Podcast: YT Mob Mechanic & Chromag Engineer Chats About His Toolbox, Geometry & More

Feb 13, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Photo by Isac Paddock

Words Chris Hall / Photo Isac Paddock

This week on the podcast, we sit down for a chat with Ben Arnott, the mechanic for the YT Mob and engineer at Chromag Bikes in Whistler. We chat with Ben about how he made it onto the World Cup circuit, his thoughts on suspension set up and tyre pressure, his toolbox, the future of mountain bike geometry and much more. Ben is a super interesting guy who's followed his passion and skill in engineering to build a lifestyle that I'm sure a lot of us would consider a dream… Hit play and listen to how he’s done it.

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 Thanks for sharing this Pinkbike Crew! I hope people enjoy listening.
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 I'm running the RSD Middle Child 150mm with 29er front and 27.5+ rear with cush core and black diamond casing, corners like a rip-stick and climbs like a billy goat! #MulletWheels
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 How are you finding the CushCore? I've just fitted a set... 2 rides in and I'm impressed!
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 @downtimepodcast: I'm sold on Cush Core installed it rear wheel only last season and though a bit of a job to get it in first time, it goes quicker after that, its holds in the corners and low psi w/out the dings
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 @PMONY: That's good to hear. I'm only a couple of rides in on mine, and already impressed. The damping they provide is awesome, and it's taken confidence in turns up a level for sure.
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 @downtimepodcast: To me cushcores are like dropper posts, I would never ride a trail bike without them now.
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 @hayden4x: that makes total sense... I thought I'd give them a go, but probably take them out. 2 rides in and I'm keeping them!
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 @downtimepodcast: The CushCore is the key to saving the back wheel (especially with plus size). I find its better as rim protection than dampening but worth every penny.
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 @Aziegler: cheers! I am not normally a rim breaker to be honest, but it's nice to know that extra protection is there for sure.
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 ..... Where are the punny comments?
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 It's quiet here today isn't it!
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 a smart guy!!! enjoyed listening to the podcast. The old "whiskey" trail never disappoints.
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 Glad you enjoyed it @TonieMelonie. Ben has definitely got his head around things in a very thoughtful way.
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 Hell yeah Ben!

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