Pinned DVD - Review

Jun 17, 2009
by Mike Levy  
Straight from BMC Productions is Pinned, a relatively new DVD covering loads of North American action (along with a few foreigners thrown in for good measure). Shredders include Steve Wentz - Ian Odom - David K - and Chris Kovarik, among lots of others. Pinned has been in and out of my DVD player too many times to count throughout our terrible winter/spring so I'll let you know what I thought!

Does the world need another MTB DVD, and if so should Pinned be on your to-get list?

Read On And Watch The Trailer Inside...Pinned is really a no apologies full on race video. With some of North America's best riders and filmed at races across the country, Pinned looks quite promising. The 'ol travel budget must of got a good bump as BMC Productions managed to get to Angle Fire, Aspen Nationals, the Southridge Winter Series, Fontana, Sea Otter, and the 'Vegas 4x. Not to mention many of the riders home trails and mountains.

The description on the case sums it best:

Pinned Follows The Riders On And Off The Racecourses
Tear Up Their Favorite Trails.
Special Highlights Include Chris Kovarik At Lake Elsinore
And Steve Peat, Greg Minaar Going
Head To Head In The Final Run Of The Dual Slalom At Sea Otter.
With Multiple HD Cameras Covering The Races And The Trails.
You Won't Miss A Moment Of The Action

Pinned contents page

After a bit of a marathon intro, Pinned leads into some action from the Chili Challenge at Angel Fire. Watching the bikes get worked over on the Angel Fire track at race speed is impressive, not only do you get to see the rippers but also some punters that remind me how I'd look while trying to put down a good time. For those of you that hit up some of the series in Pinned you'll love being able to see where you've been and how its done. None of the footage seems to get that clear or crisp, but it pretty easy to get the sense that those guys are moving.

TJ Sharp at Angel Fire

Some of the riders get a chance to speak for a bit longer than in other flicks, which is pretty neat-o. Without ever having met David K. I get the sense he is a bit of a funny man after listening to him talk about his reasons for racing bicycles down hills, it adds a bit of personality to the usual mix of pro's riding bikes. It's really only for the money and women, right?

See David Talk and then see David shred!

Steve Wentz getting loose in the dust

Although not really that exciting to watch on film, it was still cool to see the 'Vegas 4x/Mountain Cross/Double Dual get some coverage. The event didn't get a lot of coverage over the Interbike week and I don't think a lot of people even knew it went down. Oh well, make up for it now!

There's a lot packed in there!

Check out the trailer for Pinned!

Ian Odom gets good and loose on his big Brodie

Without exaggerating I can tell you I have pretty much every mountain bike movie that has ever been released on DVD... as well as VHS. I'm not too sure if that is a good thing or not, although I am sure that the girlfriends I've had over the years would say that it isn't. Regardless, nothing beats popping in a good vid to get the fires stoked before a ride, or a proper beer and bike movie night with your crew. There is just something that is right about watching the best absolutely tear the mountain a new a*shole. As it turns out though, most of Pinned doesn't really manage to get my fires as stoked as other videos. The riders are hauling ass, the filming is decent, even the soundtrack is o.k. (which is rare for a MTB movie), but almost nothing in the film makes me jump up and holler. Maybe we're getting a bit jaded by some of these cable-cam'ed and heli-filmed super videos. Maybe not. BNC advertises Pinned as filmed in HD, but to be honest it is one of the lower quality video's I've seen in quite awhile. If you follow any one of the series featured in Pinned you'll get a kick out of seeing it on your T.V., maybe you're even in it, other than that I have a hard time recommending Pinned to any poor mountain biker, there are better films to spend your money on, sorry.

Pretty self explanatory...

Yup, there is a pretty big crash section in Pinned. Yup, it's right in the middle of the video. I've never been a big fan of watching riders go down hard as it seems to take the wind out of my sails a bit (not to mention theirs). Put it in the bonus section, put it at the end at least, not right in the middle of all the action. I guess that's what the 'skip' button is for on the remote.

There are some heavy hits in the "Carnage" section

Kovarik shortly before the shit hits the fan

While most of Pinned is not slow-motion worthy, Chris Kovarik closes down the video with an earth shaking display of riding in California. Dressed in black and on his big Intense, he gives a show on how to ride a big bike with flat pedals: foot out and fast as all F#&*. How else would he have it?! The bike is constantly over at an impossible angle and the corner looks like a land mine went off in his wake. Aggression at it's best, I am now a bit closer to understanding that 14 second beat down everyone received at Fort Bill in '02.


Am I simply a hater? I'd like to think not, Pinned just isn't in the same category as most of the other recent releases. Obviously BNC Productions doesn't have the same budget as some of the big players out there, but there are more and more little guys putting out videos that do nothing but impress, Pinned just isn't one of them. Of course I'd much rather sit back and watch Pinned than, say, Titanic or and episode of The Hills, it is still a MTB movie after all! If you are a simply a MTB movie fan and already have everything else, then by all means I'd say pick up a copy of Pinned and you can get the video for only $12.95 on BNC Productions site. If that isn't the case I would counsel you to give it a pass.

BNC Productions

Mike "Kakah" Levy


  • + 9
 The music in the trailer spoiled it for me. I don't think some idiot screaming his head off was the best complement to the footage.
  • + 7
 Completely agree
  • + 2
 ^^^ Well said!
  • + 1
 We're going on about the riding, which is only average.
  • + 9
 wow, well that looked really bad, just a load of random clips thrown together to aweful music, sorry to say it, but its what i thought.
  • + 9
 that trailer really didnt appeal to me, there was nothing that looked ott or stupid quick, which i was expecting...
  • + 10
 ^^^Ditto my friend I thought it looked really amateur.
  • + 2
 i like to see people shredding. the fast music and in your face feel was cool, there isnt enought of that, although the vocalist did suck balls. i plan on getting it and im sure i will see some sweet bike riding, especially if kovaric has a part in there, hes such a badass.
  • + 3
 yeaaaaaaaaaaaa steave wentez whats brooooo its scott i road with you at ucsc in santacruz i meat you threw a kid name jake you kill it at riding hope this video turns out great gooood one broo
  • + 6
 agree, whats with the music??
  • + 5
 Looked very amateur and what kind of a name is "pinned" I mean honestly its not a sewing videos!!!
  • + 1
 While the soundtrack is obviously not to everyone's liking, the fact of the matter is that it walks a fine line between overly obnoxious and elevator music - something rare with even the biggest MTB vids. The footage does an excellent job, in my opinion, of capturing racing life for the average Joe Pro.
While it's great to watch Hill and Peaty destroy courses the world over, the simple fact of the matter is that watching top level pros is a very small part of downhill racing. What "Pinned" does an excellent job of is capturing the anticipation, the excitement and the disappointment of racing for guys and girls who actually have to get up on Monday morning to pay the bills. In my opinion, the video is a welcome departure from the hype that has come to define the genre of "DH" type vids. The riding is very solid (Kovarick's footage is the best I've seen anywhere, bar none) and the footage does an excellent job of capturing the speed and skill involved in DH racing.
If you're the type who likes pixie sticks with your Mt. Dew, you may do well to look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you actually ride and love the sport for everything from time spent trying to track down lost linkage bolts in the pits to feeling like you're gonna puke every time you hear "riders ready?" to sharing a podium with bros - this video is for you.
In short - this is a rider's video. Pinned's clips will likely never find their way into the "Destroyed in Seconds" archive, but in the end - isn't that a good thing?Check this DVD out - it might be a long stretch to think that anonymous posters on teh intrawebs don't know what they're talking about, but then again, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.
  • + 1
 While I respect what this movie is trying to accomplish and the time put into filming/editing, it's not professional and up to par not only with other mountain bike films, but any action or extreme sports video. The video has the quality of a home movie, having a good story is only one aspect of a good film, there are a list of others not accomplished by this movie.
  • + 2
 I can respect that - I am curious though, above you state that the trailer "did not make me want to see the movie at all". Is it reasonable to assume that you haven't watched the movie in it's entirety before or since you posted that?

The reason I ask is because the trailer really isn't much of an indication of the video's quality, in fact, the song in the trailer that has provoked such scorn isn't even found in the video (which I agree is a good thing).

My intent wasn't to bash those of you who have different tastes, it just troubles me to see someone's hard work bashed based solely on one song or a few minutes of a trailer when the vid is otherwise very solid.
  • + 1
 It's all good, I have seen it, I was just merely commenting on the trailer. I'm also not really that into racing vids, which might be part of the problem. You don't have as much time or control of the riders and shots so filming a racing video is inherently more difficult, so I have to give the filmers credit for that. I just love the flowy and well planned vids from The Collective, or Anthill now I guess, they've really set the bar high so it makes me really judgemental of other movies that I don't think are quite at that level. Props for trying to get out there and putting all the time into it, just not my style.
  • + 1
 Awesome - tHIS video is teh SUXXXORS!!!1111!!!
If you cannot put together a single grammatically correct sentence, maybe it's best that you stay in the forums and debate whether or not you should run white grips with your white bars.
With that said - I like the video, alot. Sure it's not NWD20 and does not have monster trucks or half naked porn stars launching 50# huck sleds over drunk midgets with machine guns - but the video is solid. What needs to be recognized here is that this is a grassroots style racing video, not a circus style "dazzle 'em with brilliance or distract 'em with monster trucks and skin" type affair.
  • + 1
 It always makes me laugh when people compare new low budget vids to NWD and "anthill", (which hasn't even put out anything yet)when they have no where near the budget of said companies. Everyone has to start somewhere guys, and I think this is a good start. And to the kid that is 17 who said " this would be good if it was coming out in 1998", wow good job how old would you have been 6? Yeah, like you would remember. Move along sonny the adults are talking here.
  • + 3
 I have to agree...
Maybe is not the best video... Maybe is not even near, but it´s not fair to judge all videos in the same way... Low budget compared with those that were made with a bunch of dough... Anyways... the last judge is, you enjoy or not, you buy it or not, is that simple. If that video fails, ok, the guys who made will try again better, that´s all about. At least they tried. And there are some nice shots there... I keep always thinking that concept is most important than fireworks. This video is not THAT conceptual and obviously lacks of fireworks, but is not THAT bad.
  • + 2
 I agree that you can't compare this to a high budget movie but to be honest how much money you have to spend should not make tooooo much of a deal. If the fimer and editor are good at there jobs then it will make the movie look good, regardless of how much money they have to spend on it
  • + 3
 actually after a second look at the actual riding it is well filmed and well put together. Shit song though
  • + 3
 IT is pretty well filmed, good riding and ok editing. Crappy song, just lacks the quality that would come from a better camera and has lame title animations stuff. 'Knife-in-the-dark' is right when he says it cannot be compared to films from freeride entertainment and anthill. Those companies run on a higher budget, they can afford the cameras, camera men, helicopters, dollies, boom arms, expensive editing systems and graphic artists designing their titles.
  • + 5
 Didn't make me want to see that movie at all
  • + 5
 I completely agree
  • + 4
 Nice trailer but what an awefull music, beuuurkkkk !!!!
  • + 2
 I thought that HARD CORE music died out years ago in Biking movies.....PLS dont bring it back!
  • + 2
 We all should ride for money and blood. This way is far more interesting.
  • + 18
 this would be good if it was coming out in 1998..
  • + 11
 completley agree, this film is years behind NWD and Anthill stuff. average riding and average filming, bad music choice. you wont sell many of these.
  • + 5
 yeah, the interview stuff in the beginning of the trailer seemed quite goofy and copyed!
  • + 2
 Matt -W

anthill hasnt even had a film yet, what are you doing comparing it to them?
  • + 1
 not average ridin the kovarik bit looked mental but otherwise let down by an obviously low budget and ot of date footage
  • + 3
 Looks pretty bad. Poor music choice really. Kinda gay with the whole "Carnage" thing and the intro the the trailer.
  • + 2
 At first it was a little bit like I did not agree with you guys, but if I come to think of it you are damm right. If you take into account all the new world disorder stuff or the Anthill one, like trecbruiser17 says, it all looks a bit like it was all coming from the 1990s or something. The riding is only OKish and I do find the music a little bit too pretentious for what the video really is (or what is meant to depict). It is difficult to argue against this kind of ridding, but we all want to see some awesome riding instead, and not this "politically correct" stuff. At the end of the day, we all want to be challenged.
  • + 2
 artifact - since they are a rebranding of the collective, yes actually they have made several good films.
  • + 0
 as the collective yes but we are talking about anthill, so no they have made no films.
  • + 1
 yeah, i'd expect this to be out in the "bender days"
  • + 1
 the shittest song i have ever hered in my life .... footage didnt even look that good.
  • - 1
 this looks boring to me.. not interesting- looking at all. better music, film quality (not counting the beginning), and better riding
  • - 2
 i soo wanna watch the whole thing
  • + 5
 Personally i'mn not fussed - seemed very amateurish for something that you have to pay for.
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