Bike Check: Chloe Woodruff's Mach 4 SL - Mont-Sainte-Anne XC World Champs 2019

Aug 31, 2019
by Mike Levy  

American racer Chloe Woodruff is having a banner year in 2019, winning the National Championship for a second time, posting a score of top finishes at World Cups, and even winning the short-track race at the Nove Mesto event. Much of that was done on her extra-small Mach 4 SL, Pivot's new, 100mm-travel cross-country weapon on 29" wheels.

Woodruff's bike has been equipped with Fox's Live Valve electronic suspension for most of the 2019 season, but the terrain-sensing computers were swapped for an analog fork and shock for the Mont-Sainte-Anne race. "It really did come down to weight,'' she told Pinkbike photographer Matthew Delorme. ''And I'm running the bike open most of the time for a little extra traction,'' she added, noting the traditionally rough and often slick conditions at the Canadian venue.

Chloe Woodruff was so far ahead we thought for a moment she was getting lapped.
Rider Name Chloe Woodruff // Stans-Pivot
Age: 32
Hometown: Prescott, AZ
Instagram: @chloewoodruff

Chloe's Fox 32 Step-Cast has the Live Valve sticker on its crown, but don't let that fool you: She's using a cable-operated lockout. Chloe has 51 PSI in her fork, and one and a half volume spacers for a touch of extra ramp-up.

The Fox shock is pumped up to 125 PSI.
All the triggers. The one on the bottom that looks like a shifter is for locking out her suspension, and the one on the top is for her 125mm dropper post.

The tiny Shimano chain guide adds a few grams, but it's worth it for the extra insurance.
With the cross-country course being relatively technical, Chloe went with Maxxis' Ikon tires instead of the faster-rolling Aspens. She's running 17 PSI in the front and 18 PSI in the rear.

The negative-rise Tharsis stem makes for a low handlebar height.


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 Having met Chloe a few times at Iceman, I have to say she is one of the most down to earth and friendly professional athletes you can imagine. Maybe someday XC won’t be a niche sport and these guys and gals will get the recognition they deserve. Sweet bike, btw.
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 i mean arent most professional athletes 'down to earth, friendly and professional' ? they are basically full-time brand ambassadors with superb benefits
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 It came down to weight. More like it doesn't work.
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 @lehott: you ever meet any pro ball sport folks? NFL, NBA, NBL peeps are a different breed, practically untouchable. There’s a new sexual/physical/drug abuse claim every other week and it’s shrugged away. Even in cycling there are a few big heads for some reason. I guess I’m just impressed when somebody (semi)famous will hold a conversation with me.
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 Would be cool if they came up with a wheel size smaller than 29" to fit shorter riders, seems to me it would be quite awkward to have the seat lower than the top of the tire when the dropper is down.
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flag playah (Aug 31, 2019 at 11:54) (Below Threshold)
 I mean the point is to get the seat out of the way so... And bigger means faster when we're talking about wheel size and racing.

Also didn't the industry already do that? 27.5 anyone?
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 Terrain obstacles don't care how tall a rider is. If a small bike can have reasonable wheelbase, trial, toe overlap etc. with 29er wheels, it'll be faster.
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 Love the way Pivot does cable routing. Nice, big apertures and you can put the cable in and out whichever hole you choose. I also like this rocker for the upper link with vert shock so there's room for a bottle. They've had problems with bottle space. A large Mach 6 can't fit a normal bottle in the triangle.
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 What's up with the weird captions and articles recently? Pinkbikers know what a suspension lockout and dropper levers are for...
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 On another article if it was in a lesser known non-dentist brand they would have related it to flying a plane
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 @blackapturphotography: right? And putting that the negative rise stem makes for a low handlebar height when her hands are above her saddle...cmon pinkbike.
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 The live valve requires the rider to push a tiny button on the battery mounted low on the bike to drastically change the support. Obviously that is awkward at best and she wants it either open or closed and doesn't need all the in-between.

Where is Mike levy on this? hahaha

I saw this system like 5 years ago, my buddy had it on a test bike. Seems like it still needs more development if top racers don't feel the need for it.
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 Thanks for the info.

"more development if top racers don't feel the need for it."

Yeah! But sincerely it's like so many things out there
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 17/18 psi!?!? She must have hollow bones.

I’d roll a tire off the rim taking my kids on a neighborhood ride at those pressures haha
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 OUCH, they are seriously running this article while FOX is advertising the Live Valve at the top of the page... Yikes...
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 thought the exact same thing
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 She's so tiny, the bike looks very odd with 29er wheels. I have no doubt she's a great athlete, but the bike really looks funny.
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 Says live valve, isn't. Think that in and of itself says everything.
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 Sorry, I don't think you read carefully: "...but the terrain-sensing computers were swapped for an analog fork and shock..."

Took the live valve off for weight.
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 I can see a live valve sticker for a sponsored rider who isn't riding on live valve. I'm not sure what else you're extrapolating from my comment; it's a false advertisement.
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 Maybe she didn't swap out the complete fork. But as the fork steerer was already cut to size for this bike, it may have been cheaper and more convenient to just swap out the damper cartridge and fork lowers instead. So that will keep you the fork crown and sticker too. It would have been cheaper for Fox to not bother with the Chloe Woodruff Fox Live ad on the PB front page right now of course. Not sure how this works but I can imagine advertisement space on PB is more expensive during big events.
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 I think it's more likely that Fox wants to advertise their flagship suspension using one of their world class sponsored athletes, but I'm cynical like that.
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 @vinay: what? She just swapped the damper.
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 @clink83: yes, it's quite easy to do
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 @clink83: Yeah, at least the damper. I've not looked into that Live Valve system properly so I haven't looked at whether the sensor is integrated in the lowers or just strapped or bolted. In the latter case then of course, just remove the sensor.
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 @sherbet: relax, nothing to call the FTC over. She probably swapped out the damper. What about when fox was running the grip damper was new but kept fit4 labels? what about unlabeled prototypes? these aren't advertisements dude- maybe if after she won the race they claimed she was using it for this specific race then we can all rage in PB comments.
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flag sherbet Plus (Aug 31, 2019 at 14:47) (Below Threshold)
 @generationfourth: Not sure what makes you think I'm anything but calm. Just pointing out it's a little shady.

And yes, the stickers on your sponsored athlete's bike are advertisements. You are aware of how sponsorship works, right?
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 @sherbet: shady?? what are you on about...
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 @sherbet: again you're ignoring some questions I asked that are integral to my point: What about when fox was running the grip damper was new but kept fit4 labels? What about prototypes? Do you really think every rider is using every product on their jersey? Do you think the redbull athletes have red bull in their bottles? Do you think that 'Camry' in a nascar race is actually a Camry?

Besides, she's proven live valve works quite well, and she spelled it very clearly in the article why she is not running it for this particular race. It's painfully obvious that the system is not hooked up and they are not claiming it's on.
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 I'd be more concerned about Fox/Pivots using a Rock Shock dual lockout lever... Just sayin'...
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 @southoftheborder: that's not a rockshox lever, that's Fox's. They look similar.
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 140mm front rotor. why even run FS at that point.
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 You can't run a 140 on the front...
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 It looks horrible
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