Pinkbike Primer - Everything You Need to Know Ahead of the Trophy of Nations in Finale Ligure

Sep 26, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Trophy of Nations, Triple Rainbows
A flurry of jerseys to be handed out on the beaches of Finale

Finale Ligure closes the season once again for enduro but this time it won't be as the last round of the EWS but as a new competition - the Trophy of Nations. Now that the EWS is affiliated with the UCI, they are able to hand out rainbow jerseys and crown an official World Champion. However, unlike the downhill or XC World Championships, where riders race for National Federations but compete individually, the Trophy of Nations is a team competition with the top 3 ranked riders for each nation competing and all earning a jersey if they win.

Alongside the main event will be a non-national team competition, an individual competition and even an industry competition. All the winners will be crowned in the usual fashion, on the beaches of the Mediterranean on Sunday evening.

Let's get into all the details for the weekend ahead:

Alex Cure on his way to 6th on stage 2 and 6th overall by the end of the day.

The Format

Curtis Keene and Remy Absalon roll out of the start gate for the last EWS of 2018.

The race will follow a similar format to most enduro races with five stages spread across one day, the big difference here is the team element. Teams are made up of three members selected based on their world ranking as of August 12.

Each team has 1 minute to drop into the stage together, with a 1 minute gap to the next team. The order of the three riders and the gaps they decide on within that minute is up to them to decide. The individual times of each rider in the team on all stages are combined per stage to determine the overall result.

We'll be changing up our Fantasy League scoring accordingly too. Every rider on a team will get points equal to their team's finishing place. All three riders on the winning team will get the maximum points (500 each), all three riders on the second team get second-most points (450 each), and so on. So if you have Isabeau Courdurier, Melanie Pugin and Morganne Charre on your team and they win for team France, you would get 1500 points. But you could also have one rider from Team France, one from Team GB, one from Team Australia to try and spread your chances. If you want to make some changes to your team, you can do so here.

The Course

TOTAL RACE | 59km | 2300m descent

STAGE 1 | Roller Coaster | 6,39km | 648m descent

Roller Coaster is, without doubt, one of the most important and famous trails of the area. With its turns, compressions and natural bumps, it’s a complete stage. Before the start, the riders will be able to discover an installation made inside the woods by artists like Alessandro Tambresoni, Mario Nebbiolo, Nico Accame, Serfio Olivotti, and Simone Lammardo.

STAGE 2 | Kill Bill 2 to Cacciatore | 3,26km | 458m descent

These two trails linked together start at the Church of Madonna della Guardia. Kill Bill 2 is technical in its first part into the chestnuts trees but the riders can still find some flow between the steep and tight sections. The last half of the stage is completely different, with more rocks, a steep section and at least two big rock steps to clear.

STAGE 3 | Ivoland | 2,32km | 222m descent

Ivoland's name is a tribute to one of the most active trail builders in this area, Ivo Camilli. Two important pedaling sections connect two completely different trail sections as riders pass under the Cromagnon cliffs, one of the most photographed spots in the world.

STAGE 4 | Ruggeta | 2,24km | 208m descent

For the fourth stage of the day, the riders will feel a change of scenery out onto the mountainside. It’s not a technical stage but it will sap the energy. Passing by special places like caves, old walls and constructions, it’s the testimony of the prehistoric occupations of the area.

STAGE 5 | DH Men | 2,36km | 281m descent

Is it even necessary to present it? An iconic trail with stunning scenery, packed with spectators, will end the Trophy of Nations race.

What Happened at the Last Round

It was a race for the history books as Sam Hill and Florian Nicolai went mano-a-mano under the Matterhorn. It came down to the Queen Stage where Sam triumphed and ended up taking the title by 40 points. the race itself went to a returning Martin Maes with Richie Rude rounding out the podium.

Isabeau Courdurier completed a perfect season on a prototype Intense bike leading out Andreane Lanthier Nadeau and Raphaela Richter.

Pro Men

1st. Martin Maes: 37:37.02
2nd. Sam Hill: 37:49.65
3rd. Richie Rude: 38:14.70
4th. Kevin Miquel: 38:15.35
5th. Florian Nicolai: 38:31.21

Pro Women

1st. Isabeau Courdurier: 43:56.57
2nd. Andreane Lanthier Nadeau: 44:27.92
3rd. Raphaela Richter: 45:26.99
4th. Ines Thoma: 45:33.88
5th. Anita Gehrig: 46:27.88

See the full results here.

Andreane Lanthier Nadeau took back to back podiums at the finals rounds of the year which bodes extremely well for next season. One to watch.

The Teams

Note: Italics=reserve rider

·Sam Hill
·Joshua Carlson
·Connor Fearon
·Martin Maes
·Bart De Vocht
·Julien Soussigne
·Tom Maes
·Andre Luiz Ramos Bretas
·Guilherme Renke
·Ronny Renke

·Remi Gauvin
·Rhys Verner
·Jesse Melamed
·Mckay Vezina

·Andreane Lanthier Nadeau
·Miranda Miller
·Jennifer McHugh
·Kayla Morin-Blanchette
·Pedro Burns
·Fernando Javier Riquelme Cardemil
·Felipe Ignacio Agurto Galleguillos
Czech Republic
·Milan Mysik
·Premek Tejchman
·Petr Letak

·Dominika Durcakova
·Andrea Drengubakova
·Misa Pacakova


·Jonna Johnsen
·Nina Mezcua-Jensen
·Mette Marie Kronborg
·Iago Garay
·Gabriel Torralba Garasa
·Edgar Carballo Gonzalez
·Carlos Von Heyden Langelaan

·Florian Nicolai
·Kevin Miquel
·Dimitri Tordo
·Adrien Dailly

·Isabeau Courdurier
·Morganne Charre
·Melanie Pugin
·Morgane Jonnier

Great Britain
·Leigh Jonson
·Mathew Stuttard
·Mark Scott
·Elliott Heap

·Becky Cook
·Bex Baraona
·Ella Connolly
·Katy Winton
·Christian Textor
·Leonhard Putzenlechner
·Christian Derkum
·Leopold Barich

·Ines Thoma
·Sofia Wiedenroth
·Sandra Boerner
·Kelan Grant
·Greg Callaghan
·Killiam Callaghan
·Peter Davison

·Marcello Pesenti
·Mirco Vendemmia
·Erwin Ronzon
·Tommaso Francardo

·Laura Rossin
·Irene Savelli
·Alia Marcellini
·Sangmok Lim
·Junho Kim
·Minho Jang
·Espen Johnsen
·Andre Jaksland Aamodt
·Andreas Ohrn
·Anders Guttormson Skarstein

New Zealand
·Matthew Walker
·Cole Lucas
·Keegan Wright
·Mariusz Jarek
·Michal Makowski
·Lukasz Szymczuk
South Africa
·Matthew Lombardi
·Jason Boulle
·Martin Zietsman

·Vid Persak
·Nejc Huth
·Jan Markic
·Primoz Strancar

·Maxime Chapuis
·Gustav Wildhaber
·Patrick Luthi
·Igor Mueller

·Anita Gehrig
·Carolin Gehrig
·Carina Cappellari

·Martin Knapec
·Lubo Stanos
·Marian Skultety
·Samuel Pivko

·Robin Wallner
·Zakarias Blom Johansen
·Alexander Kangas
·Adrian Hornqvist

·Richie Rude
·Shawn Neer
·Cody Kelly
·Peter Ostroski

·Porsha Murdok
·Cooper Ott
·Kathryn Lawrence
·Hannah Bergemann

Weather Forecast

Warm and dry conditions are expected in Finale this weekend.

Noga Korem nears that end of the season swim.

Friday, September 27 - Training Day
Times of clouds and sun // 21°C // 25% precipitation // wind 7km/h

Saturday, September 28 - Individual and Non-National Team Day
Times of clouds and sun; comfortable // 22°C // 11% precipitation // wind 7km/h

Sunday, September 29 - Trophy of Nations and Industry Race Day
Partly sunny // 21°C // 25% precipitation // wind 7km/h

Weather forecast from Accuweather as of September 25.

The Schedule

Despite not standing on a podium this year Florian Nicolai managed to grab third in the overall.

Friday, September 27
• 08:00-13:00 Training - Stages 1-3
• 13:00-18:00 Training - Stages 4-5

Saturday, September 28
• 08:00-17:00 Race - Individual and Non-National Team Day

Saturday, September 29
• 08:00-17:00 Race - Industry and Nations Trophy

Note: All times are local and subject to change by the event organizer.

Follow Along

Pinkbike will be providing you with the best daily coverage from our team in Italy this week. Tune in to Pinkbike to catch photo epics, videos and results from practice and race day, as well as tech bits and news.

Following the Enduro World Series live can be a struggle with remote stages and hundreds of riders tackling trails at the same time. We're lucky to have Polygon rider Dan Wolfe bringing you behind the scenes action from each round LIVE through the Pinkbike Instagram stories this year. Find what's going down on course during training and race day through our Instagram. Be sure to follow @pinkbike to keep up with the action.

Pinkbike Predictions

Jesse Melamed rounded off his injury interrupted season with a 7th.

bigquotesGiven that enduro was invented in France, it's no surprise that they are the big favorites for both the men's and women's competitions. In the men's race they have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranked rider in the world in their team but the biggest indication of the depth of their strength are the names that are missing: Dailly, Oton, Bailly Maitre, Barelli, Lapeyrie and more. Canada's team also looks super strong this year with Remi Gauvin coming off the back of his best-ever season and Jesse Melamed recovering strongly from his mid-season injury. Rhys Verner completes their line up after finishing 34th overall this year. Finally, New Zealand have a great all-round squad with Matt Walker, Keegan Wright and Cole Lucas, how much will they miss Ed Masters after the season of his life though?

In the women's race, France looks strongest on paper again. Courdurier is the woman to beat this year having won 49 stages this season. Morgane Charre has been super consistent all season and finished fourth while Pugin has placed well at all the events she has entered. British women have flooded the top ten this year with Connolly, Winton Baraona and Cook all registering strong results throughout the year. Their consistency and camaraderie should deliver them to a strong overall result this weekend. The Gehrig Twins both picked up their best results of the season Zermatt and they lead the Swiss team alongside World Cup downhiller Carina Cappellari, who should all be fast in Finale.

1 // France
2 // Canada
3 // New Zealand
1 // France
2 // Great Britain
3 // Switzerland

Fantasy League

Don't forget to complete your EWS Fantasy team before the race starts on Saturday. If you don't know who to pick, check the Start List . There are prizes for each round, so if you haven't already, make sure to build your team today! If you've already got a team in the mix you're in the running to win the Grand Prize, so visit the Fantasy homepage to make sure you have the fastest team possible for the final round.

See the details on how we'll be scoring points for this round in the "Format" section above.

The Fantasy Enduro League is Presented by Shimano.

MENTIONS: @shimano


  • 59 0
 Team USA men is basically Yeti's enduro team circa 2017
  • 15 0
 Pinkbike can you add all the names into the fantasy league? For example I can't choose Rhys Verner as an option on my team..
  • 12 0
 Agreed. Add Connor Fearon too. This allows strategy to be used in selecting your 3rd or 4th riders.
  • 3 0
 Thanks for adding that, but still missing options.. like the ENTIRE ITALIAN MENS TEAM
  • 12 1
 Australia men team looks strong too!!
  • 1 0
 Yeah, that's an understatement.

Neither of the Masters brothers riding for New Zealand (oddly?).
  • 2 0
 Oh yeah, Eddie is injured of course.
  • 10 1
 I want to see Connor do this on a Honzo Smile
  • 4 0
 I wanna see Richie do it on a 303 DH.
  • 7 2
 I don't race and I generally ride by myself at a safe pace. As such, I have a question on the tactics for the start times. At pro race level, is it best to have your own space and do your own thing? Or could someone like Carlson go faster if he was to leave straight after Hill and try to follow his lines/pace for as long as possible?
  • 37 1
 Best to have the top guy behind you yelling, "git it" and "niiice" all the way down.
  • 1 0
 i would imagine all in a row. that way, less chances for the fast guy in the group behind u to catch up to ur slow guy.
  • 10 0
 @acali: and don't forget, "Yeeaaaah Boooyyy !!"
  • 2 0
 If you're able to close the gap you don't need any assistance from the lead rider in choosing lines and such.
  • 1 0
 @rideonjon: i think he means the 3 team members, not the team behind u. or that is how i took it, at least.
  • 4 15
flag LokiTheCat (Sep 27, 2019 at 0:11) (Below Threshold)
 TLDR version: "tactics" are going to play zero role because organizers have botched starting arrangements.
If they wanted team tactics to play any meaningful role, they should have had full teams start at the same time.
They're requiring riders to start 1 minute apart from each of their national teammates. Since team time is determined by simply adding up all three times, Sam Hill will not start first and sit around for a minute to wait for a slower teammate to catch up. In theory, you could have your fastest guy start last, and agree to have anyone he passes pull over and try to benefit from following his lines. As anyone who has ever made a pass on singletrack during a race knows, however, negotiating a pass is going to cost *both* riders time. If an overtaken rider is a full minute slower than his teammate on a 3-10 minute stage, he's unlikely to be able to follow his wheel anyway.
This race is nothing but a showcase of the depth of each nation's roster, so congratulations to France for already having won both the Men's & Women's categories!
  • 15 0
 @LokiTheCat: might want to re-read how the start works there buddy.
  • 1 0
TLDR version. Incorrect.
  • 6 0
 Fastest rider first then party train. Always easier following a faster rider and seeing lines/gaps/corners etc.

Team Australia should be smashing tinnies between runs for max steeze.
  • 2 0
 That seems like the best plan if it's not too dusty. Each team should definitely start fastest rider first. And waiting until the last 5 seconds of the team's 1-minute window seems like the way to go.
  • 7 0
 If Martin and Tom (Belgium) get 1st and 2nd, that would be A-MAES-ING!!!

I'll show myself out.
  • 11 0
 If Shawn, Cody and the other guy win that would be rich.
  • 6 1
 Juniors??? Why do you always include the juniors in DH but almost never in XC or Enduro? Especially this year as the u21 men are so strong. Please include them, it’s exiting to see who is coming up!
  • 4 0
 Here is all three teams in Womens U21

FRA-2113 DESLANDE Nolwenn FRA WOMEN | Under 21 10025768436
FRA-2112 RAYNAUD Margaux FRA WOMEN | Under 21 10078951516
FRA-2111 HUSSON Oceane FRA WOMEN | Under 21 10069059233
GBR-2113 FLEWITT Ellen GBR WOMEN | Under 21 10023905935
GBR-2112 HARNDEN Harriet GBR WOMEN | Under 21 10023959384
GBR-2111 HENDERSON Polly GBR WOMEN | Under 21 10023856021
USA-2113 NEWKIRK Anna USA WOMEN | Under 21 10034793173
USA-2112 BINGHAM Lauren USA WOMEN | Under 21 10094770192
USA-2111 NAUGHTON Isabella USA WOMEN | Under 21 10083862645
  • 5 0
 Hey Pinkbike, your example of Isabeau Courdurier, Melanie Pugin and Morganne Charre is great except for the part that we can only choose TWO Female Riders ???? Sorry if someone has already posted this...
  • 8 1
 jared graves flingin rocks in people's faces
  • 2 0
 I forgot about that. Gnarly. I just watched it probably 10 times, haha. I wonder if that dude was ok after that? That looked like a hard hit. His phone just launched out of his hand too.
  • 4 0
 This is such a cool event. I can't wait for the recap and video coverage of teams coming through tough sections!
  • 3 2
 I really like this format where the results are more country orientated rather than focusing on individual riders. Because the DH World Champs results are individual rider orientated I find that the country element is ignored and is a bit pointless.
  • 4 0
 Canada has this one. No bias here Smile
  • 2 0
 I'm assuming reserve riders don't get the same points the rest of the team get if they don't race?
  • 4 1
 Come on Pinkbike, what about the U21 teams??
  • 3 0
 disappointed to see no Aussie or Kiwi women's teams. Too far??
  • 2 0
 I think they had to have a certain number of ranked riders to qualify.
  • 2 0
 Denmark Ferda Girls!
  • 1 0
 @grubetown: Think they published a preliminary list of riders that were eligible, definitely riders there, but I guess mainly privateers doing a race here and there
  • 3 0
 Now this makes fantasy very interesting....
  • 3 1
 And kinda weird - switching it up for just the last race.
  • 2 0
 Colours of the elivation graphe are wrong: should be red for the ups and green for the downs!
  • 3 0
 Please add all the riders on each team to the Fantasy options
  • 3 0
 You know you are doing half decent when Adrien Dailly is your reserve
  • 1 0
 What's the prizing? The link is to Zermatt
Edit it just got posted on the homepage,( but the link is still old) Smile
  • 4 3
 USA Canada and Frances men's team are stacked as heck
  • 1 0
 Sounds like my new fantasy team lol
  • 10 0
 Who's Frances, your mom?
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 How can you mis-spell Murdock? Good luck to Porsha, she’s a rad lady!
  • 7 0
 Well - TBF, you misspelt misspell.
  • 1 0
 @fredparkenfarker:hahaha got em!
  • 2 0
 @fredparkenfarker: lol I totally did! She’s still a rad lady, though :-)
  • 1 1
 That’s a long list of countries ! Never realized riders were from so many different nationalities !
  • 1 0
  • 1 4
 As it's not broadcast live EWS or whoever is responsible for these things please do it justice with a really cool in depth highlights show
  • 4 1
 They always do.... last round:
  • 2 0
 Yep need to add Fearon for the Aussie team
  • 1 0
 @Chilliwacker yes! I would love if the normal highlights show was longer as well!
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