Pinkbike Primer: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of the Les Gets Downhill World Cup 2021

Jul 1, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

The World's Best Return to Les Gets
A Revamped Classic

For the second round of this year's downhill World Cup, racers will return to the classic venue on Mont Chery to put it all out there on a new, techy track. Leogang did not disappoint as an exciting first round, and we can't wait to see what these riders, especially some of the rising stars like Vali Holl, have in store for us this next.

The Track

Slick and pretty damn nasty even before any tyres have touched the ground.
This is the real deal, and the camera angle doesn't do it justice.

The Les Gets downhill track has seen a few iterations of racing, from the late '90s and early 2000s World Cup races and the iconic Steve Peat vs. Fabien Barel battle at the 2004 World Champs, to a few years of Crankworx Les Gets, before the World Cup's return in 2019. For this year, Les Gets has put together an almost entirely new track, using the general layout of the old one but with reroutes on almost the whole thing, sending riders through some extremely steep and slick woods rather than the wide-open turns that we're used to seeing at Les Gets.

A large step down into a second very fresh and soft berm.
The start is the most bike parky section and will challenge riders with a big step-down right off the bat.

Aside from the beginning and end, the track is mostly in the woods. It will take a wide range of skills to succeed on this course.

Lots of lines none obviously better than the other and none a particularly safe bet either
Line choice will be crucial.

While it may not have all the rowdy, nostalgic appeal of the old versions of the course, the new features and scary steeps will be more than enough to make it an epic race. Les Gets has done well with this one, maybe too well.

Previous Winners

2019 // Amaury PIERRON // FRA
2018 // Troy BROSNAN // AUS
2017 // Troy BROSNAN // AUS
2016 // Remi THIRION // FRA

2004 // Fabien BAREL // FRA*
2002 // Steve PEAT // GBR
2000 // David VASQUEZ LOPEZ // ESP
1999 // Steve PEAT // GBR
1998 // Christian TAILLEFER // FRA

2019 // Tracy HANNAH // AUS
2018 // Rachel ATHERTON // GBR
2017 // Myriam NICOLE // FRA
2016 // Morgane CHARRE // FRA

2004 // Vanessa QUIN // NZL*

Note that * denotes a World Championship race and italics denote a Crankworx race.

Pierron claiming victory after what was one of the best finals yet.
Les Gets is really lovely when the sun is out.

What Happened in 2019?

Tracey Hannah edged out Marine Cabirou by less than a second, followed by Mariana Salazar. In the juniors, Vali Holl was the fastest woman of the day, going more than a second faster than Tracey Hannah and winning her category by a wide margin. Amaury Pierron took the win on the men's side, followed by Loic Bruni and Laurie Greenland. Thibaut Daprela, now a podium threat in the elites, took the win in the junior men's race.

Elite Men

1st. Amaury PIERRON // 2:57.008
2nd. Loic BRUNI // 2:59.360 // +2.352
3rd. Laurie GREENLAND // 3:00.458
4th. Troy BROSNAN // 3:01.145 // +4.137
5th. Loris VERGIER // 3:01.514 // +4.506

Elite Women

1st. Tracey HANNAH // 3:27.600
2nd. Marine CABIROU // 3:28.277 // +0.677
3rd. Mariana SALAZAR // 3:29.771 // +2.171
4th. Eleonora FARINA // 3:33.680 // +6.080
5th. Nina HOFFMAN // 3:34.057 // +6.457

Season Standings After Round 1

Troy Brosnan continuing his 2nd 3rd streak by just one more race to make it 5 for 5.

At Round 1, we saw Camille Balanche once again take the win in Leogang, backing up her World Champs victory here last year, and Troy Brosnan returned to the top with a phenomenal run.

1st // Troy BROSNAN // AUS // 250
2nd // Thibaut DAPRELA // FRA // 190
3rd // Amaury PIERRON // FRA // 140
4th // Reece WILSON // GBR // 137
5th // Danny HART // GBR // 135
6th // Benoit COULANGES // FRA // 121
7th // Dakotah NORTON // USA // 105
8th // Remi THIRION // FRA // 103
9th // Laurie GREENLAND // GBR // 90
10th // Ed MASTERS // NZL // 86

1st // Camille BALANCHE // SUI // 220
2nd // Vali HOLL // AUT // 210
3rd // Monika HRASTNIK // SLO // 156
4th // Marine CABIROU // FRA // 155
5th // Tahnee SEAGRAVE // GBR // 122
6th // Eleonora FARINA // ITA // 120
7th // Myriam NICOLE // FRA // 110
8th // Emilie SIEGENTHALER // SUI // 80
9th // Veronika WIDMANN // ITA // 70
10th // Raphaela RICHTER // GER // 55

Weather Forecast

With the ground already saturated and possible showers in the forecast, it wouldn't be surprising for this weekend to turn into another muddy affair.

For all the menacing cloud lurking behind the big peaks of the Portes du Soleil we never saw a drop of rain.
Thursday, July 1 - Training
Variable cloudiness with a thunderstorm in a couple of spots // 19°C // 40% precipitation // wind 7km/h

Friday, July 2 - Qualifying
Times of clouds and sun with a thunderstorm in a couple of spots // 21°C // 40% precipitation // wind 7km/h

Saturday, July 3 - Finals
Spotty showers in the morning; otherwise, variable cloudiness // 19°C // 60% precipitation // wind 6km/h

Weather forecast as of Wednesday, June 30 from Accuweather.

The Schedule

AnNa Newkirk through the dust and into 2nd in junior women

Thursday, July 1
• 08:30-11:45 // Official Downhill Training - Group B
• 12:00-15:15 // Official Downhill Training - Group A
• 15:30-17:00 // Downhill Timed Training Session
• 17:00-17:45 // On Foot Downhill Course Inspection - Riders and Teams

Friday, July 2
• 08:30-10:00 // Official Downhill Training - Group B
• 10:15-11:45 // Official Downhill Training - Group A
• 12:15 // Seeding Run - Junior Women
• 12:30 // Qualifying Round - Junior Men
• 13:30 // Qualifying Round - Elite Women
• 14:00 // Qualifying Round - Elite Men
• Followed by // 30 minutes On Foot Downhill Course Inspection - Riders and Teams

Saturday, July 3
• 08:15-09:15 // Official Downhill Training - Junior Women, Junior Men, Elite Women
• 09:45 // Final - Junior Men
• 10:30 // Final - Junior Women
• 10:50-11:05 // Official Downhill Training - Women Elite qualified for the final
• 11:05-12:05 // Official Downhill Training - Men Elite qualified for the final
• 12:30 // Final - Elite Women
• 13:30 // Final - Elite Men
• Awards to follow

Note: All times are local and subject to change by the event organizer.

How to Watch

Vive la France.

Pinkbike will be providing you with the best daily coverage from Les Gets this week. Tune in to Pinkbike to catch photo epics, videos, and results from Timed Training, Practice, Qualifying, and Finals, as well as tech bits and news.

You can also watch the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on The live DH broadcast starts on Saturday, July 3 at 12:30pm CEST.

Schedule: Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Les Gets LIVE on Red Bull TV:

Les Gets DHI Women: July 3 live on Red Bull TV 12:30pm CEST (3:30am PDT, 6:30am EDT, 10:30pm NZST)
Les Gets DHI Men: July 3 live on Red Bull TV 1:45pm CEST (4:45am PDT, 7:45am EDT, 11:45pm NZST)

(All times CEST, replay available immediately following the races. Times subject to change at organizers' and Red Bull's discretion.)

fantasy dh 2021

Fantasy League

Don't forget to complete your DH Fantasy team before Friday! Participating is way more fun than watching from the sidelines.

Pinkbike Fantasy Downhill League in association with Retallack.


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 With that schedule and weather forecast the UCI has got a time machine. Can they please go to Wuhan in September 2019 and have quiet word?
  • 13 1
 The dates are all over the place
  • 12 0
 Phew. I thought I was just going mad there for a second. So if I have this correct, qualifying is on July 2nd, followed by a track walk on July 12th. The finals on July 3rd, awards on the 13th July and I can watch the whole thing live on June 12th.
  • 4 0
 @Boldfish: I'm just wondering when I place a bet. Is it after the finals but before the track walk?
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 NICE!!! Another wake&bake morning with racing!!
  • 4 0
 What's a Les Gets WC without the big fast open grass sections? Loved watching riders hang on round those bits.
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 will Tom Pidcock race?
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 No "Pinkbike Predictions"??
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 "Everything You Need to Know"

where's the riders start list?
  • 1 0
 Lets hope its not dry for the beginning of the mens final with a rain starting part way through the race. At the moment its looking like that could happen
  • 2 0
 Weather forecasting is nigh-on impossible nowadays. Currently looks dry til about 6pm Saturday. The XC riders are going to need life rafts though..
  • 2 0
 Re Red Bull start times: GMT isn't happening until October. BST is an hour later, if that's any use to anyone.
  • 2 0
 If Daprela races, and puts down a top 15 finish, the field behind him needs to quit racing.
  • 2 0
 Troy should play it safe to a top ten, as if top ten is a "safe" ride...
  • 2 0
 Saw that too. With Amaury and Thibault out he has a lot of breathing room for the overall (so far).
Im definitely keen to seem him rip another win though.
  • 1 0
 @dwojo: Daprela is not out, at least he was seen on trackwalk
  • 2 0
 @dwojo: Daprela is riding this morning!
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 What’s the difference between seeding and qualifying?
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 You'll learn that when you get older
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 It's the same thing.
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 Where I live there is a difference between seeding and qualifying. In qualifying only the first ... riders are allowed to the finals. So the race ends for the slower riders. Whereas in seeding you just ride for points and the starting order for finals. Everybody competes in finals.
  • 1 0
 @hermes1987: makes sense
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 @Freakyjon: Then why the junior women are doing a seeding run on Friday and the rest is doing the qualifying?
Thats what the article says… so i think there is some difference
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 @Kantenknaller: by hermes' description it's surely because there are fewer junior women than finals spots for them, so all get through.

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