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Podcast: Behind the Scenes at YT With Founder, Markus Flossmann and CEO, Sam Nicols

Nov 8, 2022
by Downtime Podcast  

Words: Chris Hall

I recently had a great opportunity to sit down for a chat with YT Industries founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Markus Flossmann and CEO, Sam Nicols. Markus shares the story of how YT began and how he grew it over the 12 years that he was in charge. We chat about the origin of some of the product names and those incredible launch videos. Markus also shares the reasons that he decided to step down as CEO and how they found Sam to come onboard. Sam tells us about his time at YT so far and how his experience at Amazon is helping make YT a better company for everyone.

It was a pleasure to get the chance to have such an open and honest conversation with two of the industries big players. So sit back, hit play and listen to this episode with Markus Flossmann and Sam Nicols.

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 Sorry but YT wasted too much of time for 2 years waiting on returned phone calls and emails to listen to a pod cast. I shouldn't have wasted any more of it posting in the comments here.
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 I would be pissed too if I wasn’t able to reach customer care and my emails weren’t answered. We made many changes in early 2021 around staffing and systems and that should not happen anymore. We hope to win back your trust if you give us another chance.
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 @SamNicols: I appreciate the response. I owned 2 YT's. I had a Jeffsy and Tues. Great bikes. However, i felt as though I got courted for a long term relationship and ended up with a one night stand. After the sale it felt like the proverbial mic drop occurred. My thoughts then were less marketing budget and more support staff. I'm glad you all have realized this have made changes.
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 Came to read the comments and there aren't any... So disappointed.
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 comments disappeared like the YT mob did a few months back
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 @averagerug: stay tuned for new developments…
  • 4 2
 We wanted to create a dritjumpbike that costs under 1000.-...mhmm... Dirtlove costs at the moment 1599 Euros.
  • 3 2
 That was ages ago. If the Dirtlove currently is at 1599 I think that’s amazing value right now
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 @stefkrger: In comparison the Dirtlove is good value but I kinda feel like bmx and dirtjump bikes were always overpriced when compared to other mtb categories especially when one considers the fact that they have less parts. And when I compare YT with Radon, Canyon or Rose the times of really good YT prices is long over.
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 I hear you - we are pushing our suppliers hard to secure lower costs to make these bikes available at better prices. Dirt jump and downhill components are becoming increasingly challenging to get great prices on, unfortunately, as the global demand on these segments continues to go down.
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 Double Crown Addict where are youuuuuuu?!?!?
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 I think you need to say his name 3 times
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 Fuck YT and his founder!! straight poison for the sport. The way they dumped Zink after he helped the brand come to North America and the way they dumped Gwin with no previous announcement after he put YT in WC map. All of these things make me realize that he don't give a damn about the MTB community all he cares about it growing his brand and making money screwing athletes in need!!
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 A friend of mine cracked his 2018 jeffsy chain stay. they sent a whole rear triangle for a capra as a replacement. lol
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 Painful and embarrassing to hear… were we able to send the correct part quickly thereafter?
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 Came to the comments for the warranty bashing. *visible disappointment*
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 I wonder if offering customer service is a goal for 2023?
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 We chat about customer service specifically in the episode.
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 looks like listening should be your goal for 2023

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