Podcast: Ben Cathro Talks 2019 Downhill Season Predictions, Team Moves, Gossip & More

Mar 2, 2019
by HKT Products Ltd  

Words: Davi Birks, Photo: Phunkt

The analytical mastermind himself, Ben Cathro returns for the latest episode of The HKT Podcast. Ben's track walk/course breakdown videos attracted a lot of attention last year and on this episode we discuss his 2019 plans, some of the new equipment he's adding to level up production and being able to make it to all this year's races.

Although approximately two months away, we decided to preview the upcoming 2019 downhill season too and take a look at some of the offseason team moves, new race venues, forum gossip and find out who Ben's betting on to take podiums and have a breakout year!


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 The EU doesn't kick the UK out! You clowns are set to leave on your own stupidity. It's like cancelling amazon prime because with the money you could buy more movies and books, while insisting on still having free shipment and access to the other Amazon prime benefits. And since the EU won't accept those terms, they are somehow the bad guys.
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 More like cutting off your nose to spite the face to be honest.
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 Around half of UK only It's like leaving a very exclusive and expensive club and demanding all the benefits when you leave
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 great analysis there, are you in politics? I've never heard anyone explain the situation so eloquently before. You are wasted on Pinkbike my friend. Do you have any other geo political insights involving business metaphors I'd love to hear your opinion on how trading on WTO rules is just like owning a Tesla.
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flag pigman65 (Mar 2, 2019 at 1:58) (Below Threshold)
 Thanks, but you're the enemy, it's been drummed into us for centuries. When We get our Empire back, you'll be sorry.
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 Calm down, he clearly said it in jest.
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 So I mostly come on here to burry my head in the sand about the slow speed car crash that is happening here in the real world.

Can you maybe just not?
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 @commentsectiontroll: haha, it's escalated. Lets all just drink some alcohol and chat downhill...
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 @nickkk: who needs analysis when you've got sovrin-tea? No sugar, no milk, I'm afraid.
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 @BenPea: ha. It's all depressing as f*ck. The worst thing is that Baureo-speedwagon is correct. He didn't need to spell out the situation with his crayons there for us all already painfully aware of the situation in the UK at the moment, but that we are viewed collectively as retrograde imbeciles is the worst. Who can say we don't? FWIW, I'm remain and all leavers can suck Satan's cock in hell for all eternity. Cheers.
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 @nickkk: the fact that millions don't understand this, more millions think the UK have already left and another few million think no deal = back to normal means it warrants repeating in the simplest possible terms, so as to permeate the thickest of membranes. And they are thick. This ridiculous act of f*ckery is even contaminating Canadian bike websites, so toxic is its effluvium. I'm half and half (en/fr) so it's a bit of an "ed-feuk" as they don't say here.
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 @BenPea: yup to all of that. Anyway, my wife is French so yeah, c'est merde! Back to bikes !!
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 @nickkk: ah, hence the ire... Fingers crossed the adults turn up soon. BIKES!!
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 @pigman65: Yeah, good luck with that.
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 Great podcast! Only the girls above me making it political. Come on Ben does not deserve that.
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 Appreciated mate, thanks for taking a listen!
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 @commentsectiontroll: You sir, get an upvote for your username alone!
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 Great conversation! Thanks for brightening my day!
PS: It is Val di Sole NOT Val du Soleil!!! Italian NOT French! I blame Rob Warner for the mispronunciation and Claudio for never correcting him!
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 Thanks my friend! Cheers for listening and have a great rest of your day!
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 How much does he charge for a bespoke Fantasy DH Team?
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 Thanks for sharing Pinkbike and to Ben for being a great guest!
So, let's see some more predictions, who are people tipping for wins this season and the overall Champions?!

Enjoy, and thanks again to everybody for the support.
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 I hope to see Luca Shaw on the top spot.
Verry nice pod cast, i'm a big fan of Ben's channel.
Thanks pb and thanks #CATHROVISION
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 Can we put cathro on our fantasy DH league just because??
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 new conspiracy theory: Cathro already knows his predictions for the 2019 season because the 2019 season is over and it already happened in secret. so we should listen to cathro and build out teams off of it.
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 Just listened, I wasn't prepared for the image of a naked and flushed giraffe curled up in a plane toilet and neither was that poor air stewardess. Warning: graphic content
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 hahahahahahaha and apolagies for the scrotum reference to kick things off!! Beginning and the end are for sure graphic.
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 I think the biggest news in women's DH is Marine Cabirou getting a spot on the Scott Factory Team. She's so young, too; I really look forward to the years when it will be Marine and Vali Holl chasing down Tahnee.
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 Interesting how no camera company had sponsored Ben yet as he's shown great skills with the very handicapped Sony A6300.
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 loving MTB Podcasts recently. Would listen to this sort of thing every week to get a bit more insight into racing, industry, pro riders etc!
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 Well, I was taking the piss, if you thought I was serious you need help
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 Nowt wrong with Skoda these days......
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 Who the hell would want to do 3 runs on hardline!!
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 Not me! Please excuse my new format proposal. I haven't heard anything from the UCI yet wanting me to consult for them... I'll keep you posted! hahaha
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 Not the same without video. Go Cathro!

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