Pinkbike Celebrates International Women's Day

Mar 8, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

From racing, to freeride, to adventure—the women's MTB scene is more vibrant and badass than ever. Looking back at the past year, here are some of the notable moments.

Kate Courtney stands on the top step of the Elite podium at the international level for the first time, and it just so happens to be at the World Championships. Pinkbike's 2018 award for Best Performance went to Kate Courtney for her gutsy race in Lenzerheide. Watch the full race replay here.

Clearly tacos and sparkle watts are key ingredients to a winning World s recipe. Kate Courtney had what it took when it counted.

Caroline Buchanan

Caroline Buchanan comes back from a horrific injury car crash, having spent most of the season recuperating, to win the Pump Track Challenge at Crankworx Whistler. Jill Kintner is crowned Queen of Crankworx for the third year in a row, receiving equal prize money to her male counterpart.

What a day for Monika Hrastnik who laid down a storming run in the rain to take the fastest time in qualifying by nearly 10 seconds.

Unofficial privateer of the year in 2018, Monika Hrastnik, earns herself a spot on the Dorval AM team. The Slovenian rider turned heads when she grabbed her first podium in Leogang and backed it up with a third in Val di Sole. She ended the year fifth in the overall all while riding without the support of a full team.
Monika Hrastnik wins the iXS European DH Cup overall

Jolanda Neff had one of the most brilliant rides in XC history in La Bresse but history isn t on her side on home soil. Will this be the weekend that changes

Jolanda Neff gets two flat tires in the La Bresse World Cup and comes back to win the race. Watching Neff, Batty, Prevot, and Langvad battle it out and change positions so many times kept us all on the edge of our seats. It was a true grand finale to an incredible season of racing.
Absolutely nothing left from one of the most impressive rides we have ever seen.

Cecile Ravanel Isabeau Courdurier Katy Winton on top in the overall series in a repeat of last season.

Cecile Ravanel has the perfect season, winning every round of the Enduro World Series. She wins the EWS overall, with Isabeau Cordurier in second and Katy Winton in third. Not only does she win every race, but she goes above and beyond to help Katy Winton when she suffered a flat in Olargues. We wish Cecile all the best with her recovery from her recent injury.

Hear her roar. With age comes cunning.

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja wins the Andorra XC World Cup at the age of 45 and retires. She ends her career with 30 World Cup wins, four World Cup overall titles, 10 World Championships and an Olympic gold medal.
Gunn-Rita takes slips away and takes the race.

Shot by Ale Di Lullo.

Valentina Holl has the perfect debut season, winning 7 World Cups & World Champs in her first year racing World Cups.

Photo by Alex Erickson

Casey Brown retires from racing and announces that she'll be focusing on Crankworx, content creation and freeride in 2019. Casey built for the first time Rampage this year but her first time attending was ten years ago. "I was seventeen and it totally inspired me and changed the way I think about mountain biking, so it's always been a huge inspiration to me. As for competing at Rampage one day, Casey said that she doesn't know if it will ever happen but "it's definitely cool to have a goal in life. If I never get into Rampage it's fine, all I really want to do is be good enough to ride top to bottom on one of these sites and send it as hard as the guys do. It could be a pipe dream, I don't know."
Brown gets aggressive with the digging.


Watch one of the slickest female riders on the planet, Veronique Sandler, fly down Welsh trails in the latest episode of Sound of Speed.

ALN rides her hometown trails at lightning speed.

Views: 14,533    Faves: 59    Comments: 11

Joey Gough straight sending it on her trail bike.

Brought up in near solitude within the New Zealand wilderness, Casey Brown and her brother kept themselves entertained by honing their bike skills with the aim of making it pro.

Rob Warner ventures into the wilderness of Wales for a candid encounter with one of the greatest downhill racers of all time, Rachel Atherton.

Views: 19,929    Faves: 91    Comments: 10

Heather Munive, Jamie Freese, Ivanna Estrada and Laura Slavin want to redefine the term "Ride Like A Girl".

Mountain bike across Slovenia with Juliana Bicycles ambassadors Rachel Walker and Julia Hobson.

Casey Brown & Vaea Verbeeck hit the new Dream Track jumps for the first time.

A look at Tahnee Seagrave's downtime schedule.

Views: 17,112    Faves: 37    Comments: 4

2017 DH World Champion Miranda Miller announces she will be focused on enduro in 2019.

The best XC MTB female athletes in the world including Jolanda Neff, Maja Wloszczowska, Emily Batty, Annika Langvad, and more, tell you why they love what they do!

As an artist and professional mountain biker, Micayla Gatto finds inspiration in her surroundings, be it at home in British Columbia, Canada or somewhere as distant as India.

Views: 13,740    Faves: 77    Comments: 10

Former DH World Cup racer Claire Buchar heads out for a ride on her local trails.

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Anneke Beerten
Miranda Miller
Rachel Atherton
Monika Hrasnik
Kialani Hines
Ellen Noble
Elayna Caldwell
Lea Davison
Rae Morrison
Katy Winton
Christina Chappetta
Kaylee Gibb
Rachel Pageau
Veronika Widmann

What were your favorite moments from the past year? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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 winning an XC WC at 45 is pretty badass
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 She is wonderfull.
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 Cheers to all the incredible women in the bike comunity and to those in our lives as well!
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 Guys, don't forget Missy Giove.. for better or worse she is a legend woman..and Rebecca Rush.. Cheers
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 And ACC definitely deserves a mention.
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 Of course.
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 And the great Anne-Caroline Chausson !
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 A true legend.
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 Props to all the women who shred, wish there was more of you
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 When I grow up I want to be just like Veronique... Oh wait, I'm 27 D:
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 Don't forget Denise Mueller-Korenek, who rode her bike an average of 183.932 miles per hour breaking the 22 year world record.
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 where are FERDA GIRLS? Big Grin
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 one of them is up there, or maybe two. Not sure about Veronique, but McCayla for sure!
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 Oh good, an article celebrating women. I'm sure the comments will be chock-a-block full of wholesome comments. Oh wait, right, this is Pinkbike. Weird how the Venn diagram of MTBers and incels overlaps so much here...
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 You’re gonna get downvoted into oblivion because you’re correct, and because there are loads of insecure incels and boys who hate their mothers on this website.
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 @stonant: Yep, in the negatives already. Truth hurts, eh boys?
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 lol everyone on pinkbike doesn't do well with esoteric philosophy, the cognitive dissonance is strong here!
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 Nothing about Rachel Atherton?
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 There's a 13 minute video about her. She's a total badass!
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 Awesome Segment!!!
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 Badass pic of Vali Holl.
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 Yes gals!
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 what is going to happen when transgender men start racing in woman DH hmmmm.
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 That happened already.
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 Congratulations women, you are women.
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flag jrocksdh (Mar 8, 2019 at 7:35) (Below Threshold)
 go feminist!
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 @jrocksdh: he just shamed all the transgender athletes competing in womens field. He deserves all the negs.
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 Congratulations women, you are.
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 and what if your a guy with a dick that doesnt shoot fathers day, no "dick day"..?
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