Pinkbike Awards: Advocacy

Feb 4, 2015
by Rachelle Frazer Boobar  
For cyclists, advocacy appears in many incarnations. From the local trailbuilder who toils on their own dime and time for the love of it, to local mountain bike clubs who have the hard conversations with governing bodies to make things happen. With so many people, groups and organisations heralding our cause, who do we choose? After all, advocates are chasing the same simple goal: to develop awareness and progress our sport. With countless outlets nursing the culture of cycling it was difficult to pick a winner for this award because at the end of the day, everyone's intentions are just plain good.

Pinkbike MTB Awards
Advocacy Group of the Year

People for Bikes

People for Bikes
  The Virginia Association for Parks recieved $10,000 in funding in 2014 for the re-development of the Pocahontas State Park in 2014.

This years Advocacy Award goes to People for Bikes, a US based coalition and Foundation that provides a united front for cycling in the country. Since 1999 the group has leveraged more than $654 million in federal, state, and private funding. They contribute to many national groups and programs to make cycling better for both adults and children and have granted funds to all sorts of developmental projects across the country.

"2014 was a big year for PeopleForBikes," says Kate Powlison, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at People for Bikes. "After more than four years of outreach to individual bicyclists, we finally reached our goal of one million riders united. We also awarded 36 community grants, leveraging $22.5 million in bike funding. Those grants included a few mountain bike projects, like the Beach and Peach Urban Bike Park in Florida, the Richmond Regional Ride Center in Virginia, and the Andres Bike Park in Chicago. We also helped launch four major-city bike sharing systems and helped catalyze a 4x increase in the number of protected bike lanes since 2010."

People for Bikes
  In 2014, People for Bikes, saw a 4x increase in the number of protected bike lanes built since 2010.

And that's really only the surface of it. Allow us to boggle your mind for a moment and look at the numbers that People for Bikes posted in 2014.

• 36 - grants awarded in 2014, a total of $430,340.
• $824,761 – total direct cash support for other national bike nonprofits, grants, and event sponsorships in 2014, including IMBA.
• $22.5 million - bike funding leveraged by our 2014 grants.
• 4x - increase in the number of protected bike lanes since 2010.
• 7 - different ads in our Travel with Care safety campaign.
• 27- states PeopleForBikes events crews visited in 2014, attending more than 70 events and reaching more than 433,000 people.
• 29,000 - trails, paths and lanes built with the federal funding we’ve helped secure.
• $200 million to $800 million - increase in annual federal bike funding since 1999.
• 4 – major-city bike sharing programs we helped launch in 2014.

bigquotesWe're uniting millions of individuals, thousands of businesses and hundreds of communities to make riding better for everyone. Whether you want to safely ride to work, comfortably cruise around with family, or pedal some trails without driving far from home, we are working to make your ride even better. - Kate Powlison, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at People for Bikes

So, when you make that kind of progress in one year, what sort of cycling domination does a group like People for Bikes plan for the future?

In 2015, "We’re working towards our goals of 5x. By 2025, we want the total number of annual bike rides that Americans make to grow from 4 billion (the current figure) to 20 billion. That’s 5X. Better bike infrastructure and safer, more appealing riding conditions will make this happen. As part of that 5X growth, we envision five times the mileage of singletrack riding to be available and a 5X leap in the number of bike parks that provide dirt riding options for kids and kids-at-heart."

The group currently only works state side, but registration is open to anyone around the world who wants to add their name to the movement in support of better riding. To get involved you can check out people for Bikes' mountain bike grants, local groups, bike shops, and other activities in your state at Additionally to stay updated and to get involved in your area add your name for free at


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 most important award. for sure
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 Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (in Washington) is another really awesome group that has helped with opening up trails to mountain bikers and building mountain bike trails too, so shout out to them!
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 This. Evergreen is the largest single-state MTB foundation in the country. I was just in Olympia lobbying for them today.
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 Good people doing good things
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 Wow, impressive resume. Would be nice to have something like this in Canada.
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 This award is an amazing idea - there are innumerable potential nominees in this small area of BC alone, and I'm sure it would be very difficult choosing a winner. From my personal list, this could include SORCA and/or Dream Wizards, Burns Lake Mountain Biking Association, Williams Lake Cycling Club and Ride the Cariboo, and (from what I've heard) the folks in Cumberland making it happen. Most of the individuals behind the scene that work to strengthen the bike community go largely unrecognized - at least throw them a high-five and some beverages when you see them!
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 Thanks for the "Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium (Ride The Cariboo)" shout-out Liam! I agree, great idea and so many worthy potential nominees.
A huge thanks to all advocates of MTB'ing!
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 A great idea to promote this kind of award,
As the effect is so regional perhaps you could dish out a few more awards by region to spread the good will/encouragemenrt?
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 Awesome. Bike advocacy is really picking up. Even antibike NY state is making strides.
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 Who were the nominnees?
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 If you help dig, you are a HuGE EFFin Winner!!!
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 "The world needs to be covered in bikes. I want happy people on bikes." Gary Fisher
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 Glad to see groups like this in the US! Really shows the good side of this country in the biking world!
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 Comments thread really blowing up on this article.

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