Pinkbike Awards: Downhill Bike of the Year

Jan 20, 2015
by Mike Levy  
With a singleminded focus on either allowing a rider to get down the hill as fast as possible, or in some cases to go as big as possible, downhill bikes have to be considered the F1 cars of our little two-wheeled world. Yes, enduro racing is making trail and all-mountain bikes more competent and well rounded, but there's something about an eight-inch travel machine that weighs in under 35 pounds and delivers so much traction, stability, and confidence that you can get away with anything. Our nominees for 2014 take those traits to the next level, and I don't see how any of the five would ever hold back even the most solid of riders and racers. Despite that fact, there can only be one winner, and you might not be too surprised to find out what bike gets the nod...

Pinkbike MTB Awards
Downhill Bike of the Year

2014 Santa Cruz V10

Santa Cruz V10
  Santa Cruz's V10 tops a lot of riders' list of dream bikes.

This year's award for Pinkbike's Downhill Bike of the Year goes to Santa Cruz for their all conquering V10. Santa Cruz was one of the last companies to introduce a 'tweener wheeled downhill bike to the World Cup race circuit, and while I can sympathize with those who want to hear about the switch to mid-sized wheels about as much as they want to have a root canal just for shits and giggles, the fact that Santa Cruz finally went that direction is noteworthy simply because the 26'' wheeled machine is the most successful World Cup race bike out there. And I can't overstate how its reliability and all around performance on pretty much any type of track makes it a favorite with everyone from local pros, weekend club racers, to park rats who just want a bike that will let them have fun without worrying if it'll last a summer of uplifts.

The 2014 V10 is the most evolved model of the many 26'' wheeled incarnations of the design, and Josh Bryceland, everyone's favorite racer/bike hooligan, used one to take a second place at the Cairns World Cup race this year, and then followed it up with his first ever win at Leogang. It seems as though Josh liked the taste of champagne, because he had a few more solid sips of winner's juice as the year went on and he got aboard the brand new, 27.5'' wheeled V10. And then came Norway, with the huck heard 'round the world being the only thing standing between Josh and what was surely going to be a victory.

by Bartek Wolinski
  Bryceland on his way to victory in Leogang.

Santa Cruz has never really done model years that are set in stone, and the latest V10 that Josh raced actually became available at some local bikes shops as early as December, meaning that consumers could get on the new bike in short order. It's likely a safe bet that the new bike, with its larger wheels, is going to allow riders to go even faster, but, being a 2015 model year bike and us not having put any proper time on it means that it's not up to take the DH BOTY win. That said, Santa Cruz's 2014 V10 is not just a formidable race bike but also an all around badass that's a class leader in pretty much any category that matters, and it looks like that trend will continue in 2015.

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  • 344 25
 i wanted to get a brand new santa cruz v10 but i got a car and a motorcycle instead with the same amount of money
  • 51 19
 ^ this guy gets it. right on.
  • 104 32
 The new V10 starts at $5700. I'm not sure what type of car / motorcycle combo deal you can get for that price.
  • 59 6
 Comparing prices of a brand new world cup performance DH racing machine to the prices of second hand ma and pa performance machines probably won't make you feel like you're getting a bargain on a V10. Comparing it to an F1 car and a Supercross bike might though.
  • 129 2
 Would you expect a mere peasant to afford Sir Rattingtons mighty steed?
  • 27 16
 Walk up to anyone on the street and tell them you paid $6k for a bike and watch the reaction. My guess is Aaron Gwyn could whip most of the world on a $2k second hand bike. The skill is in the rider not the steed.
  • 20 10
 Yes, because the V10 is certainly as technologically advanced as a McLaren and a Factory-Edition 450SX-F...
  • 10 1
 With this logic I'm sure a used Hyundai Sonata and a beater Ninja 250 have the same relative performance in their genres.
  • 20 1
 When i tell people who don't ride how much i paid for my bike ($4000) the first thing they say is that they could buy a moto for that, cuz you can. My bike isn't top of the line and the moto for 4,000 would deff not be top of the line, but for what you get: bike with a motor etc. the moto seems like a better deal
  • 14 4
 ^ Of course it seems like a better deal, shit you can get a 51 tooth rear sprocket for a moto, thats a 1/4" thick, for less than a mtb chainring thats like probably 25-30% of the material to manufacture. Same thing with a chain, a brand new moto chain will run ya 100, an mtb is just cheaper, and again consists of probably around 20% of the material. Theres no sense to it.
  • 14 9
 Then buy a motor bike.
  • 5 0
 or you could buy the one I am selling in buy/sell and save a ton of money for a basically new V10... still, some motos cost that much, but hey, we like downhill bikes.
  • 7 2
 Theres a reasonable response, haha, just stating facts bud. Heres another, I love my 6k dh bike and dont care how much it cost!
  • 47 6
 Entry level MTB with disc brakes and OMG!! shockies front and rear!!! $599

Entry level dirtbike $3999

Over six times the price.

World cup level V10 ~$10K

James Stewart's FORKS rumoured to cost $60,000

Six times the price of a world cup ready V10 for the price of James Stewart's forks!
Even if you compare lesser levels of world class motos in the range of $40K, you're still looking at more than four times the price to be at the same level of performance in the respective genres.
  • 27 1
 who wants to play with a cheap toy? nobody. ever.
  • 99 1
 Let it go guys, we pay big money for what we love doing - a fringe sport. It does not make any pro rich, it does not impress girls. Accept the truth, this sport turn us in to broke, dirty, lonely hobos.
  • 90 0
 ^ with sick bikes.
  • 1 2
 +1 predicar
  • 1 1
 Hahaha shockies i liked that one. Kramster you make plenty of sense and i get where your coming from, i am just telling u from experience, what people compare the cost of bikes to. The fact of the matter is that people get suprised that you can buy something with a motor for the cost of a pedal bike. Personally, i would rather have my bikes cuz you don't have to put fuel into a bike and you can ride them anywhere, although im sure most of us would like to have both, the long term costs of motos are deff more than bikes.
  • 13 0
 And that entry level yamaha mentioned above is all 80's technology. Air cooled, carburated standard right side up fork, nothing like the nice newer baseline bikes like this one:
A modern base model motor bike is nearly $9000. No more bitching about motorcycles being cheaper. They are not. Comparing the old yamaha above you might as well compare it to your dad's childhood schwinn. and even that is $4000 US.

Then go buy motorcycle gear and see if that is all cheaper too. Then buy a new rear tire for your motorcycle.
  • 4 0
 Taletotell did you look at the $600 clapped out "new" bike that kramster used as an example? That thing looks like it would fall apart as soon as it hits a rock. People are just saying that you CAN buy a moto for how much we spend on a bike, nobody said it would be any where near top of the line moto, its all relative.
  • 1 0
 ^so true. tried to sneak my kiddo on a 50cc and get myself a 250cc playbike. so we ended up at a bmx track. haha. moto is so good for you, though!
  • 6 0
 It is true. My 79 honda xr 500r was $175 including the new grips and carb rebuild kit, but when you are talking about things you can buy for the money we spend on bikes it loses relevance. Who cares if I can buy 100+ bags of diapers for the price of a bike. Diapers aren't my thing. If people are saying it is better value for money to buy a motor bike then they should probably do that, but why would they be on this site? I am just not that into motorcycles. They are fun, but not worth my little bit of spare time. i have ridden dirt bikes for maybe five hours in the last year. I have spent over 200 hours on my bike. Why would anyone who prefers mtb think a motorcycle was a better buy?
  • 1 0
 Very true I might say as a 14.5 FE owner
  • 3 1
 So KmayHD, you can get big chunky moto parts for less than small, refined MTB parts? I guess there must be a manufacturer conspiracy to convince us that light and strong materials cost more than heavy and strong materials...
  • 2 0
 if we all have downhill bike's its because we can effort it and we also can effort it for a car and a motor bike..i have a car and YZ250 and 3 DH bikes but i work it for all of it...when you like something you work hard to get it..i spend 10x more money on my bikes then i spend on my 250 lol that's not normal Razz
  • 1 1
 He's sort of right. New, hell no, but you could probably get a halfway decent car and bike for $6000.
  • 5 0
 There's a good amount more people buying dirt bikes than high-end mountain bikes for starters
  • 2 0
 I know, I mean, it may be an anomoly here in Colorado where it's normal to have a $5000 bike on a $500 car, but that certainly isn't the norm elsewhere
  • 4 6
 Preach it preach. It don't matter what Bubba's fork is "rumoured" to cost & I sure do love the looks of that V-10, but it ain't no Stonedigga & it ain't no dirt bike & it ain't no car & you can get a mighty nice car for $5,000 that can do a hell of a lot more than an overpriced contraption like that thing. It's a f*cking bicycle. Put a gearbox in it & then maybe we can talk. Even an ol' shitty MX has 10X the technology in it that the most advanced bicycle does. $5,000-$10,000 & still has clunkity clunk derailleurs & shit. C'mon.

Arguing the value of this thing is like arguing the value of a Lambo or a Veyron when you can buy a 2000 HP street legal GTR for a fraction of the price that seats 4 & burns less gas. Your favorite DH guy puts down more or less the same run whether he rides the $2,000 version or the $20,000 one & Bubba does more or less the same run whether he rides the $6,000 fork or the $60,000 one. Deegan on his $50,000 mighty Metal Mulisha MX could never touch a 14 year old kid speedin' around on a little 125. Arbitrary & inflated price tags do nothing for you, but everything for the companies that sell you their junk.
  • 2 0
 THANK YOU!!! The rear suspension on those supercross bikes is insane as well... Basically everything is. The point is, you need to compare level to level to make a valid point.
  • 8 0
 @freeride-forever, Not to sound like I know a lot about the industry, because I don't, but I don't think you realize that bike companies spend a lot of money on r&d, at least any that are making anything nice really. That means groups of people working full-time whos job is to design or test new stuff. People want new technology and apparently there's a lot who can afford the nicest / lightest / newest products. The companies all have employees//buildings/pro riders/etc. to pay and they do that by selling bikes, or components. They're not going to make them cheap just because randoms view them as having less technology than a shitty mx bike. Mx bikes have been around for a long time and I would think the engine design has stayed relatively similar for a long time too. It's not like people are reinventing the engine every year they come out with a new model. Pretty sure iPhones have at least 10x more technology than mx bikes, yet somehow mx bikes don't cost 10x less? crazy huh?

Also, nobody cares whether or not you'd rather have a "mighty nice car" for 5 grand vs a new relatively high end mountain bike aka an "overpriced contraption" as you put it. Go buy your mighty nice car and stop complaining about high end bikes being expensive. People with money who ride and like nice shit are still going to buy them.

Hey, if you want an inexpensive v10 alternative you should be able to pick a 2004 v10 for a few hundred dollars. The technology's probably more or less the same, and you should be able to go more or less the same speed like you said right?
  • 3 1
 @bikesandfun "That means groups of people working full-time whos job is to design or test new stuff."
I am happy to test new stuff for free if it makes bikes are cheaper.
  • 1 2
 Soon the postorders bikes will available, just imagine when you can get Canyon and YT in the states & canada, that will for certain put pressure on certain bike companies. Just a matter of time.
  • 2 0
 @MendelMu I don't think so. You're living in EU, did you see any changes in prices since Canyon and YT are selling "cheap" mtb ?
anwser is no ; nothing changed, Lapierre bikes, Scott bikes CUBE bikes(etc...) cost the same price.
  • 3 0
 The real answer here the cost of developing and manufacturing mountain bikes. Who in the industry is a millionaire? Is there not competition? The $10k price tag is a measure of how much human effort it takes to develop, test, and construct a bike worth of the Rat. Santa Cruz doesn't make much off the v10s. Same will all the other top-tier bikes out there.

The direct to consumer brands (like YT and Fezzari, etc) are newcomers and have not spent untold amounts of money on R&D over the last few decades. They were able to take existing technologies and manufacturing processes to make their bikes. They do save a ton of money by doing direct to consumers, but lets face it every bike company can't do that, and it would be bad for the mtb industry and community if every single bike company switched over to that model.

Are bikes expensive? Yes. The real question is are they worth it.
  • 2 0
 When I complain about the cost of mountain bikes for the technology, don't let it be misconstrued. I certainly have and will continue spending lots of money on bicycles. But that doesn't mean the prices are justified. I guess I understand somewhat though. The big companies in the bicycle industry are not on the level of Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki when it comes to manufacturing. The giants of the motorcycle and automobile industries dwarf bicycle brands. They have a much larger capacity to produce. Other people may have touched on this subject, I was too lazy to read through all of the responses.
  • 1 0
 @zede, i guess it depends on how much market they will have. If they grow big enough it will effect companies to be more cost effective.
  • 2 2
 I bought a 2007 Specialized Sx trail 3 with a boxxer world cup off craigslist for $900. That was a $4500 bike in 2007. I rode my buddies brand new demo 8 last season and i could hardly tell any difference. The engineering really hasn't change enough for me to justify dropping $4k on a bike when i could take 3 trips to whistler for the same money...
  • 6 1
 There have been some very one sided price arguments. So here are some facts:

A WP mx shock costs $1375
A Fox DHX RC4 is $600

WP forks are $3000
Fox 40s are $1700

KTM has an engine, Santa Cruz does not.

KTM is made in Austria
Santa Cruz is made in Taiwan

A top of the line V10 is $10,800.
A top of the line KTM 450SX-F is $9,000.
A top of the line KTM 250SX is $7,200.

Pricewise, the bike is outrageous. BUT, you have to look at what else is going on. Bicycles are far more heavily reliant on carbon fiber to make them lighter. There are no carbon fiber frames, bars or cranks on any of the OEM dirt bikes. Remove the Enve's and it is already down to $8,800. Though I'd like to see some good suspension options, like BOS, and see what the price is, likely not that much change though.
The other factor is production. How many V10s are sold vs KTMs? You have to remember that KTM shares the same frame amongs all of its big bikes. From the 125 2-stroke MXer, to the 500 4-stroke trail bike. All the MX and trail bikes use the same general chassis with minor changes.

So is the price justified? Still seems high, but not outrageous. Maybe had DHWC been more focused on suspension performance than pedaling efficiency and low weight the downhill bikes would be so pricey. Also a lot seems to be spent on marketing and convincing everyone their specific suspension type (VPP, DW, Horst) is the best.
  • 2 0
 ^on point
  • 2 0
 actually it comes in at $10.199 for the 450 and $9,299 for the 250, according to cycleworld:
But your point is somewhat valid. The development costs for the KTM were way higher, but they are spread out over decades. A tweak here and there on an old design for 30 years means money.
Most of the development on the modern mtb is a decade old at most. The wheels, sealed bearings, the way the frames are built, the sizes and shapes of axles and pivot points, the dampers, all new.
If you could do a blind test on a ten year old mtb vs a modern one you'd notice a huge difference. Not so much with an mx bike.
  • 1 1
 Yes, I wasn't including the Factory Edition. That'd be more along the lines of comparing to a DVO edition. Any MX bike from Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki will be under $9k.

Another thing to mention, dirt bike frames are offered in one size, mountain bikes generally come in 3-5 different sized, which require different tube sets or molds.
  • 2 0
 I would say this would be the factory edition. There are cheaper builds than this, and what does the factory race team ride?
  • 101 3
 Was half expecting it to be the new Demo...
  • 62 1
 I see what you did there...
  • 5 3
 I sorta figured the Demo would win too, and was looking forward to once again critiquing It's too-low main pivot design, and the ensuing debate that would hopefully follow. Props to Pinkbike for not giving in to the hype of a poor design that might look visually better to some, but which is not in the same class as the V10 when it comes to performance. But part of me can't help wonder if the Devinci might have gotten more consideratIon had Steve Smith not been injured and instead had a dominating season. Oh well, maybe next year.
  • 2 13
flag tomtom80 (Jan 20, 2015 at 22:20) (Below Threshold)
 @gambler-fr-10 Probably Specialized didn't offer them as much money as Santa Cruz did ...
  • 1 0
 in order to avoid the court of pinkbike opinion they decided this year for once to not choose a Spesh.
  • 53 3
 Of course.
  • 14 2
 And they've already released an updated version, which seems to be even faster.. Well done, Santa Cruz.
  • 1 0
 But less travel IIRC, right?
  • 4 0
 the last incarnation has 2 seetings. 10 and 8.5 this one only has the one at 8.5
  • 3 1
 I was thinking the same thing.
  • 3 0
 Haha I guess it would have been a marketing disaster to call it the V8.5, who needs half a cylinder Smile V8 could have worked..
  • 8 5
 Ask people who ride the V10. I dont know anyone who runs it in 10 inch mode. I think it wasn't too popular so they got rid of it. That bike earns every accolade it gets. it really is amazing. That thing with an X0DH drivetrain and a charger boxxer is one wild ride.
  • 4 0
 I didn't even need to open the article..
  • 11 4
 TEN INCHES OR NOTHING! im still enraged at the loss of the 10" setting on the V TEN. sure you may all comment and say "but my friend only ever used the 8.5" setting" well, screw your friend, i want my ten inches of couch comfort back!
  • 9 0
 There may have been a seat clearance issue with the 650b wheel..
  • 6 8
 so... one more reason im not a fan of 650b.
  • 4 2
lucky for you your girlfriend doesn't feel that way Wink
For real though I am with you that dropping the travel seems silly. Didn't santa cruz used to have another 8" travel bike? Maybe that should be brought back instead?
  • 7 0
 ha jokes on you my girlfriend left me! oh wait. shit. yes it was called the driver 8. the nomad, driver 8 and v10 all had their places. now theyve made the nomad more capable for all around and the v10 just for racing. they need to come out with a park bike or bring back the bullit a little slacker.
  • 3 0
 I think they made the bronson more like the old nomad (all arounder) and made the nomad more capable and gravity oriented. My nomad 3 has 165/170 travel, has a slacker head angle and i think is faster/more capable than my old driver 8 with a boxxer. Not to mention ten pounds lighter. Im sure either the nomad or v.10 would make a great park bike
  • 3 0
 man you people claiming that the extra two inches saves your biscuits, have you tried it in 8" mode? The racers use 8" or they wouldn't have removed the 10" option. Ask yourself, are you doing something the WC racers aren't? Other than going not-as-large and not-as-fast?

tune the suspension correctly and you will find that 8" is plenty on that frame.
  • 2 2
 Ask yourself, are you doing something the WC racers aren't? Other than going not-as-large and not-as-fast?

I think the word we're looking for here is SMOOTH! The pros are not mere mortals....hell they can make your girlfriend leave you with their 8 inches...hehe
  • 2 0
 Suspension travel, as with most things, must be measured both in Quantity AND Quality.
  • 1 2
 Suspension travel is inversely proportional to penis size.
  • 2 2
 The reason 8" travel is the preferred in WC is more priority is put into pedaling efficiency rather than suspension performance due to the high amount of smooth sections. Thy give up performance in the rocky, gnarly section to gain in the smooth pedaling sections because that's more beneficial to the time clock.
If you are wanting the 10" mode because you are searching out the gnarliest trails, then you should just be on a Jedi anyways, it'll kill the V10.
  • 28 0
 "to park rats who just want a bike that will let them have fun without worrying if it'll last a summer of uplifts" ...... Any dh bike should be able to do that ffs!! It is a great bike though
  • 22 2
 Yet so very few DH bikes do.
  • 20 0
 for the price of 10,000 dollars i would hope it can last a summer of lifts.... and why would you want a full carbon bike if you just ride the bike park?
  • 39 5
 Because in whistler it's not about how well you ride, it's about how well you look like you ride.
  • 8 0
 Seems like plenty of folks are happy on older beat to hell DH bikes at the bike park. . . Sometimes just getting the season pass is a bigger deal that what bike you have.
  • 8 0
 If i had a season pass to whistler i'd wear it everywhere!
  • 23 2
 At least they didn't pick the Demo...
  • 24 3
 Thank fuck they didn't pick the demo.
  • 1 1
 i almost didn't click on the article because i assumed it would be the demo. i can honestly say i'm super surprised. i wonder how long it will take spesh to sue pb based on some fine print in their advertising contract: "spesh must win every contest posted on the site, because F*** meritocracy"
  • 19 7
 maybe pinkbike should make a "most practical bike of the year for your" for your average working man. Not everyone can drop this kinda cash on a bike. The only people I know with bikes like this are A, bike shop employees who have every right to take advantage of some staff discounts, and B, 40+ year old with good jobs. Bike of the year should feature more practical and affordable Aluminium DH bike.
  • 17 6
 Why do people keep posting this comment? You don't go to car forums to look at Hyundais, you go to look at Ferraris.
  • 5 6
 I would love to see that too, really! I'd love too see where my hard earned money would be BEST SPENT. Maybe even a few categories too: DH, AM, and XC best deals of 2014. I bet every reader would read that article. They'd also probably complain about the winners, but that's pinkbike folks!
  • 13 0
 Best Value awards?
  • 9 3
 I am 40+ with an OK paying job. No way would I shell that kinda cash on a bike. At 40 there are many other things to buy. (Plus we tend to have grown up past the new shiny phase and realise its us thats the issue).
  • 5 4
 When I car shop I look for value for money. Ferrari is not on my list. I like to come to pink bike for the pretty stuff, but I would not mind seeing a honda civic of bikes when I need to know which bikes make sense. Instead I researched each component (which was fun, but not for everyone) and then read reviews on high end models with the same frame and tried to make a leap of faith that it would apply to the low end. Many reviewers said the Norco Sight Alu had serious weaknesses that the top end did not share. I used that as a red flag.
Fortunately the bike bible reviewed a remedy 7, the only mods being a wider bar, shorter stem, and dropper post. I knew I would be doing the same (hoping for a dropper post some day) so i could trust their review.
Too bad PB didn't do that for me.
  • 2 0
  • 3 1
 l don't read car forums…and l own a hyundai. haha
  • 3 1
 In car magazines, only 10% of the articles are about dream, exotic rides. Most of them are about economy cars, SUVs, etc. that people actually buy because they are practical and affordable. One of the popular tests is the sport hatch (Ford Focus ST, Golf GTI, etc) because, while they are not as fast as a Corvette or Ferrari, they offer fun performance in an affordable, practical package that we can relate to and would consider purchasing. When they do yearly awards they include economy cars, sport economy, etc, not just exotics.
So instead of bike sites focusing on the exotics, lets see more bargain bikes that I would actually look at purchasing at a bike shop. Additionally, motorcycle magazines occasionally buy an old bike off craigslist and refresh it with new parts at a fraction of the cost of a new bike, but end up with something that can compete. Let's see PB pick up a 2009 Slayer (which has pretty much the same geometry as a new Enduro bike) for under $1000 and refresh the suspension and drivetrain.
  • 1 3
 Blah. So someone should make a mountain bike forum for the economically minded. It will be so exciting. Blank Stare Maybe they can focus on the bikes that offer the best safety features, such as reflectors, too.
  • 4 0
 You know what!? I'm going to learn how to create a poll for this and get it out there. I love reading about the bet of the best too, but would also like other information on reasonable bikes the majority of us could afford. I'll let you know when it out there guys so you can vote for it or against it...your choice.
  • 14 3
 Before I clicked on the link I figured it would be the v-10 because a bad-ass racer uses it in videos. Yes, team robot #winning and ol boy Sponsel is why I knew this bike would win.
  • 5 1
 Got an "old" v10.3 from 2007. By keeping the components up to date, it is still as much capable, if not better, than most recent DH bike.

Yes, it is a little heavier than newer bikes but so strong! When you don't have to dig for tenths of second in a race, you enjoy the crash related "peace of mind" it provides.
Add in lifetime warranty exchange on bearings from Santa Cruz and won't ever wear that frame out.

I can only imagine how mind blowing the latest V10 must be!
  • 4 0
 Those bikes are bulletproof. I ran a v-10.1 for a decade. Just traded it on their no fault warranty for more than the half of his price . lifetime bearing. You cant ask more from those bike. I paid my old v10 frame brand new for 1500 . same thing for the v-10.5. 3000 for 20years frame in my mind in really good. And the new frame is so awesome. Jump like nothing and smooth as hell.
  • 6 2
 I couldn't agree more with PB on this one! Absolutely the best DH bike I have ridden. Allowed me to conquer Whistler in a way that other DH bikes have fell short on. This is a monster of a bike, but I have never had more fun on any bike in my life. Long live the V10 in all its forms!
  • 7 4
 I am sure people will hate on this, but why not have a xc/shorter travel bike or hardtail award?? I guess they are kinda like dj bikes with little changes and not as popular on here as DH is, but it would be cool to see what pb thought was the best short travel rig, since there are some of us that like DH and xc type stuff.
  • 3 0
 A bike with 160 mm of travel isnt really what i had in mind, although i would love to have that nomad. I was talkin short travel/xc bikes 100-120mm, like the recent ones they have been reviewing. Would be cool to see which one they thought was the best.
  • 4 1
 Eee, @faul Nomad is a as close to a downhill bike as a non DH bike can be.
  • 1 0
 @WAKIdesigns Enduro Evo?
  • 7 1
 Good job SC. Won DH bike and All Mountain Bike of the year. Must be doing something right...
  • 6 0
 anybody want a leg and a kidney?
  • 6 0
 It ain't cheap, but the good s**t never is......
  • 6 4
Maybe this bike is worked for somebody out there and especially for the Syndicate dudes.
But, if you ask me, NOPE.
Have tried my friend's.
Fast? -> Yes
But, it was like a baby that is high in sugar.
I couldn't control it.

Subjective point of view? -> Of course.
Because, we talk about "feel" right here. Am i right?
  • 6 3
 Just because you're not strong enough to ride it ...
  • 2 1
 I've tried one of past iteration of V10 before too. Thing is, the long, low and slack geometry will make handling at slower speed weird. IMHO, go at least as fast as those expert level UKDI boys, and the bike will starts to feel playful.
  • 1 0
as i said dude, it's only my point of view and experience.
wether you're strong enough or you like this bike, it's up to you dude.

this bike is a beast indeed, but to handle a totally wild and untamed beast, you must know and learn (in and out) that beast for you to handle this beast.
For me, this bike is not a "Buy, and go ride me" bike.
  • 2 0
 I agree, this bike is a "buy, and go ride me really fast" type of bike.
  • 10 3
 Canfield Jedi for me!
  • 11 1
 sssssshhhh if every one has a Jedi i won't be faster than my friends anymore.
  • 13 2
 Thanks boys!!!!
  • 2 0
 A) enough with the "it's too expensive” garbage. Trolls!

B) daddy wants.

C) daddy gets what daddy wants

D) be glad other folks like daddy get the supreme race machines they want too, because in the bike world (and only in the bike world) trickle down economics works for the average joe on two wheels.


You could get a car and a moto for the price. If that floats your boat, go do it and then log into carsandboatsrock dot com instead of PinkBike.

Also - the health advantages of a bicycle far outweigh that of motorized transport.

AND riding bikes is way more fun than driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Okay, so riding moto is fun too, but it's not the same.

And yeah, before you chop me to bits, I have ridden top shelf sport bikes - and I sold all of them bc I prefer to pedal. That's just how some of us roll!

Good day everyone, now let's go ride bikes.
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 I expected to see a plethora of "26 fo' life" comments, but none were to be found. I only see complaints about the price.

This is a great victory for 26in crusaders and will most likely be the last BOTY to feature this archaic wheel size. Where is the support?
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 26 for life
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 Nukeproof Pulse
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 Had mine for over a year now and its awesome, swapped out that nasty Avid brakeset for a set of M4's straight away tho Smile
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 right? we already knew the V-10 was good, but that bike went from just another bike to something I think is going to be a heavy hitter in one season.
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 Pulse's are awesome but they're damn heavy! Doesn't matter if you already knew the V10 was good mate, that's kinda the point, proved itself this year in the world cup, it was an almost unbeatable machine this year with Ratboy behind the bars!
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 I thought rich was talking about the pulse, then he was talking about the V10!
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 Price wise all it takes to settle your mind on dh/mtb bikes in general is to look at the price of the top end road bikes.
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 I think this will be the last 26 in bike to win BOTY... Long live 26!
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 didn't see that comin'
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 Jealousy will get u nowhere SC for life
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 @general26 yep This is not a joke Transition T500 is the bike i would vote for it as well i have it at home Smile the real DH bike 2014 winner !
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 Trek Session 9.9 for me thanks! Rode the V10 pleanty it's good but not better!
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 @scrippsranchdj dream bike for sure. And you see that, sub 35 lbs!
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 Try 31 lbs to be exact and believe it or not I built mine up with a $600 investment in another venture.
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 I'm gonna get neg propped but i don't like the looks of it, especially of the new one. (and for a 10k bike, that cable routing is ridiculous.
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 Cable routing is perfect. Easy to access, shortest route means shorter cables so less weight better performance... Looks good to me.
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 How many KTM, Kawa or Honda being sold? Now how many V-10? Rest my case.
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 if it was cheap and easy, everyone would be doing it
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 SC all the way!!
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 The V10 is sexy
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 That's my exact ride! Hell yeah!
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 Enve wheels are so expensive. But the look so freaking cool.
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 mondraker summum carbon, but i dont know why in every category santa cruz :s
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 Pinkbike and 26' ? No way!
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 What if I say I still prefer Demo 8...
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 Wait wut? This bike was designed in 2013, TR500 deserved it!
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