Podcast: Sean Leader Talks About Windrock, Snowshoe, Racing, Investing & More

Feb 5, 2020
by Downtime Podcast  
Photo - Burk Saunders

Words Chris Hall : Photo Burk Saunders

This week on the Downtime Podcast, I’m joined by Sean Leader. Sean has been a driving force behind developing the riding scene on the east coast of America, and along with Neko Mulally is the man behind Windrock Bike Park. We sat down to find out more about Sean’s own race career where he competed at a high level in many disciplines, we chat about how investing has helped him live the kind of lifestyle he wants, what it took to get the Snowshoe track World Cup ready, and lots more. So hit play below and give it a listen.

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 Cheers for sharing @pinkbike I hope people enjoy finding out a bit more about Sean!
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 This is a great episode! He definitely has the right approach to trail building where less is more. For me there is nothing better than natural tech.
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 This was a great pod. Lots of parallels with my own life and lessons to be learned. Sean seems like a cool character and I dig his approach. Hope to cross paths one day, and will do my best to not mistake him for Neko.
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 @Southeaster there are worse things to be in life. Like being a dick for instance.
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 Sean is the man! Someone throw a million or 10 at this guy!
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 Listening to him talk about not liking working and relying on investments to then buy a house etc. One word: inheritance.

Oh this one time my Grandad just showed me how to play the stock market and gave me just a little investment...
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 cool. inheriting money isn't wrong. i don't see broke people starting bike parks. hell, i wish we had more daddy's money mountain bikers running around with blank checks.
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 Sure there's definitely some inheritance there, but it also does sound like he's a disciplined investor, which isn't just a given for people in today's society (I'm awful with financial discipline).
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 Just before I was born my father, mother, and her parents moved to the United States from South Africa to get away from apartheid. They moved here with nothing more than a few bags. My father had no high school diploma, my mother was a graduate student of veterinary medicine, and my grandparents became professors at Rutgers University. As a family, we work hard and we work together. We rely on investing to build security and long term wealth. We do not spend on frivolous items rather save for our future. We live simple and efficient lifestyles. Our trade skills make us self-sufficient while our intellect provides growth. As a child I watched and learned as my parents built their business and their house - Now I am building mine. I have inherited work ethic, knowledge, respect, and education. This inheritance is shared with anyone who would like to ride my trails.
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Awesome to get your family's backstory, Sean. I really enjoyed the interview. Keep up the good work!
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 @seanleader: thanks for all you do!
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I came to the rock 8 times in 2019
From Chicago with my crew and even have been considering moving to Tennessee just so I can ride more.
Thanks for the bomb a$$ trails !!!
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 @seanleader: That was a good listen, really cool to hear about your background and what can happen when two driven individuals come together. I also want to congratulate you on your financial independence, and for providing the blueprint for all listeners to follow. Props to you grandpa for educating you early, one of the best gifts he could ever give you, something that most people never learn their entire lives which is why most people cannot believe what you are doing and that it was inherited. Cannot wait to come and check out The Rock, its been a long time coming, good luck out there!
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 DMT and Chimpanzees?
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