Video: Miranda and Katrina's Bodacious Journey

Mar 12, 2014
by artbarn  
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When I travel with my bicycle it usually looks something like this. I make my bike perfect and I put it in a box. I then try and fit a spare set of wheels, six extra tires, a bag of essential tools, two pairs of riding shoes, two sets of pedals, a chain, a derailleur, a shifter, spare rotors and brake pads, a spare rear shock, knee pads, and a cleaning kit and see if I can get it to a reasonable weight.

I arrive at the location after a pill induced sleep, in what was perhaps the most uncomfortable position possible. You then have a couple days of getting over jet lag and trying to get some exercise. Then it all happens at once. Course walk, 8:30 am practice, seeding runs, course walk, finals. Then you collect all your gear and put it back in the box. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But I was pretty excited when I was invited by Kevin and Taylor of Artbarn to join Katrina Strand in Moab to film for Platypus Hydration. It was my first trip that I wasn’t going to a race and I wasn’t bringing my downhill bike! No full face, no knee pads (bit of a mistake), no spare tires, no spare wheels. It was actually harder for me to pack, I felt like I was missing a lot of things. I’ve spent half of my life reading about Moab, or looking at pictures of the brightly coloured slick rock and now finally I had a reason to go.

Selfie Photo Bomb
  Miranda and Katrina with a double that a thing?

When I look back at our trip it isn’t the riding that sticks out in my mind. Just like races from years ago, I remember that feeling of winning or losing but it’s not what we talk about. We laugh about Kevin grabbing the wrong suitcase and instead of spare camera gear we had a bag full of old VHS tapes. Or Katrina and I trying to master the art of the ‘selfie’ and failing miserably. We ate elk stew while listening to a bad ass cowboy sing and play the guitar. We camped in the sand, drank moonshine and bought karma bracelets. We quoted movies, talked about guys, generally acted our shoe size and laughed until we cried numerous times. It was Taylor and Kevin that captured the memories of the riding. We can now later watch and be reminded of the great trails that we got to ride, film and get to know.

-Miranda Miller

  Miranda and Katrina at Moab's best restaurant, Bucks, about to order Elk Stew...again

Utah Slide Show:
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 I cant ride now bcuz its midnyt in Vegas...but im up bcuz of Pinkbike and the love of the sport....either way or form im getting my fix of mtb'ing with these videos. To me its the most peaceful thing in my life, especially if your dealing with PTSD like I am who has been in combat. All I can say is that ... I LOVE THIS SPORT! its the one thing that keeps me alive.
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 Get a head lamp Wink

but really though, thanks for your service.
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 On the love of the sport -- me too! I've done a bunch of other sports pretty intensely through my life (karate, soccer, volleyball) loved them -- but nothing like my love for mountain biking. Doesn't compare for me. Record snow and no fat bike has limited my rides to snow and ice street hijinks for almost three months. PB keeps me sane too.

Hang in there mtb brother.
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 thanks for your service, I just did a report on PTSD in the ancient world and today and learned a lot about the disorder, I'm glad mtb has become a peacful place for you! Your right, it IS a great sport! Smile
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 @ Eco hey man middle of the night is the best time to hit up some urban, not as busy as in the day, you could find some drops or gaps or go for a rip through the alleys
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 And for real , get a headlamp , night riding is amazing.
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 I LOVE THIS SPORT! its the one thing that keeps me alive..... and my gun, and my vest, and.... Jeje, no really, thanks for busting your nuts in combat so we can ride with peace of mind brotha..
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 Went to Moab two years ago and miss the place ever since... recognize a lot of the trails in the video and stayed in the same camp spot shown in the video.
Love Muffin Cafe has the best coffee in town, great place to chill in the morning, go over your maps and plan your rides for the day. Gotta go back next winter or win the lottery and make Moab my "winter home".
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 I wish spraying white lines through the forest created epic trails too.
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 The first trail they did is Capt Ahab. It's a little more than white lines. You wouldn't believe the amount of work people put in to make those trails. Moving boulders the size of a small car! I am grateful to have such hard working trail builders so close to my home. We owe them a lot.
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 I'm SO glad they added Ahab to the Amasa area and since it was put in it is HANDS DOWN my favorite trail in Moab. Here's a video of the construction process:
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 Just returned from Moab 1 hour ago, and I'm going through separation anxiety currently. I know boo hoo. Discover Moab, again and again. Fortunately it's only 5 hours away, and I pass thorough Grand Junction on the way. Can't get enough.
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 What a playground!
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 I NEED to go there!
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 My first trip to Moab, I was like, "We've got plenty of trails at home. Is it really worth the 5-and-a-half hour drive just to come out here and go mountain biking?" Yes, it is.
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 I am about to head to Moab for a little spring break. Any tips on good places to camp? I've always camped along the Colorado and I want to switch it up a bit this year.
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 Hey there. Check out Bartlett Wash, it is about six miles of the main road just North of Moab. Bartlett has free camping and a sprawling expanse of slick rock right next to the camp ground. Just google it for directions. You probably want a four wheel drive to get back in there, however. My Subaru outback does just fine driving out there. Also make sure you stay at designated sights at Bartlett, there are BLM cops lurking around that area. Last thing, pay close attention to the weather/flash flood areas. Once it rains back there you could be trapped because the roads get gnarly fast. Have a fun trip!
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 Sand Flats campground. I've stayed here two separate times and will again -
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 Thanks a lot! I've played around at Bartlett before and had a blast about ten years ago. Sand Flats looks sweet as well. I know whatever I choose I shouldn't be disappointed. Cheers
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 Beautiful visual experience. I cant cross the border so this is the closest I will get to being there. This vid gets my fave so I can cyber travel to Moab.
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 awesome place i would love to go back one day...not very local for me
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 Thanks ArtBarn, Miranda, and Katrina for the great video and the bodacious journey!
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 Sweet video. Good to see rippin chicks on bikes. Too bad they missed the good stuff. Trails like the Enchilada, Jacksons, and Portal are where its at!
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 I miss Moab!
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 Oh man. That did look like a lot of fun!
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 Bravo miranda et katrina bon video
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 Not too tuff for the 'Muff!
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 was mountain biking ever cheep back in the 80s 90s.
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 wish i could ride there one day... hell of a tarmac!!!
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 So nice to see to a MTB video without the full face helmets!
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 Nice, ladies!
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 That looked mega fun.
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 These ladies have bigger balls than many of the guys I know.
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 I'm quite certain they don't.
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 you don't know Katrina then. Yes, they do.
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 Its listed at the end of the video.............. Pretty Lights - On Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)
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