Pinkbike's Top 10 Most Read Reviews - 2016

Dec 27, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  

Top 10 Most Read Reviews

2016 was another busy year for Pinkbike's product testers, and over the last twelve months hundreds of reviews were published, covering everything from floor pumps to exotic carbon superbikes.

There's plenty of exciting tech content in the works for 2017, including more comparison articles where we weigh the pros and cons of the hottest bikes and components on the market, and several new concepts that we're not quite ready to reveal. Until then, enjoy this look back at the most read reviews from the past season.

9Point8 Fall Line review test

1. Ridden and Rated - Six Dropper Posts
bigquotesMy needs, in order of importance, look like this: it has to be reliable, of course, and I need to be able to work on it when the time comes. I want a remote that I don't ever need to think about, and it also needs to have 150mm of travel and not cost as much as a decent aluminum wheelset. With all that in mind, I would spring for a Fall Line from 9point8 if I needed to purchase a new dropper post tomorrow. It's durable, offers the infinite travel adjustment that I prefer, and it even costs less than most of the other options. - Mike Levy

Santa Cruz Bronson review

2. Santa Cruz Bronson Review
bigquotesWhen it comes to finding the ideal balance between geometry and the amount of suspension travel, the designers at Santa Cruz have hit the sweet spot with the Bronson. It's incredibly capable on both the climbs and the descents, a bike that remains unflinchingly composed in just about every possible scenario. There's no shortage of bikes that claim to be able to do it all, but with the Bronson those claims ring true. - Mike Kazimer

Fox Transfer seat post

3. Fox Transfer Post Review
bigquotesWith the discontinuation of the ultra-reliable D.O.S.S., and the fact that other companies are now producing some pretty good options, Fox's Transfer dropper post needs to be a home run. While my time on it has been limited, it seems as though Fox has managed to hit this one out of the park. If it were me, I'd probably save myself a bit of coin and buy the blacked-out Performance model for $329 USD that's identical mechanically and weighs the same as the more expensive Factory Transfer, but doesn't receive the Kashima treatment. Reliability is the only question mark, but it does look promising - I'll have a much longer-term review down the road to answer this. - Mike Levy

Revolution Suspension Grips

4. Revolution Suspension Grips Review
bigquotesThe $109.95 USD pricetag will be hard for many to swallow, but the added forgiveness of the Revolution Suspension Grips, however slight, will be appreciated by those who enjoy riding a short-travel bike quickly. I could also see downhillers who spend all day in the bike park benefiting from the design. - Mike Levy

2016 Transition Patrol Carbon 1 images for review

5. Transition Patrol Carbon 1 Review
bigquotesThe Patrol Carbon is the most versatile all-mountain bike that I can remember riding. It's slack and forgiving like a proper enduro race bike should be, but then it seems to transform into not just a completely manageable package when the terrain isn't burly, but one that's an absolute blast to ride. Transition hasn't employed any buttons or dials to change the bike's geometry, either, but rather just built a smart, easy to live with bike that's fun to ride everywhere and anywhere. - Mike Levy

Specialized 6Fattie 27.5 Stumpjumper

6. Specialized Stumpjumper Expert Carbon 6Fattie Review
bigquotesIf you think that plus bikes, and especially the 6Fattie, are going to ride awkwardly, you're wrong. The Specialized feels very much like a normal 29er on the trail, with the exception being that it allows the average rider to go faster on most downhills and clean tricky climbs more easily. Its 135mm of travel doesn't convey how it performs, however, making it a hard bike to try and label. Then again, that very description, that it doesn't suit any exact definition, makes it clear that the 6Fattie is best suited to a rider who falls into the same sort of non-classification. - Mike Levy

Ibis Mojo 3 review test Photo by Paris Gore

7. Ibis Mojo 3 Review
bigquotesIf I could do a blind test of the Mojo 3, I'm pretty confident that I'd still be able to tell you that it's an Ibis through and through. Sure, there are machines of similar travel that have more DH attitude, but the Mojo's nimbleness raises the fun factor to 11 on all but the scariest terrain, and a lot of riders don't even have access to those sorts of trails. And rather than hindering the bike's agility, the plus-sized compatibility only opens up more options when talking about both tire choices and line choices on the trail. - Mike Levy

RockShox Lyrik review

8. RockShox Lyrik Review
bigquotesWhen the new Lyrik was first unveiled there were some riders who bemoaned the fact that it wasn't radically different than the Pike. Where was the Totem 2.0? I'd say those concerns are unfounded - the Lyrik handily fills the space in RockShox's lineup between the Pike and the BoXXer, a tough yet versatile fork that works well on everything from all-mountain rigs to mini-DH bikes.

After my initial time on the Lyrik the only unanswered questions were related to durability, and after months of hard usage it's passed that test with flying colors. A plush-yet-supportive on trail feel, plenty of stiffness, and a hassle-free setup all add up to a fork that's ideally suited for today's hard-charging riders.
- Mike Kazimer

SRAM Eagle Review

9. SRAM Eagle Drivetrain Review
bigquotesThe wide range of the Eagle drivetrain's cassette is going to be the most appealing trait for many riders, but it's the little things like the improved B-knuckle, the elimination of the narrow wide teeth on the derailleur's upper pulley wheel, and the revised chainring profile that help make this SRAM's best mountain bike drivetrain yet. The price is fairly high at the moment, but don't forget, this is SRAM's top-of-the-line gruppo; it's not a stretch to imagine that more attainable options are in the works.- Mike Kazimer

Shimano M 8000 drivetrain review

10. Shimano XT M8000 Drivetrain Review
bigquotesWe've finally reached a point where 1x11 drivetrains have become relatively affordable, a welcome development for riders who had been put off by the high price of upgrading. The question will inevitably arise as to which is better, Shimano or SRAM, but the truth is, one isn't drastically superior to the other - both offer excellent functionality and durability, although at the moment Shimano has the edge when it comes to pricing.

All told, aside from slight ergonomic differences, plus the fact that SRAM's drivetrain requires a different driver body, and Shimano's doesn't offer as wide of a gear range, at the end of the day, it comes down personal preference. That's not as satisfying of an answer as declaring that X is better than Y, but it's also a sign of how good today's drivetrains have become, something that benefits all of us out on the trail.
- Mike Kazimer


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 I still can't take Sram Eagle seriously.... you can get a complete entry level brand name bike for the price of the cassette alone.
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 You don't have to like it or buy it. It's intended to be one of the best of the best and is a top shelf product, regardless if you like Sram or not. It's like complaining about how expensive transmissions and drivetrain are in F1 cars, because this is pretty much the bicycle industry's equivalent
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 @SirShmoopy: Your opinion is perfect: 2-3 runs and the transmission needs to be changed Smile )
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flag mitcht (Dec 27, 2016 at 21:52) (Below Threshold)
 @SirShmoopy: because we're all riding F1 cars...
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 It is a joke, you can buy 1x groups with similar or wider range at one third of the price!
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 Huge casettes are the ahilles heel of 1x drivetrains. They either add lots of unsprung weight or fk up your account. Eagle is fkd up. It is trying really hard to not use granny ring. And Sram fkd up pricing not only because of cassettes. The Eagle XX1 chain is more expensive than XT rear mech. I have no clue how Sram is getting it together with that pricing and who buys that on aftermarket. SLX gets the job done while XT is all you can ever need. So it used to be with 10sp Sram X9. It's a drivetrain for fks sake.
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 @SirShmoopy: Νοt really, as F1 stuff is all prototypes, on-offs and race spec components, certainly not taken from a production line and by no means available for the public to buy.

Eagle is just a super expensive production drivetrain for mountain bikes. Cutting edge perhaps, but not "exotic" at all.

Personally I don't mind Eagle, can't afford it anyway. I do run 1x GX though and still find 100€ for the cheapest compatible cassette too steep for a budget drivetrain component that will wear out over time. I find SRAM's pricing a bit OTT, shimano pricing is much more realistic.
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 @WAKIdesigns: been on eagle 2months rarely use the dinner plate, brought a second workhorse to avoid cassette wear lol
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 Eagle is exactly what tripple chainset from Shimano is. A niche product for those who think they need more just in case. It's taking dynamite for fishing. Like making a climbable 200mm bike. It's not because you need it, it's because you can.
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 No one is making you buy it or any of the new MTB products released. Why don't you ask Nino Schurter what his thoughts are on Eagle. The whole idea of a 50t Chainring is so they can run a bigger front chainring to get a better gear ratio on the fast sections..
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 be prepared in 2017: SRAM Pigeon (back to 1x7) , SRAM Phoenix (1x13), and SRAM Mockinbird (1x21) are coming
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 @WAKIdesigns: and cassettes and mechs are the archilles heel of mountain bikes. Everything else is pretty good but we persist with casssettes and mechs. Let's hope 17 is a better year for drivetrains.
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 @enduroFactory: comes to something when you need a second bike to avoid drivetrain wear... we will become like road bikers and have summer and winter bikes soon (I may already do this...hah)
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 @Racer951: funny you say that, i just converted the hardtail to single speed for winter. Mainly because my mech and cassette need a real good clean.
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 @Peppers24: Have you talked to him? Nino did exactly as well on 10-42 last year. I call Booooool - sheeeeeeeeet on ya
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 @enduroFactory: where did you bring it from?
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 Boohoo. XX1 was at least 250 bucks more expensive than Eagle when it was introduced, now look at how much you can buy 1x11 for. There's a price for having everything as soon as possible.
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 Someone was going to do it eventually, and whilst sram are the only ones doing it, it's going to be expensive. I won't buy it...I've got a 1x10 set up that does me fine and the cassette was £40. But eagle isn't replacing that. It's just making it cheaper.
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 At first I was like, what good entry-level bike can I get for 500-600 usd... then I saw the price, 1200 usd!!! Laughable!
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 @SirShmoopy: It's hard to see it that way; I just don't believe that much engineering, materials, and machining go into a high end cassette. It probably costs them just a bit less overall to manufacture a low end cassette. Whereas in F1, by comparison, quite a bit of research, exotic material, and manufacturing prowess probably do go into those parts, as compared to what's in my Subaru.

I don't know about F1 drive-trains but just for comparison's sake, special techniques had to be used to construct fracture-split con-rods for racing motorcycles, and it was a significant advancement when a manufacturing technique was invented to make that cheap enough to introduce into some high-end production race bikes. I *seriously* doubt that any such advancements in technology came within 100 feet of SRAM's building when their engineer finished programming their cnc to pop out a 12 speed cassette instead of 11.
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 @Peppers24: Nino's thoughts are probably... "I love riding bikes for a living. Thanks for the free gear!"
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 @WAKIdesigns: On that note: Are we really saving weight any more? At what point does even an ALU large cog start to outweigh a front derailleur?
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flag phxKokopelli (Dec 28, 2016 at 6:11) (Below Threshold)
 You are doing mountain biking all wrong if you need a 50 tooth.
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 @phxKokopelli: Let's make a quick head to head comparison for those of us who actually care about money:

XT 1x11 is $330 right now on Chainreaction Cycles.

(From Jenson) (X01)
Eagle Chain: $60.00
Eagle Cassette: $360.00
Eagle Crankset: $390.00
Eagle Der: $220.00
Eagle Shi(t)fter: $127.00

Okay, so total cheap Eagle is $1157.00 on Jenson. That means I can only get 3 XTs for the price of a Cheap Eagle (Cheagle). So Cheagle has to last 3 years (conservatively). Huh. Hard decision. Seeing as people can beat me on an SS, I'd say we should save the birds for the ones who really have to be flown around. Don't want to buy so many that they're out of stock for those who need them. #Savetheeagles
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flag CodeBlue (Dec 28, 2016 at 6:33) (Below Threshold)
 @NRogers27: I rode my buddies XT equipped bike.....well you get what you pay for.

Also compare apples to apples. XT to SRAM GX. I would still take the GX
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 Cop shades, falcon versus eagle. Cop shades, weapons and sex toys.
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 @CodeBlue: The point was to compare the apple to the eaglefruit. GX or XT. Heck—compare it to an X5. I just don't believe that anybody at all needs an eaglefruit when there are very very nice Honey-crisps available at a really nice price. I don't believe that an eagle it worth almost $1000 more than my parrot. And he even gives me compliments.
  • 5 2
 @WAKIdesigns: its a BICYCLE for fks sake hahaha
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 @NRogers27: Compare the Eagle to the Shitmano XTR dI2. $2K for that groupo. In 2012 I heard the same thing about XX1 1x11....the horror. This Xmas I purchased my 12 year old a bike equipped with Sram NX....stuff works great.

Next year or the year after Eagle will trickle down to GX and make it more affordable. Extending the gear range and ditching the front drl is an undisputable improvement.
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 @WaterBear: ya these guys are on crack saying that the eagle is exotic lol its one more gear on a cog!!! Now if you want to talk gear box's now you're talking exotic!! The saddest part of all of it is that sram has managed to brainwash these morons into thinking it is exotic... Think about it you can get an Xtr 1/11 group set for $465can now a eagle group set cost $1200USD so tell me again why one gear makes this drive train worth over $700 more for ONE gear?!?!?!!!!
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 @CodeBlue: you're wrong gx is more like slx buddy xt is like xo and Xtr like xx
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flag CodeBlue (Dec 28, 2016 at 8:01) (Below Threshold)
 @mhoshal: HA! Than you haven't ridden both

Compare XTR di2 to Eagle and get back to us.
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 @mhoshal: it can't be compared like that. GX is the old X7, it's like Shimano Deore quality/function wise. X9 was as nice as XT so there was a big gap between X7 and X9. It was the X0/X01 that resemble XTR with XX1 and Di2 being for people with clinical first world problems.
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 @phxKokopelli: If you are mountain biking and enjoying the experience, you are not doing it wrong — no matter what gear (or gear) you are using.
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 Its funny how you don't like what you can't afford! hahaha
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 @WAKIdesigns: I don't agree with the xx being the same as Di2 just for the fact that one is mechanical and one is electronic.
  • 8 2
 @WAKIdesigns: wakis already wasted 8x the time and energy bitching about it than it took me to buy the goddamn thing.
  • 6 2
 @rlucky82: who said I couldn't afford it lol. So because I'm not a moron that buys into crap and actually use my brain before making buys, apparently that means I can't afford it. See how stupid you sound making a comment like that!!! I just don't see where spending a week's pay is justified when I can spend a third of that and be just as happy if not more happy for the fact I just saved a whack load of money!!! I don't know about you but I don't have an endless supply of money so the money I do have I like to make go as far as I can with it!!
  • 5 4
 @mhoshal: Top of the line is top of the line. Again comparing Eagle to XT is not even close.

The good thing about Shimano is it keeps OneUP in business.
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 @mhoshal: Who said it was exotic? To your point it is one more gear........and that one gear extends the range to a comparable 2x10 system.
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 @CodeBlue: why would I wanna compare an electronic shift to a mechanical one?? There is no comparison lol. I'd give it to Di2 any day just for the fact I can justify where the extra cash is going because of the fact it's electronic. It's not like they just threw another cog on you can actually feel the difference Di2 makes in shifting where as if you blindfolded someone and put them on and xt equipped bike and then an eagle equipped the only way they are gonna tell the difference is if they actually count the gears because the mechanical shifting is basically the same. So Di2 wins with flying colors!!!
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 @CodeBlue: Xtr not xt!!!
  • 6 4
 @mhoshal: This is the funny thing about the PB'ers. They are comparing Eagle at full retail to the blow out prices of XT. Don't forget to add the cost for the One Up components :-).

Yes the di2 is electronic vs. mechanical and cost $1,000 more for a battery, solenoid, LED display and wires. Where is the outrage!!!! LOL!!
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 I do not get this bitching against eagle:
- 10-50 cassette weights close to 11-36 shimano XT - so talking about unsprung weight is pure bs here
- any 1xX is simpler to use an maintain than 2xX
- you have a long cage, but it's 2016 and we have those evil wheel sizes, so it is not worse than a 26'' and medium cage

The price? Ridiculous, but so are $8k carbon fames, super pricey carbon wheels with colourful magnetic clutch hubs etc. So, to sum up, this is still better than any 2xX and if someone can afford it, why not?
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 @WAKIdesigns: yes yes yes and yes.
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 @CodeBlue: I'm not sure where you are going with this lol Di2 is worth the price because it is something different altogether where as eagle is on more cog added to the same old mechanical setup. Nothing revolutionary there that I can see that warrants such a high price tag!!!
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 @lkubica: golden toilets are great too. Slicker and easier to wash than ceramics. Then diamond flush button never wears out. You can also have weight sensor that flushes the toilet and tells you the weight difference before and after taking the poop. Then there are those lifted V12 trucks which have more engine volume and more suspension than Baja 1000 trucks. If you can afford it then why not? And if there are people willing to spend money on it then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. With such reasoning, the only way a golden loo could be stupid would be if you were forced to buy it. But I am not for ed to buy so there must be nothing wrong about a golden toilet with a diamond flush button.

Now there are no MTB carbon frames costing 8k and my 3.4k carbon frame is actually better than vast majority of alu frames out there. But it just happens to be carbon, I'd enjoy it even if it was made of alu. But it is made of carbon, one of best carbon frames out there since their makers actually do control everything in production because it's a small local company so they have a possibility to do that. They don't need to rely on mass production with error margin being calculated into warranty return fund. My feame is evidently better than a Canyon and YT in pretty much every single way, which cannot be said about Eagle or XTR Di2 over a fricking SLX or XT. I have mechanical XTR because I got it for free, if I was to buy it I would shamelessly run SLX/XT combo. The only thing on my bike that was bought from narcissistic reasons is Hope Crankset, and I regret that decision greatly. Should have installed a used SLX crankset. I got myself a coil damper and 1,5ply tyres because it has to work properly. I do not fancy trying to be that guy on the forum posting pictures of a 6" bike hanging from a scale, tipping under 11kg, just so that people lick my arse and tell me they masturbate thinking about my bike.

Can you imagine, I am in my low form, as it is every winter and I changed cassette from 11-42 to 40 (36t front) and did some hairy, steep and wet climbs today. And I'm not wasted... I just pedal, oh maybe my oulse was almost 200 at points and so what? Did I whine like bitch that I am tired? That I wish I had at least 46t in the rear? Or thought that shifting isn't as crisp as Di2? No - shut the fk up legs, fk you lungs, fk you heart, That's what I was saying
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 @WAKIdesigns: its funny cuz i say "shut the f*ck up,Waki" when i rideWink
  • 6 6
 @scary1: yes I got into you! Success! I can leave the subject at piece. Namasteeeee
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 I think it's time we all admit the truth: There's no reason for Eagle (or any high end mechanical groupset) to cost nearly as much as it does.

The reason Eagle is expensive is because dudes with way too much cash who want to look better than the rest of us will pay for the privilege of having early. That's the whole reason.

It makes sense from a business standpoint for obvious reasons - at insanely high prices there's always a small segment of the market that will buy it at that price. So, release it at that price, sell it to those people, then after you've made all the sales you can at that price point, you bring it down - wash, rinse, repeat.
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 @WaterBear: two issues (not exclusive to Eagle) 1.Purchase anxiety and excuse (you got that in your post) and 2. Post purchase rationalization.

We all roll on these psychological mechanisms, the issue is to what point.
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 @WaterBear: That seems to be the trend. Luckily I can still keep up with eagle people on the uphills with my lowly SLX drivetrain and beat 'em on the downhills.
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 @duzzi: how can you get a wider range 1x ?
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 @mhoshal: Di2 is worth the price? WOW.....LOL
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 @WAKIdesigns: For curiosity's sake, do you run a 1x or a 2x?
  • 4 2
 @NRogers27: 1x since 2010 Razz But if I go to higher mountains I will put 26t granny on, without front mech. And will probably never use the 40 cog with it.
  • 7 1
 I swear you people are on stupid pills. Retail for XTR (Not di2) 1x11 is $1,100. Retail for XO1 1x12 is $1,200. Eagle for the win.....not even close.
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flag wibblywobbly (Dec 28, 2016 at 12:24) (Below Threshold)
 @CodeBlue: @CodeBlue: yup. but nobody will admit it. Shimano is cheap and nothing else.
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flag wibblywobbly (Dec 28, 2016 at 12:28) (Below Threshold)
 SRAM is actually putting money in to engineering stuff and improving it. Shimano is making some electronic BS nobody wants and moving their Production to third world countries with the lowest possible production cost. Compare that SRAM cassette to the cheap Shimano cassette. You get what you pay for. I would also rather support the company that is pushing mountain biking forward than the one coasting off it's past accomplishments and hoping you don't notice how cheap and low quality their new stuff is.
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 @WaterBear: yeah,you got it. Thats the whole reason i ride almost exclusively solo, too. So i can look better than you not seeing me looking better than you,by myself.
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 @mtbracken: Yes I agree with that.
  • 3 1
 @WAKIdesigns: Well, now I am quite sure that there is actually one thing much dumber than buying Eagle - having an argument with you. Honestly, I admire your deeply intellectual way of trolling. You could easily be a spin doctor of any populist party in Europe.
  • 4 3
 @lkubica: not that I feel I do it but how does intellectual arguing go with a populist party?
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 If you don't like it, don't buy it. Vote with your money. Go XT, its a phenomenal value. Everyone knows it. The amount of whining in the PB comments section is unbelievable. You don't have to buy this stuff. Thanks for the great reviews and comparisons, PB. Keep 'em coming.
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 @Speeder01: it's winter for fks sake... would you rather do a poll? Big Grin
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 @WAKIdesigns: give me an ebike sbootiut anyday.
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 @NRogers27: My mistake.....Retail is $1,183 so about $20 cheaper than Eagle
and 200 or more grams heavier.......:-)

Shimano is currently about 2-3 years behind everyone else. Have you seen their dropper post? LOL!
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 @NRogers27: come on man, we now live in a fact-free world, stop badgering us with these figures.

(Love my XT 30t 165mm cranks and none of you can have them)
  • 3 1
 I like how people still compare AR15 with Ak47 here... Sram's 1x And Shimano are different frim material ergonomics and function if you dont understand and feel the difference ten there is no point to argue. Keep saying your Ak is better Ar guys will never care...
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 @NRogers27: I have X01 (crank, chainring, derailer, shifter) in 11 speed on my bike so I'm not knocking it, but I also have an XT cassette.
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 @b-wicked: AR15 all day, every day.
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 @phxKokopelli: but dude '' AK are cheap and reliable, and also shoot well '' Big Grin ! Sram's XX1 and X01 cassettes work at least twice longer in comparison with any Shimano sheet metal contraptions no mention the weight and slick performance, they are a step forward in making Shimano's medieval cassettes better. Shifters are much more ergonomic, intuitive and adjustable, but I would like to see adjustable clutches on Sram derailleurs. 50t sprock on Eagle idk if you need that range go and get it a know there are people who need and want it so why not, although last sprocket on Eagle cassettes has a narrow wide profile and it helps with chain falling when spinning the cranks backwards that's a good update. Price? It's 2017 the is no limitation on any price this days they ask what they know people will pay that's it. BTW I Really like Shimano ... when it comes to Fishing reels or rods Wink
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 I've had 2 xx1 drive trains. Each with over 3000 miles and no issues with race-level abuse. Still relevant after 4 seasons. Worth it if you ask me.
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 @WAKIdesigns: no poll! no poll!

Screw it. I'm joining the chorus. Eagle is a rip. $1100 for a drivetrain? Insane! And why the hell does the shifter effort feel like a bare cable routed under a 1" steel BB dragged through the mud circa 1990? Damn that thing is stiff. Is this the price we pay for a clutched derailleur? Yes, I want it all for that price. Can't we get 15yo XTR super butter perfect shifter effort along with a clutched derailleur?

I'm dumping this stuff and going Di2. Wait, a battery and a bunch of little wires? What are these guys smoking? ????
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 @phxKokopelli: yeah AR15 no doubt, lack of stopping power (compared to 7.62) but at least your rounds hit whatever you are aiming at down range (from usable distances). great weapon platform.

felt a lot more solid than the pop gun we got in the same calibre

however? AK leave it in a ditch full of water, give it a shake...guaranteed to fire every time!

personally i really liked the FN-FAL SLR in Nato 7.62
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 @wibblywobbly: SRAM drivetrains are great but pay for what you get? I had 3 warranty cassettes as the teeth were being ripped off XX1 11speed all in one year.
I do question that at times
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 @enduroFactory: maybe change those gears smoothly next time? Not like in the last moment before climb over 3 gears with your man legs?
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 @hampsteadbandit: Don't forget you can get an AR10 in .308 and an AR15 in everything from .22lr to .50beowulf. people who think AK's rock can stick to video games, not a single person wouldn't drop it for another platform as soon as the chance arose.
  • 1 0
 @atrokz: interesting about the calibres...

I spent time with L85A1 (SA80) firing the newer Nato round 5.56, and short time using 7.62 on the old SLR and GPMG. Too much time as army cadet with the old Lee Enfield cannon firing .303, blanks would blast a hedgerow clean through! And firing Bren!

Also got to fire some 'exotic' guns in Germany on shared Nato ranges as other keen to swap and fire the new British SA80 "pop gun", we got to shoot the M16A2 and H&K G3, plus a quick squeeze on an Uzi 9mm.

Easily the highlights firing chainguns on Challenger and Warrior, and deploying dummy minefields using vehicle mounted firing platform, and blowing clean with MCLC Smile
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 @hampsteadbandit: sounds like a damn fun time! G3 would be a dream, but they banned them here (anything based of the FAL other than the Swissarms stuff which is pretty much identical... go figure). Silly laws here, I can go hunt with a tavor but a AR10 with a 22" barrel requires stricter licensing and can't be used to hunt.. oh well, paper it is!

If you're ever on this side of the pond hit me up!
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 So an actual pink bike is 2nd.
  • 6 0
 It's not pink, it's magenta.
  • 11 0
 @Dwdrums00: It's not magenta, it's kalimotxo. Don't you know your colors man? Razz
  • 3 0
 @Dwdrums00: haha I didn't know about those shirts.
  • 1 0

I want that shirt even though mine is the black, haha
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 Dear Pinkbike Staff, I would suggest that the daily polls you post on a side panel of your homepage become seperate features with the possibility of leaving comments below them. I'm sure they would spark up some interesting discussions and we could all benefit from that extra insight.
  • 2 0
 Or...Dear Pinkbike Staff, what is the information collected in the daily polls actually used for?
Or am I being naïve?
  • 1 0
 @john260164: Probably for targeted advertising
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 This just goes to show that Pinkbike needs to do MORE SHOOTOUTS!
  • 2 0
 Shootouts like solo reviews can be chalk and cheese
  • 20 2
 Bronson vs patrol.go
  • 41 1
 Darude- sandstorm
  • 19 1
 The Bronson and Patrol might ride well, but Ellsworth really have them both covered in the looks department.
  • 3 0
 @coolskidz: i ll second that
  • 3 0
 but does it look like a session?
  • 1 0
 no. Bronson vs Troy. Troy wins.
  • 2 0
 @ibishreddin: great now that song is stuck in my head as I dance into the office.
  • 18 7
 A brief story regarding the Bronson:

I have a good friend from CA who has been in the bike industry for years. He can and has owned/ridden just about everything you could imagine. He has even owned a number of SCs that in his words "didn't blow his doors off."

For our trip to Downieville this year he decided last minute to bring a new Bronson. The whole trip he was raving like a lunatic (which is not his style) about how amazing it was. All I could do was smile and nod. Despite being from the opposite coast, and my home terrain being extremely different, I still have to agree that the Bronson might be the one bike to rule them all regardless of where you choose to do so.
  • 36 14
 Yeah the Bronson is good, but the Nomad is better. 15mm better, I think it is.
  • 10 8
 @jaame: I would agree if travel was all that matters, but I imagine you know better than that.
The Nomad has been ready for an update for a while. Once that finally happens it will be a bit easier to make those kind of comparisons.
  • 13 4
 @jaame: more like 15mm less good at doing the whole uphill 50% of riding.
  • 10 1
 Hightower at 150/160 front and 150 rear is a fantastic all-rounder.
  • 5 1
 Bronson is the best bike ever because Peaty, 50:01, allthelads and bongsheds, you should know how it rides is not relevant.
  • 3 1
 @jaame: Bronson is a different animal....I think Nomad is not so good...I know a few riders in Bronson and others in Nomad and for me Bronson is quicker and easier side to side whit the Nomad.
  • 2 0
 @jaame: You know nothing, have you ridden a Bronson 2?
  • 18 7
 Hi Pinkbike, thank you for the reviews throughout 2016. Just one small favor, please, please, please include more dirt jump reviews in your 2017 schedule. I know it might not get as read as much as enduro bike reviews, but it will be very appreciated by a good amount of Pinkbike readers. Keep up the great content.
  • 47 2
 I'll summarise every one, This quality steel frame will take anything you can throw at it and come out looking for more, it won't hold you back on anything and with its A) short and nippy geometry, is great fun at the jumps B) long and low geometry will really hold speed on longer jump trails and 4x style tracks.
  • 4 1
 @blitz66: the forums are where you get the good dj reviews. let's face it, i don't think i would take vernon felton's dj reviews very seriously.
  • 4 0
 DJ bikes reviews would probly be like "This bike is very capable, fork is 100mm but more capable than you would think. Geometry feels capable al high speed but at low speed still capable, but when you are not going too fast or too slow is when the bike become more capable. Brakes and tires are on par with other capable offerings in the market right now."
  • 14 0
 So my takeaway is that the #1 name for a test reviewer is Mike.
  • 4 0
  • 8 1
 So let's all be honest here, shall we? Most of us don't buy a bike more often than every few years (and that's already at a level of addiction/consumption that makes many of our non-riding acquaintances shake their heads). And most of us do not buy more than a few bits and bobs other than consumables (tires, pads, chains, etc.) each year. And yet we all read these reviews with a devotion that looks, to the uninitiated, like the sort of thing you'd do when you're actively researching an imminent purchase. We all have a bit of a bike porn problem Wink
  • 9 6
 All the SRAM haters crack me up. The Eagle drivetrain is the real deal. My 1st front derailer-less system was a 1x10. Loved everything except the top end range. That was because of the 30-32T front ring. Now I have a 36t on the Eagle and it is bad a$$. Best shifting system I had ever ridden.
  • 1 1
 nobodys hating because of the gear range... its the price, and if you can afford it. i personally dont like it because its not shimano. sram always left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • 2 1
 @whitebullit: I was a XTR / XT fanboy years. Nothing wrong with their products. I just prefer the feel of SRAM....

All manufacturers have their hits and misses. I think SRAM has had more misses than Shimano because they are more in the forefront with innovation and getting products to market. Shimano is slow to move and can also be good and bad. You know Shimano stuff is going to work but many times the performance is a step behind (example their dropper post).
  • 8 1
 That title hurt my brain
  • 3 1
 Thanks for doing the Mojo 3 review. The bike absolutely rips and your input was a factor in my decision to purchase the bike. Keep em coming and I'll continue to keep a very separate bank account from my wife. Cheers, Mojammy!
  • 3 1
 To all the people bitching about Eagle pricing, the reason you can buy XT for $350 is because it is not as popular as XO1, not because they are being generous. Just remember that before XX1 Shimano had no interest in putting out a 1x drivetrain. They were dragged into it by Sram and just like other non innovators are being forced to compete on price and not technology.

If you don't think you need it don't buy it.

If you think it is too expensive don't buy it.

I was also a non believer in the need for Eagle and I still don't think it is necessary. But, after two rides on my new setup (can only get CC bikes from SC with Eagle now) it is worth every penny. Shifting is way cleaner than XX1 and the range allowed me to do a ride with over 4K of climbing despite being off the bike with injuries for almost the entire second half of the year.
  • 3 0
 Mike Levy, respectfully, no earthly seat post has infinite adjustment (even ones with an infinite price) - I think the description you need is stepless adjustment.... keep a humble engineer happy ...
  • 1 0
 This place makes me smile grown ups moaning about bikes and parts, just got in from riding my bike freezing but fun , trying my new clipless pedals what was more fun never ridden them before always been on flats (i can bunny hop on flats ) they say try them out on a car park or somewhere flat so I went straight in the woods at the back of my house with my seven year old daughter she has a new basket on her bike , every five minutes "stop wait for me " definitely got the hang getting unclipped !
  • 1 0
 that's more like it!
  • 1 0
 Regarding gearing. My 4.5 yeti 29" bike with 32x44 is killing me. Where I ride is steep and I'm about ready to stick a 28t chainring on this thing. I can see where a 50t rear would be pretty sick. f*ck that price though. I'll buy 30 sets of tires before I buy a 1200 dollar groupset.
  • 3 0
 I have a ripley and a mojo 3. Both with full x01 and carbon wheels. Am I a pc of shit? Neither one have eagle, am I okay? Very confused right now.
  • 1 1
 If the Ripley is an XL then yes you are. Send the bike to me and salvage your e-credibility
  • 1 0
 Granted on not on Eagle but I am on a SRAM 1x11 drive train and I can't see what the fuss is about. Suits my riding perfectly. Dinner plate is your get out of jail free card on climbs and overall weight reduction from 2x or 3x and a neater cockpit. That said as soon as it's reach the end of it's useful life then 11 spd XT will be going on
  • 2 0
 I'd really like to see that long term review on the Fox transfer in the near future. I've been holding off on a dropper post because of that.
  • 8 0
 Still in use, still zero issues.
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy: Awesome. Thanks man. I think that's going to be the one for me. I have an odd diameter tube. 34.9 mm. Do you think I would have any issues if I shimmed it from 34.9 to 31.6?
  • 2 0
 @mikelevy: How long has it been?

Mines been running solidly through the British winter and has had a lot of abuse, hasn't had a single issue yet
  • 1 0
 Zero issues for my transfer as well. My reverb needed two rebuilds in the time I have needed none on my transfer.
  • 3 1
 U guys are funny these are all bike industry's ploy for us to talk about and maybe buy it if money will not be an issue for upgrades it's been going for a while now ????????
  • 3 0
 Soooo, you don't want to read reviews then?
  • 1 1
 11 -42 ten speed 32 up front is what I want , what I have is 11-32 ten speed 32 up front this is all SLX and one up I the 42 will be plenty just a litter easier but I just grit my teeth usually bike as much as I can and run fitness gets you up hills .
  • 4 0
 50mm stanchion totems out soon .Super boost
  • 3 0
 I wanna try those grips and That patrol
  • 1 1
 This is why i hate mountain bikers amd the mountain bike industry. Ride your bikes. Enjoy your bikes and trails drink beer and chill the fuck out. Stop being armchair pro riders
  • 4 2
 Only one fork review on this post? I'm shocked!
  • 3 1
 Shimano always do sram on the price .
  • 1 0
 Eagle is such a interesting topic.....people could talk about it until most of us puke.
  • 1 0
 50 teeth on the cassettes no wonder they started making bigger wheels eh .
  • 2 0
 Eagle was made for fat dudes that can do backflips
  • 7 6
 I was responsible for the tally on the most read SC Bronson, hehe
  • 3 2
 I read it ~20 times myself. Initially to decide what bike to buy, then later when I was having trouble getting it set up. All good now, great review and an even better bike.
  • 4 2
 Yah Rev Grips!
  • 1 0
 The suspension grips link has a leading space in the href.
  • 1 0
  • 6 4
 Ibis' still suck
  • 1 0
 I'm gonna run out of popcorn again today!
  • 1 0
 Sram always do shimano on price
  • 1 0
 This is now the top read review article of the year. Nice marketing PB
  • 1 0
 Nino Schurter didn't pick Eagle SRAM sponsor him to pick it !
  • 1 0
 Fat dudes on five grand carbon bikes lol
  • 2 2
 Umm this is the year for Peaty grips yo!
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