Replay: Pinkbike LIVE with Brendan Fairclough, Casey Brown, Andrew Neethling, and Kyle Jameson

Aug 13, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

For today's Pinkbike LIVE we're sitting down with Brendan Fairclough, Casey Brown, Andrew Neethling, and Kyle Jameson for an interactive Ask Me Anything (AMA) Q&A session. We'll be broadcasting with Cam McCaul directly from the Pinkbike tower in the heart of Whistler Village—11am nearly every day during Crankworx.

With the Enduro World Series going on all day today we'll be checking in for insights with Casey Brown who is unfortunately not racing due to an aggravated shoulder.

The show's format will be an ask us anything style, with questions coming in from your Pinkbike comments below, on our YouTube channel live feed and our Facebook page. Get involved in the comments section and let's hear your questions.

Casey Brown is sitting in fifth place and pumped to have a popsicle and a biscuit.

Andrew Neethling Scott Sports
Brendon Fairclaugh

Kyle Jameson from Finding Longevity Keeping the Dream Alive with Kyle Jameson

The show will be 1-hour long starting at:

• 11:00am PDT (Local Time)
• 19:00 BST (UK Time)
• 14:00 (USA, NY Time)
• 4:00 (Australia, Sydney) +1 Day
• 6:00 (New Zealand, Auckland) +1 Day

Pinkbike Live Schedule

• Saturday, August 12th – Introduction to Crankworx AMA
• Sunday, August 13th – EWS & Sunday Randoms AMA
• Tuesday, August 15th – EWS Recap AMA
• Thursday, August 17th – Whip Off AMA
• Friday, August 18th – Downhill AMA
• Saturday, August 19th – Red Bull Joyride Slopestyle AMA

So get involved. Join us today at 11am and post your questions for Casey, Brendan, Needles, and Kyle J below!


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 Brendan, tell us about what happened that time Ratboy had a black eye after getting rowdy at the WC party. Cut the BS, we want the real deal.

Kyle J, on a scale of FMB to Fest Series, how rad is it to make a living out of riding?

Casey, what's the most outrageous Eddy Masters story you have witnessed while riding WC's on his team? Cut the BS, we want the real deal.

Andrew, not a question, but you have to steal Claudio's commenting job alongside Warner.

Upvote so these get asked
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 Ratboy got punched by Sam Dale at a party
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 @mollow: Conflicting reports on this one. Sam is his good mate so it would make sense. At the same time, I can imagine Gee throwing a right after one too many chirps.
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 Damnit @pinkbike, you picked and chose..! What gets viewers pumped is an opportunity to have an uncut acces to riders and get responses to questions they've never been asked on subjects they don't touch during classic interviews. That's what made Wyntv so f*cking popular, since coming to PB he toned it down. You want the sick stuff but turn it into more of the same...
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 Please sort the sound for this one, yesterday's sound was atrocious. Get the mic closer to the guests.

Question for Casey: Do you miss World Cup Downhill Racing, and what are the highs & lows of EWS vs WC?
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 Kyle Jameson: which of the following gets you most stoked? dropping in from the top of the tower at DarkFest or leaving the gate at the top of the Rampage course?
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 Brendan, Deathgrip was such a sick movie and all the scenes were amazing, my favorite being madeira, what was your favorite place to to ride and film and which scene did you end up liking the most?
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 Brendan : In the UK, there's not much to ride downhill (compared to Canada, USA, ect...) , however, you guys own the field...How come ?

Cam Mc Caul : Can Wyn Masters use "Bird-nerd-kerr" for his next Wyn TV ? Big Grin
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 Hey all, could you guys give me some advice on how to not get bucked on jump like crab apples as it happened to me last week, how much does suspension setup come into it and would you use the same technique as smaller jumps? thanks for any help
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 All of you what do you think of New Zealand for lifestyle of mtn bike riding ? Kyle have you been here ? If not why not ?

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 Casey will hop in shortly!
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 Brendan:, I drew a portrait of you and traded you for some goggles, just want to know what you did with it? cheers
Kyle: would you be interested in having a drawing done of you?
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 Brendan, Deathgrip was such a sick movie and all the scenes were amazing, my favorite being madeira, what was your favorite place to to ride and film and which scene did you end up liking the most?
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 Casey, is the new cock block, whoops, i mean knock block system actually worth the "added stiffness?" I'd much rather lay extra carbon weaves and increase the weight by 50 grams than chance breaking through the limit during a crash just to have my fork nobs and downtube smashed. Honestly, can you tell us what the hell Trek was thinking?
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 Kyle, Casey, Brendan, and Andrew...out of the four of you, last person standing -- who would win in a drunken bar fight?
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 Each rider: What is your favourite piece of bike clothing/gear not attached to your bike? What is the best thing to eat in Whistler?
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 waffle fries from GLC hands down!
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 Kyle: lol how often do people say you look like snoop dogg?
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 To everyone: What has been your personal favorite riding moment in your career?
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 everyone: tell us about the new genius how it handles everything from jumping to gnarly DH?
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 love these style interviews man. Such a good insight into a profession that we would all love to live. Keep it coming PB!
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 Brendan n andrew, when is claudio's video part coming out??
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 brendan -------> should the whip of be a UCI event
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 whats Snuffs favortite trail
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 Casey, whats your take on the state of womens dh?
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 Thanks to the guys for answering my q. Good answers.
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 These should be put out as a podcast
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 what is your favourite place to ride your dh bike
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 KJ. Have you ever used your hairy chest as a plate for a sandwich?
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 For all the guys: Who's your pick for the UCI DH World Cup champ?

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