Pirelli Launch Race-Ready Scorpion XC RC Tire in New Casings & Widths

Jun 28, 2021
by Henry Quinney  
Vlad Dascalu, of Trek-Pirelli, racing the tire earlier this year.

After initially making their first mountain bike tires in 2019, Pirelli launches a revised version of their Scorpion XC RC tire. The shallow treaded and fast rolling tire is meant to suit a variety of race tracks, whether man-made or natural. It’s probably not a coincidence that this tire is launched just before the Olympic games in Tokyo.

The tire weighs a very respectable 650g in a 2.4" LITE version. It is only available in 29".

The tire is meant to cater to the needs of the racer and the modern XC race course. The original Scorpion XC was solely available in 2.2” width whereas the new version is available in a wider 2.4”. The new size is offered in a LITE version, for those who look for maximum weight reduction, and inProWALL version for those who look for more protection on the sides and greater stability when cornering. The new Scorpion XC RC is available in the Team version, which is equipped with yellow logos.

The ProWALL version has additional sidewall protection.

The new size is meant to complement the increasing width of XC rims, as well as the tendency for XCO courses to be increasingly technically demanding. The large volume tires are also there to aid riders on high speed descents, technical climbs as well as rougher terrain. The tire is built around a 30mm internal rim width.

The tire features a fast-rolling centre tread and comparatively larger side knobs.

The 2.4” LITE model weighs a claimed 650g, with the ProWALL version weighing an additional 50g. This is 40g more for the same model in the 2.2” width. All tires are 120 TPI.

The tire was developed in conjunction with the Trek-Pirelli XC team, who have been riding this tire since the start of the 2021 season. The tire has already seen podium finishes on the World Cup circuit under Ondrej Cink and Vlad Dascalu.

The new Pirelli Scorpion XC RC 2.4 is available at the price of US $74.90 / €59.90 / AUS $99.99.

For more information please visit Pirelli's website.


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 For those who want a tire that explodes just before the finish line.
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 make sure you use 20psi instead of 19.
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 only F1 fans understand
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 Curious, did I miss something. Why this comment?
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 @mrkkbb: please refer to the comment by @chris for clarification.
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 Would run on the gravel bike for sure.
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 I'm surprised by the negative comments.
I have used Pirelli non-race XC tyres for ~2 years and find them very good. The knobs don't tear off (looking at you Schwalbe) and there is no hard rubber core underneath that means they're actually worn out when they only look 1/2 worn (looking at you Maxxis). And they grip extremely well on our local dirt. (However, since I bought my last one they've increased in price by 50% - so I might not purchase any more.)
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 While I haven't tried Pirellis on my bikes yet (I will once my current tyres need replacement), on my car both sets of Pirellis (summer and winter) noticeably outperformed my previous Michelins and Dunlops grip-wise. In corners it almost feels like it's on rails. And the couple of times I actually was able to make it slip a bit, it reacted super predictable and I still had full control.

For their P Zero road bike tyre I always read the same in the reviews: that the cornering grip is higher than with other big brands, creating a very safe feeling on the bike on mountain descents in tight corners.
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 @Mattin: Not sure exactly which tires you were using, but that is the first time recently that I've heard someone praise Pirelli over Michelin. In my opinion the Michelin Pilot Super Sport's or the PS4's are a league above the P-zeros. Never been impressed with Dunlops though.
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 Looks like a fast tread pattern!
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 I've been running the Pirelli XC RC 2.2 for about 1,500 miles on my XC bike and they are by far my favorite XC tire. I was previously running the Maxxis Aspen in the rear with an Ardent Race up front. The Pirelli's tick all the boxes: lightweight, fast rolling, good puncture resistance, and good grip/bite. I also made the switch on my Gravel bike from specialized tires to the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H and with over 1,000 miles I'm stoked.
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 I'm expecting final release range will consist of this tread in 3 compounds, a mud tread and something in between those offerings...and constant bitching by all team principals...riders I mean.
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 I bought a 2.2 Scorpion Lite half a year ago when I couldn't get my beloved Ardent Races (EXO 3C). The Pirellis have the same grip but are better for puncture resistance in rock gardens. I just bought another one so now I have a set. Will go 2.4 ASAP.
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 The cornering knobs look good, can't wait to read a review to see how well this tire corners.
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 I couldn't keep the rubber side down with those slicks. I need monster truck tires.
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 2.4's and the different casings have been available in main land Europe for a while
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 A lot of brands. I wonder how many manufacturers?
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 I think these are made by Hutchinson. Any tires labeled "Made in France" are most likely made in their factory.
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 @ReformedRoadie: these are made by vittoria actually im 99% sure. casings are identical and theyre marked made in thailand.
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 @ReformedRoadie: Pirelli has its factory in Bollate (Milan)
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 @blacktea: I don’t think they are making bicycle in tha same factory as their car tites
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 @ReformedRoadie: that's new factory dedicated to bike tires ... there was production of smaller car tires (13-14-15-16") but it was converted to bike
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 Bono pray for a miracle on these tires
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 I used to run their MX tires about 20 years ago and loved them. Glad they finally entered the MTB market!
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 In my fantasy land, there would be tires of this weight, with the strength and traction of a Minion.
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 We can live in hope!
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 I would happily buy a trail bike with 26" wheels. Should never have got rid of them!
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 @MattP76: All wheel sizes defo have their place for different disciplines. For enduro? 29. Dh? 27.5 and 29. Trail? 27.5. So on so forth.
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 @MattP76: plenty of super cheap 26 inch used bikes. Why don't you ride those? They aren't carbon either.
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 @Jaib06: I would disagree: I find wheel size to be more relevant for personal preference / riding style than for specific disciplines:
- If you care all about lap/strava/race times, 29" will be best in the majority of the situations from XC to DH and everything inbetween.
- If you don't care about lap/strava/race times, but you are all about slapping your bike into corners and berms, zigzagging your bike through techy sections, boosting off obstacles for some mid-trail air time, 27.5" (or 26") is your best friend. Irrelevant if it's on a 120mm trail bike or on a 200mm DH bike.

The choice of bike is rather relevant for the type of terrain you're riding. If you barely have any elevation and your trails are smooth hardpack dirt, you're well off with a gravelbike or XC hardtail. But if you live in high steep rocky mountains, anything between an all mountain bike and a DH bike will be most fun.
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 They still need to work on their compound, poor Vlad was slipping on dry conditions in the race, whereas the rest running Bontrager, Maxxis or Continental didn't slip there once, cool that more car tyre brands are hopping on but at least make an effort to make it decent.
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 good tires. no US distribution hardly at all though. lordgun saves teh day
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 Travail already makes that tire….It’s called the Rutland!
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 2.4" for XC O_O ... i remember the old days when 2.2" were top in DH Smile
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 Ah, the old XC days, running 1.9 or even a 1.75
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 Anyone know if the advertised weights are accurate?
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 You'll get penalised if you go below their recommended minimum pressures
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 No chart?
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 I want to see if they would fit my gravel bike.
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 What kind of chart are you looking for?
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 Wait... Pirelli makes mountainbike tyres?
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 Of course not, don't be ridiculous.
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