Pivot Announces New Les SL XC Hardtail

Aug 27, 2019
by Pivot Cycles  



Already proven by the Stan’s-Pivot Pro team with a Short Track National Championship, Leadville 100 win, and many others - on the right racecourse, nothing is faster than a hardtail, and nothing delivers the stiffness to weight ratio and raw speed as a Pivot LES SL. The LES SL is engineered to the Nth degree to deliver the kind of handling, extreme power transfer and weight that transforms every last watt of output into a race-winning performance.


The LES SL is up to three-quarters of a pound (that’s 300 grams!) lighter than it’s already svelte predecessor making it a racer’s dream that can turn seconds saved into minutes - all while retaining the quality and handling that has pushed Pivot athletes to cross country race wins at the elite level across the world. With new carbon dropouts, an integrated headset and new layup schedule utilizing Hollow Core Molding Technology and cutting edge carbon materials, the LES SL is by far the lightest hardtail that we’ve ever built. Pivot’s race-winning hardtail legacy takes a quantum leap forward with a lighter, faster and sharper-edged tool with only one goal in mind: getting from point A to point B, as fast as possible.


An ultralight hardtail with the rigidity of a wet noodle and unrealistic weight limits might look good on a scale, but they don’t perform under high wattage producing athletes out on the racecourse. The LES SL offers best in class stiffness to weight ratio and power transfer with laser-focused yet predictable handling. Our engineers managed to cut grams while retaining that legendary Pivot ride feel and compliance that the LES line is known for – the kind that saves energy over the long haul and keeps the bike planted and predictable over all surfaces. The LES SL is the perfect hardtail trifecta of lightweight, stiffness and ride quality that lets racers excel at the highest levels.


When a bike racks up wins and course records in races around the world and is the weapon of choice for our World Cup XC, Tour Divide, 24-Hour racers every time the course is smooth and fast, you know that geometry is dialed. That’s why the LES LS retains the same great fit and handling that has made the LES a favorite with our elite racers across multiple disciplines. New school cross country race geometry relies on slacker head angles, shorter stems and longer reaches for the kind of stability that excels over the longest races and technical World Cup race courses with razor-sharp agility that makes it a short track racer’s advantage.

Rose Grant wins the Leadville 100 on the LES SL

The LES SL will be available in two color options—Blue and Stealth. It is available as a frameset, and a complete bike in nine configurations ranging in price from $3,799 to $8,199. The LES SL is available now, in all sizes, at key Pivot dealers worldwide.


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 Why do bike companies tell us how much lighter it is than the older model, and not how light it actually is! If I'm shopping for a bike I'm shopping among different brands, not different model years of the same brand.
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 Old model was 1290g. So this should be sub 1kg for the frame. So pretty damn light.
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 @inked-up-metalhead: the specialized epic is "pretty damn light". Sub 1kg is light, but not impressive...
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 @christophersch: I think we've got different perspectives on things. To me, that is pretty damn light. The epic is incredibly f*cking light.
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 Yep, trying to find weights for frames is like looking for a Big Foot sighting.
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 @tacklingdummy: Yeah its like... give me the weight of the frame. Not the weight of each build. Once I have frame weight I can figure everything else out.
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 @tacklingdummy: I literally googled 'pivot les frame weight' and it was the second link.
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 from a marketing email i received

"Incredibly light at 2.3lbs.(1045 grams), the LES SL"
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 @inked-up-metalhead: Not specifically talking about this frame, but frames in general. Companies don't like to put out weights much.
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 Bikes aren’t fast, riders are...
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 Dogs are faster. Just saying.
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 This frame no longer has compatibility with their Swinger dropout system to convert to SS. Just doing that probably resulted in losing a chunk of grams right there. Looks like GEO remains the same.

I wonder if they will still be offering the "old" LES design for people who want the option to convert to SS?
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 Yes, the LES with swinger II dropouts will still be available.
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 The 2nd generation Les is my most favorite bike I have ridden, it rides so damn good plus the Swinger II dropout system is excellent (of course I ride it single speed). It is a shame Pivot doesn’t offer that dropout on this 3rd generation Frown

I was a little upset when I saw this because I just bought a new Highball to build as a geared trainer, I don’t regret it after seeing that I can’t get the SS to work on this new Les.
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 That's how they made it lighter, getting rid of the dropout conversion
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 I believe the Les will still be available along side the Les SL
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 @clarkrw3: you are correct Pivot is still selling the singer version. The SL I like to think stands for Swinger-less.
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 Progressive XC Geometry? Where are they getting THAT claim from? Maybe in '96-'97 this would have been considered "progressive"
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 Not by standards of fire road warriors who stand for over 50% of fat tyre owners. They get a hard on on mega high modulus
Technology rather than on geometry. They love to count grams. And if you tell them about geometry you better say something about power delivery.
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We have the same stupid s.it here in Norway.
Think Birken and Vasarittet type riders.
They may as well run a cx bike.
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 It can be 300 grams lighter than the old one, but if the old one was 2000 grams, then it's pretty bad.
tldr: no actual weight?
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 Old one was 1290g.
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 2.3lbs/1045g for a medium frame. ($2,099).
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 So that's why they didn't write the actual weight here. It's not that light at all. The old frame was an ingot if it was really 1345 g. The new Epic HT is sub 800 g.
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 Ibis DV9 is the same weight, but costs $1250 and has moar progressive geometry (but not really).
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 I can understand some people want light bikes, but i feel like the final destination on the road to lightweight is just a snapped frame
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 Not really.
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 I came to PB to read press-releases
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 Their bikes are great but whats up with the Cringy marketing?
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 Quantum leap is the most marginal progression possible, just saying...
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 Awesome, how about a non xc steel one please.
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 are there not enough steel hardtails on the market?
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 @Sethimus: one's enough but . . . .
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 @watchtower: Pretty sure there is more than one steel hardtail on the market...
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 check bombtrack, marin, production privee, niner, etc..
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 “New paradigm in hardtail design” - Is that right? I expect the wheels to be rounder next time then Big Grin
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 yeah, marketing BS. A "quantum leap" would be teleportation, not saving 300g ( ~3% of the total bike).
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 I came here for a fun video....
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 wonder when they're going to fix the RD hanger and put it inboard the dropout?
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 In Canadian dollars............. that hard sell is $10,840.72
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 Sick... an 8k hardtail.
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 How much does it weigh. 300 grams less!
Oh...... How much does it weigh?
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 Pivot... Hardtail...
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 Hence it's called the Pivot Les
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 @PAmtbiker: I just got schooled. What's next, Specialized making a bike called "General Usage?"

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