Pinkbike Primer - Everything You Need to Know Ahead of the 2020 Andes Pacifico

Feb 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

For 2020, the Andes Pacifico returns for its sixth year with riders from around the world looking to tackle the infamous Chilean anti-grip. Those who wish to take on the challenge are going to be faced with five days of riding that will see them ride a whole variety of trails as the race goes from the Andes Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. For this year's event, the route will cover never before ridden trails and will lead racers into the upper reaches of the Andes at 3900m.

We expect plenty of competition among the top riders with some big names looking to get an early-season victory. 2019 saw the Chilean domination with Pedro Bruns and Florencia Espiñeira taking well deserved wins after they were unstoppable during every day of last year's race. 2020 sees the likes of Mitch Ropelato and Greg Callaghan take on the challenge which could cause an upset for the usual suspects at the top.

Check out more details about this year's event and stay tuned for more coverage from the slopes of the Andes.

2019 Recap

2019 Results

Pedro Burns has been out front for three days but his lead is still just one second with two days to go.
Florencia Espineira still untouchable.

2019 saw the Chilean riders use their experience of riding the anti-grip leading to commanding victories from Pedro Burns and Florencia Espiñeira. Espiñeira truly dominated the women's race with an 18 minute lead over the second-placed rider. Who will take the top spots in 2020?

Open Men

1st. Pedro Burns: 159:32.55
2nd. Romain Paulhan: +17.82
3rd. Francois Bailly-Maitre: +1:12.39
4th. Sam Dale: +3:38.74
5th. Wyn Masters: +3:56.7


1st. Florencia Espiñeira: 187:12.98
2nd. Laura Battista: +18:40.69
3rd. Pauline Dieffenthaler: +25:30.69
4th. Syd Schulz: +40:58.41
5th. Valentina Benavides: +44:56.03


Drifting with Josh Lewis.

17 February
Day 0:
Transport to Camp from Santiago + Check-in + Briefing + Welcome dinner

18 February
Day 1: Gates of Quepo
First day of the race - Camp at Antawaya, Santiago.

19 February
Day 2: Cordon of the Spaniards
The second day of the race - Camp at Antawaya, Santiago.

20 February
Day 3: Los Libertadores
The third day of the race - Camp at Salamanca, Coquimbo region.

21 February
Day 4: Los Brujos
The fourth day of racing - Camp at Salamanca, Coquimbo region.

22 February
Day 5: Travesia
Last day of the race - Camp and party at Secret Beach, Coquimbo region.

Rider List

Race leader Perdro Burns sporting a new Red Bull Helmet as he makes his way to the top of Stage 3.

Simon Zhang
Kose Michielsen

Christian Wagner
Bene Moreira Neto
Eduardo Nery

Laura Mislan
Shelag Coutts
Jeffrey Woodgate
Claude Fortin

Amir Elmallawany
Gian Cla Haller

Florencia Espiñeira
Paula Jara
Paz Gallo
Tamara Hermosilla
Pedro Burns
Nicolás Prudencio
Jorge Verdugo
Pablo Hobon
Claudio Ignacio Salazar Cisternas
Fernando Riquelme
Jerónimo Burns
Pedro barroso
Sebastián Ramirez

Rafael Fernández
Carlos Huerta
Matías Libano
Jose Azpurua
Álvaro Elgueta
Jaime Binder
Juan Ignacio Court
Leonardo Andres Garcia Benito
Andrés Wulf
Ignacio Garcia
Manfred Fullgraff
Jurgen Fullgraff
Renzo Peppi

Czech Republic:
Premek Tejchman
Frantiek ilák

Iago Garay Tamayo

Romain Paulhan
Regnier Julien
Mathieu Lornac

Josh Lewis
Richard Payne
Henry Quinney
Paul Mcpherson
Tom Grinyer
Richard Duke

Greg Callaghan

Niklas Svensson

Jose Ortega
Jose Luís Rebolledo
Luis Carlos Fernández Álvarez
Samuel Días Zorrilla
Pablo Andrés Restrepo
Daniel Zamora Hidalgo
Alejandro Romero Fricke
Raymundo Alonso Proost

Eduardo Lichtle
Alejandro Rivero
Allan Couttolenc
José Antonio Thome Fernandez
Eduardo Soto Molina
Argel Becerra
Jorge Arturo Melgar Flores
Jose Ortega Cano

Oscar Alczar Garca
Miguel Risco

Filipe Caldeira
Roberto Chaves

United States:
Alexandra Pavon
Kimberly Hardin
Mitch Ropetalo
Timothy Lukko
Nick Hardin
Juan Bermudez

Matthew Hewitt
Philip Schlosser
Konrad Przybyslawski
Kevin Steward
Stephen Goldberg

Last year's coverage

Florencia Espineira is in form control of the Women s race after day1.

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 Grim Donut theory: PB realized this tremendous hype- and that this bike actually rips - so they are not going to release part 2 until the first production is ready, or was supposed to be ready, which would be the week leading up to sea otter, but corona virus happened putting a delay on everything, so who knows if we’ll ever see it. Show us. Now.
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 Grim Donut will go on sale on April 1st. After winning an ews and a dh world cup.
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 The production of the Grim Donut created the coronas virus and everyone that has seen or touched the grim donut is cursed
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 I heard they are releasing 50 Grim Donuts to the most active commenters!
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 Grim Donut theory#2: it was so 2030 that spacetime warped and sucked it into nothingness.
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 @edspratt is this time missing a decimal place? "2nd. Romain Paulhan: +17.82"
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 It does seem pretty unbelievable but there really was just 17 seconds between the top two men. It definitely shows how fast both Pedro and Romain were last year to be split by seconds after nearly three hours of racing.
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 @edspratt: that's true... until the final stage of the race (18 stages in 5 days) we had no idea who will win the 2019 edition. This year both riders are back with the addition of Ropelato and Callaghan.
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flag Boosting (Feb 13, 2020 at 15:31) (Below Threshold)
 Burns is fairly slow because these are his local trails. You never see him on the podium otherwise
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 @Montenbaik: Lets go Mitch. Start 2020 how you ended 2019 at Northstar.
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 @Boosting: Most (or all) the trails are never ride outside the race. Alot is way to remote to access in a day without 4x4 car.

Not even the locals know most (or any) of them, let alone ride them on a daly basis.
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flag Boosting (Feb 14, 2020 at 8:30) (Below Threshold)
 @mini: keep living in your fairy tale. The guy has inside info for sure
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 @Boosting: Have you been ther?

Im here for my 4th time now.
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 @Boosting: sorry amigo, but @mini is right, this is definetly a blind race for every one. "Off the beaten path" is a very soft description of the places Nacho Barbosa takes us. Smile

There is an advantage in terms of terrain knowledge in favor of Pedro -- but then again the Santa Cuz team is ridding in Chile since last week.
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 What about Feb 18th? I bet the schedule is off
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 This is the schedule we were provided by the organisers. The 17th looks to be a day to get settled in the first camp and brief riders. I would assume the 18th is left free so that everyone can get used to the conditions and have some rest after travelling.
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 @edspratt: thanks...I really hope not!
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 @RGB7744: We have just heard from the organisers and this was actually an error in their original press release. The first day does in fact start on the 18th, not the 19th as it first appeared.
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 @edspratt: Sorry for that folks. Our mistake. The 17th is the day to relax and get to know everyone before the real racing starts the 18th in the early morning. The final day of racing is Saturday 22 with a big beach party that will last until Sunday with a free day to enjoy the place before heading back home.

Thanks Ed for the correction!
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 Thanks...I really hope not!

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