Pivot Cycles Names Bryan Mason as New President

Jun 22, 2022
by Sarah Moore  
Pivot Cycles has announced the promotion of Bryan Mason from Global Sales Manager to President. In his new role, Pivot says that Mason will oversee key departments and management team members, including all operations of Pivot’s Stuttgart, Germany-based offices.

Mason joined Pivot Cycles in 2015 as the National Sales Manager before being promoted to Global Sales Manager in 2019.

bigquotesBryan understands the dynamics of our leadership team, which is made up of very dedicated individuals. His new role helps support Pivot’s tremendous growth and enables me to continue focusing on product development, expanding our global production capabilities, and the long-term vision for the company. Bryan’s growth mindset will support every department and is a phenomenal asset to Pivot’s future.Chris Cocalis, Pivot Cycles CEO

bigquotesI am excited about the opportunity to expand my role on the leadership team at Pivot Cycles. Chris has built a tremendous group of people who truly share a passion to create and deliver the best performing bikes on the market, and it’s a privilege to help lead that kind of dedicated team.Bryan Mason, Pivot Cycles President

Mason previously worked as the Sales & Marketing Manager for Kali Protectives. He was recently awarded an MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Brigham Young University, and speaks fluent Spanish.


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 I thought Kerr was the president?
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 He's the Chief Whip.
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flag peterman1234 (Jun 22, 2022 at 11:16) (Below Threshold)
 Amazing bikes, but Kerr and Masters might be the only breath of fresh air at that company. Otherwise, the extent of their mtb cultural presence doesn't seem to extend beyond AZ
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 @peterman1234: I agree wholeheartedly with your first sentence, however the second sentence literally couldn't be further from the truth. From what I've seen Pivot is hugely successful in the Northeast as well as other parts of the country.
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 @tbubier: Lots of Pivots in Georgia as well.
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 @tbubier: I think I've only seen one Pivot out on the trails here in the North East. Lots of Specialized, Ibis, Canyon...
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 @FrankS29: around Boston there are tonnes of Pivot. JRA cycles sells loads of them.
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 @peterman1234: And they are pretty popular in NZ
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 @tbubier: Pivot is the preferred mtb brand of Massachusetts dentists.
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 @adamszymkowicz: lobster rolls and pivot bikes as far as your eyes can see. And Dunkin’

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 @peterman1234: I see tons of pivots by me.
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 @mtbcrosscountry-com: Theres also alot always for sale second hand in NZ.
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 @peterman1234: lots of Pivots in Switzerland also
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flag thewho07 (Jun 23, 2022 at 4:01) (Below Threshold)
 @peterman1234: Bernard who?
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 @adamszymkowicz: the specialized for folks that don't want a specialized.
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 @jeredbogli: the nasty little secret is that Specialized is better and cheaper
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 I don't recall seeing this on the industry jobs article, I might have considered applying
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 I have no idea what this means for the company but I do love my Pivot Firebird!
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 Pivot bikes are cool!
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 They forgot to mention his strong BMX background.
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 I've been impressed with the expansion of Pivot dealers in Norcal over the past couple of years. Moving from a uber-boutique brand to now mounting real competition to Santa Cruz and Specialized locally. Love my Firebird and Mach 6- go team Pivot. :-)
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 Competition to see who can price their bikes the highest?
  • 17 3
 Brand affinity is a trick to get you to part with your wages
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 @Dogl0rd: Mountain biking is also a ploy to get me to part way with my wages
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 How much for a root canal?
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 Nice to see a small brand promote from within-maintain continuity. Current Pivot stuff is really nice.
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 I've met Bryan several times coming through Utah to my shop, he's extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and has a great viewpoint looking forward with a brand that is pushing to the top of the industry.
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 Next time you see him can you tell him that everyone at pinkbike wants them to start routing the gear and brake cables through the headset? You'd be really popular here if you could pass on that message.
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 Also, pressfit bb would be great
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 @Monkeyass: Oh, they're there already.
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 Surely you should have said he will pivot from Global Sales Manager to the new leadership role.
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 Hopefully he can help me get my 429 that I put a deposit on in September of 2021!!
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 I bought mine in November. Have you checked Competitive Cyclist?
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 @generictrailrider: I put a $300 nonrefundable deposit down at my LBS so don't wanna lose it!!
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 @Neth009: I’m in Lakewood and on a silver Pro XT/XTR build. Love it. See you on the trails!
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 Hey Bryan- your potential customers aren't morons, we don't need you to include cranks with frame only purchases. We know how to get the right cranks.
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 I think they pretty much have always been in the 'max margin' game which is why they so rarely offered framesets. The chainline/crank excuse was just that. And their prerogative of course.
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flag MarkJ70 (Jun 22, 2022 at 13:17) (Below Threshold)
 I say we should all refuse to buy bikes from any company that won't sell frames only. Real riders know what they want and know how to build their bikes. It's fine if a company wants to sell complete bikes as well, but if they refuse to sell frames they aren't providing the product that most high end customers want. I'll never buy a Pivot until they start selling frames.
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 @foggnm: Yea I called and asked to exclude the cranks, already had SISL2 which you can get different spindles for.
Pivots answer- sell the cranks when you get the frame.
Love DW link bikes. Had 5 Ibis, always wanted to try a Pivot, but their squeeze as much out of a customer as possible line of business has turned me off from them.

Funny thing is I guess they heard the criticism of there 90's era misleading group naming conventions and adjusted them.
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True. I stopped buying Cannondale years ago when their parts became too proprietary.
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 @SEtrail9: That right there is what has kept me from doing anything other than looking at them.

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 i am pretty sure they need a special spindle to achieve super boost, and not superduperboost, chainline. at least originally. seems like shimano had caught up to the spacer game recently.
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 @mcrammerstein: Nothing special needed that someone that buys a frame only can't figure out.
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Couldnt have said it better. Their complete builds are a joke. Frameset or no sale
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 Congrats Bryan. Well deserved. Best of luck with your new role.
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 I really liked my Pivot 429SL right up to the point it cracked.(2nd owner so no warranty) I asked my local pivot dealer about ordering me a new one in Sram X01 level. Pivot said 2 Years. I know everyone is having supply issues but hard to run a business and a shop when you have to tell your customers 2 years.
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 Assuming it's carbon you should look at getting it repaired, the repair will almost certainly be stronger than it was before it cracked.
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 @Muzled: Not sure if it is repairable. It is where the BB shell meets the BB. Right where the bearings sit.
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 @SEtrail9: reach out to Ruckus in Portland. They do great work.
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 Also check Robert’s composites in North Vancouver, they fix tons of carbon bikes.
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 Came here for the comments in Spanish. And nada..
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 Hopefully this is good news for the availability of Pivot t-shirts
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 President of the best MTB racing team ever. pretty cool
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 Best bikes on the planet
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 Is this the great man that got them to finally ditch super boost?!
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 Yep, because it's not wide enough. 168mm Super Duper Boost is on the drawing board
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 @the-one1: I would support 168mm spacing if it was in fact named Super Duper Boost.
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flag tunnel-vision (Jun 22, 2022 at 10:04) (Below Threshold)
 They ditched super boost? My new 249 is SB. Game changer. Smile
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 And to add a little length to those chainstays please.
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 I like the superboost
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 Good thing he speaks Spanish....
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 Ok, cool.
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 Sales guys shouldn't run bike companies.
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 Who should then? Professional bikers?
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 "Bryan understands the dynamics of our leadership team, which is made up of very dedicated individuals."

Bryan doesn't understand that trying vainly to hide your baldness just makes you look stupid.
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 Ok, now tell us whats happenig with the distribution here in switzerland?
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 I wonder if he makes more than a dentist.
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 Pivot will have something called the Mach 5.5 X01 build. The only X01 part will be the derailleur and the price will be outrageous lol!
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