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[Schedule Updated Due to Weather] Pinkbike Primer - Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Crankworx Rotorua 2021

Nov 1, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

Schedule updated due to weather: Details and updated schedule for all the live broadcasts can be found here: redbull.com/nz-en/events/crankworx-rotorua

With the 2021 season coming to a close Crankworx Rotorua sees itself closing out the year rather than its usual position of a chance for riders to shake off the winter cobwebs and test themselves against the clock (or judges). With Crankworx's usual range of events across all disciplines, you can expect to see some of the World's best riders go head to head. The King and Queen competitions and Triple Crown are all on the line as we go into the final stop of 2021 with Bas Van Steenbergen and Vaea Verbeeck holding the top spots so far.

Excited yet? Here's everything you need to know about one of the last big events of the year.

The Location

Rotorua mountain biking trails

The start hut had quite the view considering how thick the jungle can be bellow.

On New Zealand's North Island, the Rotorua plateau is a boiling, bubbling hive of volcanic activity. Events are centered around the Skyline Bike Park

The Schedule

Six events pack out the six-day schedule in Rotorua with everything from the Whip Off to downhill racing to slopestyle.

CLIF Speed & Style presented by Mons Royale
What a final round for the ladies both Vaea and Jordy had some big tricks but in the end Jordy took the win by a narrow margin.

Live Broadcast Event

NZDT - Thursday, November 4th - 5:00 pm
PST - Wednesday, November 3rd - 9:00 pm
CET - Thursday, November 4th - 5:00 am

2020 Results:

1st. Jordy Scott
2nd. Vaea Verbeeck
3rd. Jill Kintner
4th. Kialani Hines


1st. Tomas Lemoine
2nd. Greg Watts
3rd. Garret Mechem
4th. David Lieb

Crankworx Rotorua Downhill presented by Gull
Sick Mick Hannah joined his sister on the top step of the podium.

Live Broadcast Event

NZDT - Friday, November 5th - 3:00 pm
PST - Thursday, November 4th - 7:00 pm
CET - Friday, November 5th - 3:00 am

2020 Results:

1st. Tracey Hannah: 3:32.44
2nd. Jill Kintner +24.38
3rd. Vinny Armstrong: + 24.73
4th. Mille Johnset: +26.66
5th. Vaea Verbeeck: +26.88


1st. Mick Hannah: 3:00.16
2nd. Samuel Blenkinsop: +1.41
3rd. George Brannigan: +2.38
4th. Joe Breeden: +2.59
5th. Bernard Kerr: +3.59

Trek Official Oceania Whip-Off Championships

NZDT - Friday, November 5th - 6:00 pm
PST - Thursday, November 4th - 10:00 pm
CET - Friday, November 5th - 6:00 am

2020 Results:
1st. Jackson Goldstone
2nd. Kaos Seagrave
3rd. Billy Meaclem

Maxxis Slopestyle in Memory of McGazza
Timoth Bringer tucking it up on the large on-off.

Live Broadcast Event

NZDT - Saturday, November 6th - 2:00 pm
PST - Friday, November 5th - 6:00 pm
CET - Saturday, November 6th - 2:00 am

2020 Results:
1st. Emil Johansson: 96.00
2nd. Nicholi Rogatkin: 93.00
3rd. Erik Fedko: 90.25
4th. Tomas Lemoine: 88.25
5th. Jakub Vencl: 85.00

Rockshox Rotorua Pump Track Challenge presented by Torpedo7
Bubba Warren on his way to 3rd place.

Live Broadcast Event

NZDT - Saturday, November 6th - 7:30 pm
PST - Friday, November 5th - 11:30 pm
CET - Saturday, November 6th - 7:30 am

2020 Results

1st. Jordy Scott
2nd. Jill Kintner

3rd. Mathilde Bernard
4th. Shania Rawson


1st. Tommy Zula
2nd. Collin Hudson

3rd. Austin Warren
4th. Bas Van Steenbergen

Specialized Dual Slalom Rotorua

Live Broadcast Event

NZDT - Sunday, November 7th - 2:00 pm
PST - Saturday, November 6th - 6:00 pm
CET - Sunday, November 7th - 1:00 am

2020 Results:

1st. Jill Kintner
2nd. Casey Brown
3rd. Vaea Verbeeck
4th. Dani Beecroft


1st. Kyle Strait
2nd. Bas Van Steenbergen
3rd. Matt Walker
4th. Colin Hudson

King and Queen of Crankworx

King of Crankworx Standings

1st // Bas Van Steenbergen // 663
2nd // Jackson Frew // 433
3rd // Joe Breeden // 375

Queen of Crankworx Standings

1st // Vaea Verbeeck // 751
2nd // Kialani Hines // 582
3rd // Casey Brown // 574

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 I really hope Ricky doesn't play it safe in the slope event. He's been throwing some heat in practice lately that is definitely capable of upsetting Emil. It's just a question of will he bring it to the finals???
  • 13 1
 Nice N America gets to see everything a day before everyone else.
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 my fantasy team is crushing to crush it knowing the results ahead of time
  • 11 2
 How is this going ahead? We are in lockdown. I'm in Auckland and I can't travel to Rotorua.
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 It's pros only this year Frown
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 I imagine it was a tough decision but it looks like they've decided to push on without you.
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 the same question can be asked about MIQ, sports people can easily get in, but not people with dying family or about to have a baby etc. you know, the labour gorv.
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 @noideamtber: I know that sometimes it feels like everyone is against you but actually no one gives a f*ck about you…
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 @enduroNZ: to me, I couldnt care less, I have business exemptions to travel abroad an domestic, alot of other countries i've been in recently would put NZ to shame Over Covid.
  • 3 2
 @enduroNZ: kinda like your opinions you post on everything, go ride your ZEB.
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 How can people from other countries come here and enjoy the spoils of NZ but we can't leave our homes. It's fucking absurd. Why can't we just spend 2 weeks in miq and get the fuck out of this and go hang in rototua or Queenstown. Why are mtbers that are from Hamilton Auckland aloud to come back and leave to Rotorua shouldn't the be sent home. So fucked up then they tease us with footage of freedom. I know if you're not locked up you won't get it but wtf
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flag nug12182 (Nov 2, 2021 at 2:12) (Below Threshold)
 @dirtbeard: THEN STAND UP FOR YOUR FREEDOM. STOP LETTING THEM CONTROL YOU!!! Good luck as you gave up your guns.
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 @nug12182: Pipe down you crazy c*nt
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 @nug12182: From your response I think it's fair to assume that you are definitely 90% foreskin and only 10% shaft and it's something you've never quite managed to come to terms with.
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 hey pinkbike, how about banning psychos like Adam Hannon ( @nug12182 )?
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flag nug12182 (Nov 2, 2021 at 13:13) (Below Threshold)
 @tacolord: YEAH!!! Want my address too ya bitch?
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 @mtbtrekracer: no need to be jealous.
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 @enduroNZ: jelous of what exactly? a ZEB? i own 2 of them including pretty much every other fork between bikes
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 @nug12182: hol up, what’s actually going on over here that we should be ashamed of?
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 @nug12182: Qnanon shaman just got 4 years.. so, that worked out well.......
yay FreeDumb!! :'D

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