Pinkbike's Top 10 Most Viewed Images - 2016

Dec 27, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  

Top 10 Most Viewed Images

Pinkbike's photo galleries now hold nearly 14 million mountain biking-related images, with thousands more added every day. Over the course of the last twelve months, it was the following ten photos that received the most views.

Stage 1 of the Cape Pioneer Trek international stage race in South Africa took riders through the Gondwana Game Reserve where some competitors had a close encounter with a giraffe. Photo credit

1. Giraffe Encounter by Zoon Cronje
bigquotes It's not every day you encounter a giraffe during a race.. - Pinkbike POD March November 1, 2016

Natural fires are a huge influence on the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Inspired by a particularly bad wildfire season Harrison Mendel and I had been on the hunt to create a unique burn photo but we were after something real rather than a staged fire photo. Several clearcut burn piles left to smoulder high above Kelowna gave us a perfect opportunity. Hidden pockets of soldering embers and toxic smoke made this a hazardous location but when Harrison slashed into a pile of ash and this wave of molten embers erupted we knew it was well worth the risk despite a deep burn on Harrison s ankle. Huge thanks to Ben Schleith and Harrison for helping to make this photo happen.

2. Harrison Mendel on Fire by Robb Thompson
bigquotesAnother Harrison Mendel riding POD, this time featuring a slash pile in the remains of a clearcut forest. I love the contrast in colour and mood between the sombre blue tones of the snow and the fiery redness of the... fire. Seriously though, this is a very unique image. - Pinkbike POD February 10, 2016

The Loop of Doom

3. Loop of Doom by The Rise
bigquotesWho can forget Matt MacDuff's incredible attempt at the world's largest loop-the-loop? This image had us all in disbelief. - Pinkbike POD Jul 12, 2016

Huge suicide no hander above the road.

4. Jaws Goes Huge by Sheiffa
bigquotesNo explanation needed here: this road gap is huge! - Pinkbike POD September 12, 2016

Alejandro Paz saving it qualifying first Copa Downhill 3rd ace in Pachacamac - Peru

5. Saving It by Sebastian Gonzalez
bigquotesA big part of being a successful photographer is... luck! Being in the right place at the right time is never easy, yet so crucial in this profession. Capturing dramatic moments during a long race is a total gamble. Bastian won jackpot here! - Pinkbike POD December 9, 2016

Full movie here http video 432593

6. Bas and Tom by Jamie Ledson
bigquotesThat's some trust to send it like this, this close together... - Pinkbike POD April 26, 2016

When your Jeep breaks down in Moab and leaves you w o transportation other than a mountain bike Leave the rig at a mechanic pedal over to Poison Spider Bicycles and catch a shuttle to the top of Porcupine Rim. That s where I met Russell Facente Sales Manager at Poison Spider Bicycles who let me tag along w him and his friends. I travel to ride as much as I can and if there s one thing I ve learned about riding outside of your own backyard it s this Follow a local down a trail they ve ridden countless times and you ll find yourself taking lines you would have never seen on your own. This holds especially true on The Whole Enchilada where options are abundant throughout every one the 20 miles of trail. This is a photo of Russ descending The Notch.

7. Russ in The Notch by Dana Ramos
bigquotesThis would be a solid shot with a DSLR, but it's pretty much outstanding with a cameraphone. Good action good light and you have to assume the photographer was brave enough to get right into the line of fire. - Pinkbike POD December 14, 2016

8. Chesty by Kuba Gzela
bigquotes That's how every good ride starts... Love this perfect execution of the "chesty" angle. - Pinkbike POD Jul 12, 2016

that moment when you realize you re too close but it s worth it... Rider Nicola Pescetto

9. Nic Pescetto is Too Close by Bartek Wolinski
bigquotesKiller shot! Effort from the both sides of the lens paid off handsomely. - Pinkbike POD January 11, 2016


10. Remi Thirion on Fire by JB Liautard

bigquotesGreat colours, great shapes, great action. - Pinkbike POD December 20, 2016


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 I'm responsible for at least half of the total views of #10
  • - 22
flag VTwintips (Dec 26, 2016 at 21:15) (Below Threshold)
 If you like that photo... you *might* like this one even better:

I know I do. I feel like the rider seems to fit into the photo better.
  • + 20
 I think I'm the only one responsible for #9. And why's everyone downvoting @VTwintips? Its a good shot
  • + 11
 @Husker2112: I agree. whats wrong with it?
  • + 6
 @Husker2112: The PB Rat-Pack effect. Here is comes again......
  • + 2
 @VTwintips: Yeah for me the ugly florescent green on Remi's helmet is like a stain on an otherwise perfect & amazing picture.
  • + 1
 @Trials-FTW: I feel like the biker makes the other photo and Remi is just an out of place human in the otherwise beautiful landscape here. The entire him actually takes away from the composition of the photo, because the balance is lost. I wouldn't go so far as takes away from the photo, but the composition of it, yeah.

Like the other photo is 100% about the fierceness in that rider's eyes. In the Remi photo, its like, oh and there's also a sick biker absolutely shredding, but its necessarily about him in any way. There's nothing about the Remi photo that says check out that biker.

I hate to say it, but its almost like the background is too good on its own.
  • + 1
 @VTwintips: I partially agree, the background is the star of the photo, but as I see it, that's what makes the story - Nature is our playground. Come join us.
  • + 0
 @justwan-naride: Fineeee. seems like i cant escape this photo anyways. its been in my favorites for a while now anyways. I still thinks its a 10/10 biking photo with an 8/10 composition.

If there was like 1 white glistening rock on that left bank, or just something it would do it for me. I just think Remi is too bright as a whole, and doesn't fit into the picture for that reason. It just lacks balance.
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 Funny thing is giraffes are one of the least aggressive of our big animals... He must've been on an Ellsworth
  • + 27
 Weirdly i think the giraffe takes it...
  • + 9
 It is high on my list.
  • + 8
 Two of these pics are taken in SA... MTB scene is on fire down here! Remember the guy who got taken out by an antelope? Even I got my ass chased by some baboons here in Stellenbosch! :-))
  • + 12
 i think it's still neck and neck
  • + 3
 Head and shoulders above the rest.
  • + 4
 Why do Giraffes have long necks ?

Because their heads are a long way from their bodies.
  • + 22
 Pretty awesome shots, thank god there aren't any of the Yoga shots as number one, proving that pink bikers are not all pervs...
  • + 5
 I hope you're being sarcastic here. Why would anyone be a perv to look at beautiful women, especially if the article is specially designed to clickbait with those preview shots? Don't tell me they're not. This level of hypocrisy is beyond me. But if this was a joke, I'm sorry. Razz
  • + 1
 @ghostrider95: hopefuly it is a joke. If you work hard for your body you are going to wnat people to see yor hard work
  • + 1
 @jonokonko: @jonokonko: I work hard for your body baby.


Delete that.

No. Don't.
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 It's not everyday you come across a giraffe on the trail. Probably every other day though
  • + 6
 So hard to pick one, but based on composition (as opposed to action) #10 would be my choice. The colours are out of this world too.
  • + 4
 I seriously hope #2 gets POY. That is such an amazing photo.
  • + 1
 That #7 really got me wondering how deep that drop to his right is and how the trail continues. Or those two combined: how is the rider going to bail with the photographer in the way Wink ?
  • + 4
 did we ever get to see the loop of doom full video?
  • + 2
 Give it another week and that pic of Abi doing her yoga stretch at the top of her last article will beat all these.
  • + 2
 Love them all but my favourite has to be #10
  • + 1
 Please include the backstory on the POY contest! Makes it so much more interesting to hear the tale of the shot.
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 Remi on fire has some very unique color and landscape.
  • + 1
 Imagine if that Giraffe was a lion!!
  • + 1
 The lion is just out of picture on the right. That's why the giraffe is running.
  • + 1
 Picture 1 nice !!!!!! POD !!!! GOGOGO haha!
  • + 1
 Remi and Nic were killing it this year, surprised to see them on the list!
  • + 1
 all great pics
  • + 1
 Wheres 8? Norway?
  • + 3
 Lago di Garda Italy
  • + 1
 love itBig Grin Poland FTW!
  • + 0
 Three of them from polish photographers!!!
  • + 1
 And the POY IS !!!
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