Podcast: Bernard Kerr on Hitting 90ft Gaps & Some Huge Team Rumours

Nov 13, 2022
by George Thompson  

Blenki to Cube? Madison to quit DH? A new rider on Pivot Factory Racing? Just some of the team rumours discussed in this episode of the pod. We’ve also got the inimitable Bernard Kerr talking about hitting those 90ft Hardline jumps for the first time, getting fired up after checking the Pinkbike Poll before World's & if he could add any rider to the Pivot Factory Racing team, who would it be?



All photos credit @maddogboris

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 I would love Pivot to sign both Matt Walkers.
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 I'd like to see Reece Ws make the Trek to the world champs in the same plane
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 What rumors we got folks? Not gona have time to listen to this unfortunatly.
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 Greg Minnaar signed with Cube.
  • 71 0
 Dick Pound
  • 33 0
 Loic Bruni got signed to Specialized
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 Cru Jones to mongoose?!
  • 10 3
 Propain without a factory team
  • 42 0
 LordTom to stay on his battered old GT force.
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 Rob Warner signed for discovery
  • 23 7
 Kaepernick back on 49ers
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 Waki comes back and signs with PinkBike racing
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 I heard @notoutsideceo is creating a Pink-e-gravel bike WC team.
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 Ratboy coming back to DH WC and signing with Transition.
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 At 57:59 BK says something about having a lot on his plate with "adding a new team and riders".
Anybody heard anything about that?
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 @thingswelike: He said they're launching a development team for younger riders.
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 @chakaping: Oh yeah. I've just got to the bit where they mention the riders:
Dane Jewett, Ryan Griffith and Teagan Heap - I guess they'll all be first year Juniors next year.
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 @oldfaith: yeah and Danny heart to go with pinnarello DH team
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 The Kamikaze DH has been added to the WC tour.
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 @MrShreddypants: Its still in the works but likely to replace Pinkbike racing DH team!

Be safe be well,
Incognito Robin
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 I'm still fired up about Kerr's great season!
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 Jack Moir to Pivot.
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 What?! What about Partyboi and Boom Boom?
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 YT is more likely.
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 @commental: I've also heard that rumour
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 @commental: his brother is already selling new YT branded takeoff parts.
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 @iwhizz: Does anyone know Partyboi's actual name? I've watched several MoiMoi TV videos and never figured it out.
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 jack 2 trek
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 Sam Hills leaving Monster Energy for Banana Bread
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 Matthew Fairbrother to Pivot
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 Fairbrother should get his own Outside adventurer program. He's already a pretty decent writer for a 17 year old, though to be fair it's easier to write when you have insane adventures.
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 @The-Foiling-Optimist: Fairbrother starts his own team and makes everyone ride around with him.
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 Keep the rumours coming @george-thompson - the last few pods have been particularly enjoyable.
One bit of feedback: I found it difficult to understand Emily a few times recently, is her audio a little worse than the rest of the contributors?
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 @chakaping: Cheers! Yeah, had Emilie sounding great & was struggling with Jack (on the latest Amaury one in particular) & it seems to have switched around. So many factors, strength of wi-fi, sound of the room etc. Try to polish them up a bit in the edit but you can't boost what isn't there Smile Thanks for highlighting, will work on it for the next one.
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 Hastings would have to be the pivot rider
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 @george-thompson having found it a few months back I've been really enjoying the podcast, great guests and stories.

Question for you, on the 'previously on...' section, who is it, "you can look at all the data but then you just let off the brakes..."?
I'll find it at some point going through the back catalog but which episode is that?
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 It’s Matt Walker iirc
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 sounds like kade edwards
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 Thanks - was no the start of the Matt Walker episode, don't think it was that, Kade's a good shout.
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 Hey @PawnSacrifice, glad to hear you’re enjoying the show, cheers for the kind words!

Yeah, it’s Kade (& Reece Wilson) from Season 1. Had the ‘previously’ idea in my head for a while & that was the one clip that I had in my head for it. I think it’s the only clip that’s been in from the start & is still in too.
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 @george-thompson: Thank you, will get to that next.

As an aside, just finishing the Dean Lucas, Blue Monday episode, appreciate the honesty from you both, really interesting helpful conversation.
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 @PawnSacrifice: Thank you. Obviously you record the shows & you edit them & then I try & listen through again to check the bounce is OK (not always possible & I'm sure one day I'm going to get a heap of messages saying there's a big chunk of audio missing or similar) & I really wanted to do that show but I've never been able to listen back to it. Glad to hear that you've found it helpful though!
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 Madison Saracen will have a WC DH Team next year. Plus maybe a junior development team. Wait and see.
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 Like how they put into the grass roots of the sport, as well as at the top level.
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 Really good podcast and Bernard is always good value for money. Was able to chat to him a couple of times at the Fort William World Cup and he is a pretty cool guy. Super talented rider, too.
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 90 foot gaps! That should be named 'Coffin Canyon"

Glad I'm too old to fantasize I could still do things like that.
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 @deaner2: yeah man we all built 90 ft gaps in our back yards as kids. Didn't you?
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 @deaner2: Yeah well, I might have pulled it off if it was 90 feet straight down...
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 Cripes. I would not be so calm about it if my team was facing the chop, especially not with a mortgage to pay. Iceman Kerr.
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 There's not a chance in hell his Pivot salary funds his lifestyle. He's clearly from money which makes his appearance on that debt collection program years ago even funnier.
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It’s quite well known to locals his family are very wealthy. Not to say he doesn’t work hard now but he certainly had a jump start.
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 @boardinbob: Bernard owns the racing team/license so his salary is not from Pivot. Obviously has other sources of income and does work his ass off with sponsorships.

You would think he could afford travel cases for the bikes instead of duct taping cardboard boxes at the airport though Smile
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 @boardinbob: one does not become wealthy by letting money go away!
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 @Tombola27: thought in some podcast he talked about growing up dirt poor with his mom. Had to eat rats or something to afford to go racing.
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 Will a lot more riders cross over to ews or ewsE ?
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 its a great podcast people get listening .............
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 Or watching on youtube as it's easier to get a handle on their emotions www.youtube.com/watch?v=urTeGmq9B-E
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 Sounds like it might be a few lean years to come for pro-riders.
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 Few lean years to come for everyone lol
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 He is actively getting butt buzz from the 29er rear wheel in that photo
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