Pirelli Announces New Scorpion XC RC Tire

May 26, 2020
by Daniel Sapp  


Pirelli have introduced a new tire in its Scorpion MTB range after first rolling out their MTB tire line in early 2019. The tire is designed for racing and was developed in conjunction with the Trek/Pirelli team for XC competition.

The new Scorpion XC RC was developed as purely a racing tire to meet the high-performance needs of Vlad Dascalu, a European champion, World Champion and World Cup winner XCO U23, and Samuele Porro, an Italian National Champion, a silver medalist at the European Championships and bronze medalist at the World Championships in the XCM category. Porro asked Pirelli engineers for a new tire more oriented towards the Olympic Cross-Country races but also with excellent performance in the XCM events.

The Scorpion XC RC is a tubeless-ready tire with a 120 TPI Nylon casing construction. It is available in LITE and ProWALL versions, for increased puncture protection. The tire combines Pirelli's technology already found in their other MTB tires including their SmartGRIP compound. The SmartGRIP compound is a mono-compound with a high mechanical strength that offers stability, long life, and optimal grip on all terrain, according to Pirelli.

The tread design incorporates characteristics from the Scorpion XC H and XC M tires and is re-engineered to have more direct and precise handling. The tread blocks in the center of the tread are similar to the XC H profile but lower and closer together to improve smoothness on straight sections. The half-fold and lateral blocks have the shape and sharp angle of the XC M profile to maximize grip at different lean angles. The profile of more aggressive side knobs and a smoother center make the XC RC an ideal tire for modern XCO tracks, according to Pirelli.

The new Scorpion XC RC is available at bike shops now in the 29" x 2.2" version and also in a "Team" color variation with yellow logos.

The new Scorpion XC RCs expand Pirelli's Scorpion MTB range of tires dedicated to mountain biking. The 2020 line now consists of three specific macro-families: Scorpion XC, with profiles: RC (Racing), R (Rear), M (Mixed), S (Soft), H (Hard), Scorpion Trail, available with M, S, R and H profiles, and Scorpion Enduro, available with M, S, R profiles. With multiple sidewall options, there are now 37 different versions with sizes starting from the classic 29 ”x 2.2" up to 27.5” x 2.6".

For more information, visit velo.pirelli.com


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 Wonder if they have a beautiful bike tyre calendar
  • 1 0
 That... would be... interesting...
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 These actually look pretty awesome with the taller side knobs and the tight, fast rolling center.
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 32" and 36" coming soon?
  • 5 1
 Need 29x2.3 for modern xc race. The best xc tire I've ever run is renegade s-works 29x2.3
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 Reminds me of the new XR3 Team, which you can get in 29x2.4.
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 @ninjatarian: s-works renegade 2.3 29 weighs 560g! I'm not sure the weight on the bontrager, guessing more than that though I haven't found a 2.3 comparable
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 Nino is running 2.4s
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 If you are losing an XC race with tires other than 2.3s. I guarantee you its not because of the tire. Kate Courtney runs wide trail XC tires. Its all in the compound, structure, and pressure.
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 XC RC tire... radio controlled RC racing? This Corona lockdown thing sure is triggering some creative alternatives. Didn't Taj already predict this? If everything he thought up eventually materializes, we've got some exciting times ahead of us!
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 I'm liking the tread pattern. Looks fast rolling but with some meat on the side knobs.
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 looks like a nice and fast tread. not a fan of billboard sized logos on sidewalls but i reckon that's most companies these days.
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 "The tire is designed for racing and was developed in conjunction with the Trek/Pirelli team for XC competition."

Bontrager: Am I a joke to you?
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 Looks like a.. .. .. ..ermmmm I got nothing.
  • 2 0
 Aspen and Booster Pro had a baby.
  • 3 1
 Meh, not a Minion.

There, it’s out of the way.
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 The tread looks like the Hans Dampf that's been on the back of my bike for the last few years.
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 Here come the "doesn't look like a Minion so I don't care" comments.
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 Is it even 2020 if you won't offer a tan wall version though?
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 Who actually produces the tire?
  • 2 0
 probably Hutchinson.
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 @ReformedRoadie: don't forget that Vittoria owns a huge factory in Asia and they're a fellow Italian brand...
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 @Trudeez: my Pirelli Cinturatos say made in France in them; Hutchinson is the only bicycle tires mass produced in France.
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 Gravel tire... sick!
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 Looks lika ardent
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 Why no 26" option? /s
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 A 26" scorpion was done about 20 years ago
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 At least you can still get the Continental Race King in 26 with a very similar pattern. Fantastic tire.
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