  • 1 0
 Aren't Curnutt and Foes shocks the same thing? That would mean almost as many people rocking old Foes shocks as there are on RST... Also Marzocchi isn't the same thing as Fox for the old skool fans out there
  • 1 0
 Loved CushCore when the shop installed it when i bought it, stopped using it after the first tire change. Its nice no doubt, from a peace of mind and improved ride quality standpoint. But IMO not worth the effort.
  • 1 0
 How rare Mavic has become in wheels is amazing. They were the brand in wheels 10 years ago. The same thing can be said for OneUp in flat pedals and other components. I don't remember even hearing of OneUp 5 years ago.
  • 2 0
 I can't believe Microshift Avent/AdventX is not on the drivetrain list. They have come as OE on bikes from Specialized, Marin, Vitus and more.
  • 2 0
 15.81% of people put up with Reverbs..wow! (For the record I am one of them lol)
  • 3 0
 I feel there should have been a separate category for people who have upgraded or replaced broken parts or built their own from frame up; vs those who have just described their (nearly) stock bikes.
  • 1 0
 Funny, the only Reverb I owned, that I bought aftermarket, never had a problem. As far as I know it is still working 5 years later on my ex GF's bike (granted, she doesn't ride a lot I don't think).
  • 1 0
 OOPS -> posted to the wrong place!! "Seems a little forced bias by breaking the SRAM up by 12 speed or not, but keeping the Shimano count as one. No?"
  • 1 0
 I'd be more interested if PB built the 50th most popular bike with the 50th most popular parts...then put it up against the grim doughnut. That could be fun!
  • 2 0
 where was Bikeyoke in the dropper choices Frown
  • 4 5
 Kind of shocked show many people use flat pedals. Clip-in pedals, like tubeless, disc brakes, dropper posts, modern geo are tech I am so grateful for....and they have made biking more enjoyable.
  • 13 0
 Riding 5/10s (or other sticky rubber shoes) with good flats like the oneups is definitely tech that has improved the riding experience.

You’re very connected to the bike this way, almost as much as being clipped in; but have the option of dropping a foot, or ditching the bike when things get really rowdy.

It’s just more fun. Give it a go
  • 4 0
 There’s about 10 riders in my main riding circle only and one uses clips. The other 9 never touch clipless pedals. Although that said, we are mostly gravity based. Even at larger bike parks I see almost 100% flat pedal riders.
  • 7 1
 @bravefart: while i agree on 5/10 with oneups(i have this combo and love it)
i find it extremely hard to lift my foot up and off a pedal to "dab or whatever" where as with clips i can just rotate my ankle and flick it out.
i ride both and switch often but when things get gnarly as im 100% on clips im more confident when i can stay on the bike than that "instant" disconnect you can get on flats.
  • 2 0
 @BigballmcCall: this is interesting. Almost all DH racers use clips (pretty much all racing is dominated by clips), so it’s not the gravity aspect that keeps flats alive. Is it just because it’s more chilled out and less racing?
Honestly asking as someone who’s been riding clips for over 20 years for all riding.
  • 5 0
 @Mike-Jay: yeah flats aren’t usually quite as fast, (unless you’re Sam Hill), but I think you’re better balanced on them .

Managing a bike in the air on flats is pretty different to being clipped in, and requires more awareness. But you’ll develop better habits IMO.

I think flats allow for a bit more style and flare when riding , they’re more fun. At least that’s my experience
  • 4 0
 Clips on my trail bike, flats on my FR,DJ and P'track rigs Clips for miles flats for smiles
  • 1 0
 I like flats because it's more fun and requires more technique to ride correctly. When I do swap back to clips for whatever reason I have the advantage of better form AND clips. Also, flats have the advantage for newer riders of being able to bail fast.
  • 2 0
 @Mike-Jay: for racing yes. For playing it’s flats. Probably stated with having to push your bike back up to session spots.
  • 2 0
 @BigballmcCall: and that's just the thing......lots of us find joy in 10/10 riding! going balls out through gnarly tech is what I call fun. and so....clipped'n, locked'n, send'n....
  • 2 1
 The only time I will ever be apart of “the 1%” is when I spend too much money that I don’t have on a carbon wheel set.
  • 1 0
 get to work, learn a skill, focus and find a niche......come join us! #1%ers
  • 2 0
 is it really that hard to find a chain?
  • 1 0
 Not if you run KMC
  • 1 0
 Nothing available on Jensons website. But I found a ton on the shelf at the store. So I'm wondering how many people just struggle finding parts online without walking into a store.
  • 1 0
 i have a stack of XO1 and XX1 chains. I saw this shit coming
  • 2 0
 I wonder how many people make up results just to screw up Outsider.
  • 1 0
 These surveys need to account for N+1 where every bike is a primary bike......
  • 2 0
 Majority of us running flats wassup
  • 2 0
 Ayee flats for the win! Did not expect that one
  • 1 0
 impressed at the dedication to swapping chains and cassettes at exact intervals
  • 1 0
 Only clicked to see if that was a penis or a pedal. Swear, furries are taking over PB these days.
  • 1 0
 We are missing the question "what brand would you never use even if component was free due to previous experience with it?"
  • 1 0
 These surveys are incredibly tedious, but I LOVE Taj's illustration for this. "Pole constrictor" Genius! Hahaha
  • 1 0
 At least now we know how the market is split between brands.
  • 2 0
 Maxxis 69% niiiiice
  • 2 1
 The best components, are any components not on a YT.
  • 3 4
 Can we please call them clipless
  • 1 2
 right? changing the name because all the kids forget their roots is pointless. They will always be clipless to me, but then I rode clip pedals back in the day…
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