POC Index Air Glove - Review

Jun 16, 2014
by Mike Kazimer  
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POC Inex Air review

POC Index Air Glove

POC's Index Air glove is about as bare bones as a full finger glove can get – there's no extraneous padding on the palm or knuckles, no velcro wrist closure, just one thin piece of synthetic leather to separate your hand from the bars that's sewn to a stretchy nylon mesh backing to keep things cool. But bare bones doesn't mean that POC has skimped on the essentials, and the Index Air has key features like an extra layer of fabric to reinforce the blow-out prone section between the thumb and forefinger, silicone grippers on the brake fingers, and there's even a textured pattern on the thumb to help with shifting or when pushing that dropper post lever. The cuff of the glove is elasticized, and there are two small pull tabs on the inside to make it easier to get them on. Available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL in grey, green, or black, the Index Air retails for $45 USD. www.pocsports.com

POC Inex Air review

The lighter colored fabric may be a bit dingier than it once was, but the Index Air gloves have withstood a serious thrashing.

Pinkbike's Take:

bigquotesI've pretty much given up trying to predict the lifespan of a new pair of gloves. The paper thin ones I think won't last through a ride end up surviving a whole season, and the supposedly super-tough, apocalypse proof ones end up self destructing before I even have a chance to reach for my brake levers. Luckily, POC's Index Air gloves have passed the durability test, and even after countless long rides I have yet to blow a seam or rip the palm. Even the little silicone brake grippers have stayed on, and those are usually the first thing to go. But more important than durability is comfort, since it doesn't matter how long a glove lasts if wearing them is like sticking your hand into a bag lined with sandpaper. The material POC uses is the polar opposite of sandpaper, with an impressive softness on the back of the hand that makes the Index Air one of the most comfortable gloves I've worn. Is there room for improvement? Well, it would be nice to see a swatch of material on the thumb for a snot wipe, and the wrist opening could be a little tighter, but other than that the Index Air is just about perfect, which it should be given the rather high asking price. - Mike Kazimer


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 Hmm.... They look JUST like my grandma's gardening gloves...
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 Maybe your grandma is an enduro racer on the weekends.
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flag diegofcm91 (Jun 17, 2014 at 9:58) (Below Threshold)
 I'm counting on that! It's the only reason why I'm banging that bitch.
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 get the grey or black ones that look more normal. i've been DH'ing in these gloves for about 1.5 years and they're still in great shape. really comfy and the review is spot on. no snot wipe but the material itself is not too abrasive and absorbs well. dries well also. i think they're worth the price.
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 Little worried about the colors though. I worry if I crashed in the woods into the bushes, I might have problems to locate my hands.
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 Gloves without snot wipes are as useless as bikes without tires, as Gwin proved last weekend, it works...but it sucks.
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 Farmers blow FTW
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 kinda funny... I refuse to buy gloves with those stupid snot wipes.
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 Sometimes you just get a little bit of residue left after the "farmers blow" and all you need is a nice soft glove to wipe away the excess. I highly recommend fox inclines...
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 Just buy the Index Air Adjustable. They have the snot wipe, have adjustable wrist, and cost only a few $ more.
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 I can't farmers blow in my full face with goggles on :L
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 no thanks i'll buy 4 pairs of Royal gloves for that price..... on the other hand i would like to see a review of this bike and/or company soon : Airborne bicycles........ www.airbornebicycles.com/products/136-pathogen-frameset.aspx
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 yup - would be very intersting to hear pinkbike´s take on that rig
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 $1600 for a frame that looks similar to a TR, been fishing around for a review to no avail.
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 I've had these POCs for many months now and will happily say I would take one pair of these over 4 pairs of anything else. Once you go poc and experience the snug and super comfy fit that you actually have to look at your hands to see if your gloves are on, no other glove will feel anywhere near as good.
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 That's what Durex say..... And I don't wear them either
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 Can't say I blame you, they'll make your hand smell.
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 I kinda liked their approach.....
''We operate differently from other mainstream bike companies, because we sell direct to the consumer with no additional shops or distributors. This allows us to keep our costs down and pass those savings along to you directly. The price of the bike you are looking at includes the minimal amount of mark-up we need to stay in business and keep selling great bikes at great prices. There is no extra "padding" to discount from the price.''
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 I've been using a pair of their Index Flow gloves and they're fantastic. Comparable to the Sombrio jackal gloves I used to have. anyone remember the oakley gloves with the carbon knuckles? they fell apart after a season. I think minimal is best when it comes to gloves, otherwise you loose dexterity and grip from the gimmicks.
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 i have been using these gloves for about two months now and i have to say they are the best gloves i have ever used, they have lasted ages and feel great to wear, i use them for street trials, dj, and mtb and they are just so good in all departments, the only problem i have with them is that after my two months of near constant use the stitching in the nylon backing above both thumbs has burst, but i am not surprised, they have lasted alot longer than any other gloves i have used so 5/5 starsSmile good job POC
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 yeah there seems to be a lot of ponies knocking them without trying. As per usual pinkbike. I got these after my troy lees fell apart and they have already outlasted them and not a mark on them. Worth every penny for the durability and performance. Will not buy anything else.
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 "..using these gloves for about two months" "lasted ages"
Which is it?
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 agree. they are the best i've ever used. comparing them to the TLD thin gloves and Fox inclines, these are more comfy, the lever grippers work well, and last longer. I thought the seam would rip after a number of times yanking the gloves on, but they've been great over the last 1.5 yrs with riding multiple times a week including park DH runs. They are great gloves. well worth the price.
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 if you ride a lot it can be both...
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 POC gloves/mittens/snow gloves are no different from almost any other cheaper stuff out there.How do they justify their pricing ? it is ridiculous! Got 2 pairs of different snow gloves and seriously they are not gold plated! (No, I did not pay the full price)
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 got given a pair of these at the beginning of the season, one day in 2 seams ripped with no falls just from riding. My friends poc gloves did the same thing. My TLD air gloves on the other hand are going on 3 seasons with no seam rips or holes in the palm.
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 Cool gloves; on one hand, i like the minimalist approach, on the other hand, gloveless is more minimalist. No pun intended
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 Can you test the Mechanix "Originals"? I have not touched any gloves from a bike specific company and I have only been using the Mechanix gloves for the past 5 years of my riding.

I would love to know how the bike specific gloves compare to my beloved Mechanix Smile
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 My brother uses the mechanix's, he swears by them; 3 for $18. I tried them, IMO they are hot and a bit heavy. I'm still using my Sombrios... Made in Pakistan!
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 Too bad the seams on every POC-glove I've own just gives up. Moar QC please, POC.
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 I own a pair of these gloves and they are great! The yellow does get dirty quick, but they are gloves after all... They are very light and comfortable, and most importantly, they don't bunch up in the palm when holding onto your grips. This is only in my experience though!
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 $45 for "minimalist" gloves? I admit I religiously wear Fox lightweight full-finger gloves, that I always find on sale for $25. But, I've recently realized the gloves I have in my shop that i use for carrying large pieces of glass, complete with mesh top(breathability/runny nose wipe), and non-slip rubber on palm side, would make great riding gloves and cost.....$3!!!! yes...$3!!
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 Worst quality ever! Mine split after 1 ride, same happened to my buddies. Hurts me to say, since I'm swedish, but POC gloves are no good.
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 Busted stitches in both gloves in side 2 weeks. POC warrantied them. 2nd set did the same thing. If the seams would hold they'd be one if my favorite gloves.
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 POC gloves sizing is waaaay off. If you have little dainty hands then give them a go. I bought the xxl and couldn't even put half my hand in.
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 Gloves are disposable pieces of gear. $45, suck it. I would rather buy 2 pair of something less expensive and have a fresh pair halfway through the season. When will the inflation stop?
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 This is just an expensive crap. I bought it last autumn and they became a toilet paper after the very first ride Big Grin


They sent a replacement after 4 months, exactly the same one as on the pic in a review, even color is the same Smile and here they are Smile )


Marketing guys at POC are way better than a design and manufacturing departments Big Grin
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 Kermit the Frog gloves lol
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 Camo for the big greeny you are bound to wipe on 'em...
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 I got some ;One Industries ZERO' gloves for this riding season. They are very much like these POC gloves, but they do include a snot wipe (plus points) and they were cheaper. I really like how light and breathable they are, and so far they seem to be pretty durable.
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 POC gloves do have snot wipes.
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 The ones in this review don't, unless you like to wipe your nose with the inner side of your thumb and then get your goobers all over your handlebar grips. If that's your thing, then cool beans daug!
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 for $20 I can get work gloves from Canadian tire that last 2 seasons of riding almost every day... I will never buy a "bike"" glove again... waste of money
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 all gloves should be reinforced between the thumb and forefinger. i'd splurge for these for that reason alone
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 i have these and never realized the benefit of that reinforced piece until after a few days of hard riding. i'd buy these again for sure.
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 Ive been riding with these for two weeks now. Their great, and they wash up really well and aren't stiff after like other gloves that would go through the washing machine.
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 Nice, John Deere would be proud!
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 looks like to construction gloves
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 The silicone finger pads also work the touchcreen of an iPhone. Handy!
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 I'm convinced
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