Podcast: A Guide To MTB Health & Fitness With a Professional Coach

Jan 16, 2019
by The HKT Podcast  

Episode #065 of The HKT Podcast features Ben Plenge of Strength Factory Action Sports Training. Ben and I sat down at his facility in Bristol, UK to answer a host of listener questions about on/off the bike health and fitness. We split the episode into four components: diet, training the mind, training the body and recovery.

Half way through recording this episode Ben and I took a break to go through one of his MTB specific workouts. We then sat back down to discuss what movements we did and the reasons why. This workout is available free for our podcast listeners and can be downloaded HERE.

Here's a brief explanation of the workout.

You can simply click the link at the top of the page to take a listen or, you can also find the podcast by searching 'The HKT Podcast' on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Youtube. You can even shout at your smart home device and it'll do all the work for you!

Read the full #ProjectChainge story here.

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 I like this guy. As somebody with a background in strength and conditioning I often cringe listening to personal trainers - I don't think most of them are any good. They've often done a weekend or 1 week course and the rest of their knowledge is just men's health and body building dot com. This guy is great though.

Very balanced and fair on the diet stuff. Saying good stuff about strength and conditioning. You know somebody is knowledgeable when they say "it depends" rather than giving hard answers. He seems to really understand volume , frequency, intensity, exercise selection etc. He's not just prescribing the same shit to everyone.
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 Thanks for the feedback mate. Great to hear you enjoyed this one!

I agree, my main take away was that not everybody is the same and as a trainer Ben has to constantly be adapting for different sports and physical ability of his clients. However, it's important to have tools in your arsenal and a basic understanding of whats going to work/not work for your body.

Again, cheers.
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 One reason why crossfit and every other form of group exercising sucks...
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 @Mondbiker: How so? Crossfit is tailored to all different abilities and is big on progression. You can't expect a 60yo to do the same workout as a fit 20yo.
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 Thanks very much mate. Appreciate it.
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 @Mondbiker: I feel you may have opened up a can of worms with this one! hahaha
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 An interesting listen. The good old press up. Can't go wrong with them as a daily exercise. Can be done anywhere and without a gym in no time at all. Personally like them with 1 leg up for some instability plis it activates a glute and the extension through the shoulders at the top.
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 Doesnt matter how many videos you watch. Without a personal trainer making sure youre recruiting right muscles you will cheat and not really get the full benefit. Some workout better than none but dont think you'll go to gym and replicate these moves and hit ththe muscles and recruitment intended without a pro showing you what you're doing wrong. Just like skills classes...
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 Cheers for sharing Pinkbike team, Hope everybody enjoys a listen and can pick up a few tips/tricks from this wide ranging conversation with Ben!
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 Thanks for the tips boys! I'll work these into the winter routine to mix things up.
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 @brappjuice: No problem. Awesome to hear your going to adopt some of the things discussed!
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 Line up armchair experts!
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 you've your cynical hat on Jim, us armchair experts actually listened to it, it wasn't BS this time
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 @Vastusaurus: Thanks for the positive vibes bud. Glad you enjoyed a listen!
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 @HookitProducts: there's life-changing advice here about diet and training, free to anyone that will listen. everybody that's got strong or lean & fit knows this stuff, even if they can't articulate it.
its an absolute travesty that more attention is paid to the hocus pocus BS articles than to this.
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 @Vastusaurus: Thanks a bunch for the positive vibes man. Really appreciate and thanks for listening!
"Keep it simple" thats the message right!?
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 @Vastusaurus: thanks very much mate. I just try to put across simple, useable info to help people. Hope you have a rad 2019.
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 Why do i keep hearing this; "i don't eat processed foods, you shouldn't eat processed foods, you don't know whats in them".
"But I'll happily take pill/tablet supplement " which are more processed than any food out there even though i have no idea what is in it alltogether...
Don't get it.
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 What's the graves and rude workout? I'll have that

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