POC Index DH Gloves - For you alligator fighters...

Jun 4, 2009
by Jordan Holmes  
3 Years of glove development in the snow has proven that snow boarding gloves should never be under the mistletoe with mountain biking gloves. The POC Index DH glove provides more protection then one's hands could ever need, or appreciate.

Read on for our thoughts on the Index DH Gloves...POC is a fairly large scale protection company based on a snow background. We did a preview on the Receptor lid by POC a short while ago, and we were stoked on how it turned out. The Receptor Flow helmet was designed to fit the best it could on all the heads it could, however, I am unsure the Index DH gloves would fit anyone's hands comfortably.

Look at that bulge

Look at that bulge

Manufactured out of durable digital leather, with hard injected shields on the knuckles, the Index DH looks like it was designed to fight with alligators! Your hand is in a 'sandwich of protection', everything from your palm, to your finger knuckles are protected! POC even went as far as to add an additional "scrape pad" on the palm. Last time I wore protection on my palms was when I thought learning to roller blade would be cool (sure am glad I discovered bikes), and wrist guards were the smart thing to wear.



Mesh Palm

Mesh Palm

POC claims that the internal knuckle protector is foam coated so it becomes more "unnoticeable" to the user. Foam or not, the protection that the Index DH glove provides is very uncomfortable, like a roadie wearing body armor. On the palm, the Index DH glove features digital leather for a soft internal feeling, while the palm features Pittards for maximum grip, and to adsorb energy on impact.

When it comes down to it, your hands are one of the more important thing when riding, so someone out there may be very happy with the protection that the POC Index DH gloves provide. However, that being said, coming from someone who has rode a fairly vast array of riding gloves, I would suggest saving your money if you're looking into the POC Index DH gloves, unless of course your going to fight some alligators.

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 LOL, my thoughts exactly...
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 Hahaa, "earthy" color scheme doesn't pay off in the super rad biking scene!
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 Wow an article that doesnt say how amazing the product is. This is a first.
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 yeah lol , i bet POC are gonna be over the moon with this review:P
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 just wait until they test their other gear...
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 ewww...I'll stick to my fox gloves
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 they look a little bulgy and loose.
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 I appreciate the reviewers HONEST opinion of the gloves. He did a good job of detailing the positives and the negatives about the gloves. POC will likely take these comments to the drawing board for a new version of the glove and have an improved product for next year. It's called product development. It's how the best products in the world get made.
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flag odin333 (Jun 4, 2009 at 12:59) (Below Threshold)
 go home and try again Junior.

judging by the review its pretty obvious to tell that the gloves are over the top protection you would never need. it doesn't look breathable at all and looks like a ski glove. they don't use the best foam in there pads, they use Polyethylene. the best padding is D3o, and if they used that it would be like $750 for a helmet.
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 Just a heads up that Odin333 is not replying to bobrocket but rather to a useless E argument that I just deleted. Please learn to spell and save the swears for somewhere else guys. Thanks for the constructive responses though thus far.
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 i think that gloves like this just make it harder to get a feel of the bike, i used to ride with thick gloves wich had gel pacthes, i found it really hard to get grip of the bike and after riding without gloves i found that the gloves gave me really bad arm pump. i think gloves should be a perfect fit and act only like a sock on your foot , i think that cuts and broken fingers from crashing is inevitable (spelling) and no amount of carbon fibre (or other materials) will reduce this, i think gloves are only usefull in wet weather when your hands slip of the grips. a simple design is a much more affective method, i dont even think these would be good for beginners. but this is just my view.
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 gloves do stop blisters and those annoying scratches that burn in the shower, also they are good for protecting against branches and such but i do agree with jono that over padded gloves are unnecessary but i always ride with light gloves.
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 That's because POC mainly makes ski equipment. But after reading a review about this company in Dirt Mag I'm convinced that they're products are great. I have POC knee Vpd guards and they are perfect Wink !
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 But I can't get the thing why are they making biking gloves in white? It's so unpractical because time to time u can get muddy or dirty just by moving some kind of log on trail or get them in nice black-gray by having to move some greasy part of your bike. Well I see that's not the actual working surface which is white, but still the same applies. Blank Stare
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 why dose any company make products in white
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 because it looks cool?
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 Not a fan of those. POC's stuff is usually really cool and slick looking. But those do look like workmens gloves. Tha padding looks like stuff that was once white but been used a lot.
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 I haven't seen the POCs in any shops yet, but I tried on some of the new Giro ones...they fit really nice--no bagginess and they didn't seem overbuilt like alot of full-finger gloves. I think they were $35 which seemed a good deal...just didn't have my $$ with me. May go back for them.
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 Tried out the POC Spine VPD vest - the full body armour. The body armour fits well, but the quality of manufacturing was unacceptable - single stitching throughout, and one of the adjustment straps actually fell off the first day I used it. Fancy looking JUNK. Took it back.
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 I've had a couple bad crashes where my hand took the brunt of it - especially the palm and heel. My glove saved me, twice (specialized half glove). I never ride without them - even to the store. I have no problem at all if these are slight overkill. I'd rather too much than not enough. Once you lose much of the skin on one of your palms, and imbed gravel and rocks into your hand to the bone, you'll agree. I'm sure it's happened to a few who post here.

The feel thing may be the deal killer, but they don't look ridiculously overbuilt to me at all.
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 Don't knock it till ya try it. Check out the POC Index Flow. Been riding in it for a few weeks...comes in black! Lower profile, less padding... better for fighting cats. Sick glove, check it at:

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 I am not quite sure about this review. I never heard about POC but anyways... showing a picture of "look at the bulge" with a palm flat on a table is nothing I care about. Put your hands on the bike and lets see if the bulge is there. The other photos show this glove pretty well fitted on his hand?? Next, most of you are saying tooooooo much padding. Ok, that might be what you think but padding = protection. I don't know about you all but my hands are VERY important to me! Give me a review how they felt on the bike and not a review on wildlife fighting!
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 just dont look like good summer gloves. maybe good winter gloves but my hands would probably get way to sweaty. but im sure if i was wearing them and i took a fall i wuld be glad for the padding and protection, just wouldnt like them when im on the bike.
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 "Fight some alligators" HAHA That totally made me laugh. They look very thick. I like to be able to feel the grips and the brake levers at my finger tips throught the gloves.
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 my buddy has been raving about POC because he is a snowboarder as well as a freeride biker

he then got the POC knee/shins and returned them to the shop as they fitted very poorly and moved around, exposing the knee to crashes - he's gone back to using his Race Face DH knee/shins

the gloves in this review look totally overbuilt which makes no sense

no amount of padding, carbon or plastic will prevent you from breaking your finger or wrist if you crash hard (my same buddy as I mentioned above, broke 3 bones in his hand wearing carbon fibre Specialized DH gloves)

all that overbuilt gloves do is make your "feel" of the bike very vague, add heat and get uncomfortable during a full day on your bike - the trend is definitely going towards thin, light weight gloves to give lots of "feel" and comfort

good review BTW, nice to see a reviewer telling it as it is!
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 I have the POC VPD back armour which is amazing. When it warms up its really flexible and moulds to your back. It still remains hard to impact though so offers good protection. The gloves i'm not sure on though.
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 looks like skigloves to me..
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 Ive always wanted to punch a crocodile.
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 Palm slider is a nice idea. Otherwise they look a bit bulky?
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 I dig the idea. I'd def use one. BTW good english mr. spoiledgoods. That makes your review even more reliable...
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 i priced a poc helmet. $525 us. id rather pay the hospital bill for a broken jaw
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 thats the funniest review ive ever read, it sounds like he's taking the piss lol
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 what a whiner... better safe than sorry?
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 i thought POC would make good gloves.. those look weird
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 i would prefer using carbon plates on top for a real DH deal.
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 well, i like em..

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