Podcast: Brook Macdonald On The Crash, The Recovery & The Comeback

Jan 9, 2020
by The HKT Podcast  

The Bulldog returns to The HKT Podcast! It was a pleasure to have Brook Macdonald join me for the latest episode of the podcast. No doubt everybody will remember Brook took a heavy crash at World Champs in Mont-Sant-Anne that very nearly cost him his career. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the chaos that then followed on the hill, his recovery from a spinal cord injury and much more... 

When will we possibly see Brook back on the track? You might be surprised at the answer!

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Enjoy, thanks for listening!


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 So glad for him and I hope he tears up the WC circuit this year. On that note please tell me that MSA did a complete overhaul of their EMS for future races,to quote coach from Letterkenny "It's f*ckING EMBARASSING!
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 *kicks trash can across the room
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 @mammal: Figure it out!! * #letterkenny
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 Pitter patter boys
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 Broke my C4, C5 and T1 about 2 weeks after Bulldog's injury, the stupidest 'jerry of the day' crash over a drop. Thankfully, I literally walked it off, straight to the hospital not really knowing how bad my injuries were. Despite avoiding surgery by the skin of my teeth, spending 10 weeks in a neck brace and not being able to work, or do anything really...it's been a tough time for me, and I'm anxious about getting on the bike again. But following Brook's progress has really inspired me, as I'm sure it has other's too! Keep smashing it mate, maybe one day we'll meet out on the trails.
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 Ugh. Speedy heals man. I’m lying on the couch right now with a broken clavicle. Same thing - full Jerry - always seems that way. Not really focused over a routine table. Never broke a clavicle and it hurts but I’m shocked Doc says I’m out until April. Doc did say I was close to breaking my hip which would have really sucked. Just a massive hematoma on the hip. Stay positive man and heal up!!
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 @swellhunter: I broke my hip in march 2019 and it wasnt too bad i would walk kinda okay after a week even though I wasnt supposed to... but my break was more like a chip off the side of the hip bone so it wasnt that bad
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 C7 fracture here back in August on a stupid crash on some wet planks at a bike park...That being said i'm sure you know (and have been reminded) how lucky we got that our injuries weren't more severe. The funny thing is nearly getting paralyzed has finally forced me to consider how many risks i take while out riding. That may sound like an obvious statement to most people but if we were smarter about our health we wouldn't be mtb'ing.
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 His progress updates on Instagram are inspirational. Shows that positive attitude helps a lot during recovery phases.
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 Totally agree. It's hard not to be inspired! Have you seen the Aaron Baker documentary we spoke about on the podcast? You'll want to run through a brick wall after watching that!! hahaha
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 The importance of a PMA should never be understated in recovery of any kind. Incredible what the brain is capable of convincing the body to do, we still don’t know the half of it. WC tracks the world over are quaking in abject terror at his return
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 Screw the UCI and their treatment of this situation. I listened to this yesterday on the way to work, and I was struck by the way Brook spoke about the other riders who rallied around him. Even more impressed now with Peaty, Wyn and others. When Brook talked about Wyn asking him to be the best man in his wedding... I got choked up and had to wait a bit before turning off the car and going into work. Powerful stuff. All the best to you, Bulldog!
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 Try being on the other end of the mic for the part about Wyn... Had to prevent myself from welling up on that one too!
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 @HookitProducts: I can imagine, Davey. Keep up the great work. By the way, you need to do a brief segment of what happened with the EWS or Bust series. It seemed to have just disappeared without an update (unless I missed something in an episode) and I don't think you covered it on the end of year episode.
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 @Hogfly: Don't worry mate an update is coming! It'll all make sense shortly....

Oooh, the suspense!! haha
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 To be fair, the UCI has zero interest in mountain biking and is probably still unaware that there was even a race at MSA, much less that two people had massive spinal injuries during that race.

Seriously, f*ck the UCI, their monopoly on professional cycling can’t end soon enough, but sadly I don’t think the end is anywhere in sight.
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I’m heading over to the UCI social media sites to ask them what they’ve done to stop
this from happening again. (Delayed extraction, pathetic medical team training, lack of professional care...). Come along, it’ll be fun to see how long it takes them to ban me.

Everyone should go ask...
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flag timmyelle (Jan 10, 2020 at 4:28) (Below Threshold)
 @powaymatt: " (Delayed extraction, pathetic medical team training, lack of professional care...)."

That, my friend, is socialized medicine. Bernie supporters be ware!
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 Please tell you’re joking....@timmyelle:
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 @marcandrepapineau: a quick internet search of the US Veterans Hospitals issues causes alarm. (Closest thing we have to government run healthcare here in the US)
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 Incredibly inspirational, super interesting and absolutely amazing goals. Smash it!!
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 Appreciate it bud, thanks for taking the time to listen!
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 @HookitProducts: you’re doing a kick ass job man. Nice interview.
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 @powaymatt: Thanks, really appreciate the kind words!
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 Damn, I find it hard to come back from a cold, never mind an injury like this. The guy is a god.
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 Thought the exact same thing after I'd moaned about glandular fever in the intro! hahaha
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 Dear Brook, that is incredible. I am really happy. But do me a fawor, waer a backprotector or just tell mee and i will send you mine. It often did a good job
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 probably had one on to be fair
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 bulldog no words needed
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 Boo UCI
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 Absolute class act of a guy. His anger towards the way the UCI handled his accident is more than justified. The progression of Brooks recovery is nothing short of incredible, and if he is well enough to race this year, I genuinely hope he absolutely smashes. My full support 150%.
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 So emotion for me to hear the Bulldog getting back on the saddle and still sounding strong.
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 Unreal mate eh? Talk about mental toughness...
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 Thank you for the share Pinkbike! Big thanks to Brook for being so open and honest too, enjoy folks!
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 I cant believe the UCI are still a thing and our sport collectively still tolerates this total and utter insanity. Think we all knew that given what came out in the immediate aftermath however here Brook lay it out first hand is pretty chilling Stay strong mate
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 forward to 7:16 to start actual content - you're welcome
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 I normally can't listen to his podcasts, just not my style. I had to tune into this one, because Bulldog. Fighting back tears with a lump in the throat for his inspiration of being Wyn's best man asking other moments. Truly powerful and inspirational content for sure. Not to diminish it in anyway, but did the host have to shit talk Bernard for 5+ min to start though? I found that off putting and adding to the list of reasons I can't listen to that guy. So annoying. I mean I guess I don't they're relationship, but it's sounded pretty a-holey to me.
I wish you continued success in your recovery bulldog!
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 It was so great to get Brook's deep perspective on the whole situation. Also really interesting to hear how he is doing in general and they ways he has kept up his motivation and spirits. The community really rallied around him. Who doesn't love the Bulldog? He is a true inspiration, and has always been even before the crash.

I just wish someone else had interviewed him. This podcast is able to get really great guest, but the host falls short in his interview style, the studio quality, and the lack of editing. I would have hoped that after all these years things would have improved but they haven't. Now I only listen when there is such a compelling guest that it helps me get over his not great style of talking over people and just not caring about editing. I wish he took more pride in his podcast because it has the opportunity to be so good.
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 Hey pressurecooker, In an effort to always try to improve the podcast I feel compelled to write you a reply and explain a couple of things. First up, I appreciate you listening. I understand time is valuable so the fact you've given my podcast an hour or so of your time actually means a lot... I also appreciate my style isn't to everybody's taste. In fact I'd pride myself on not having a 'style' and just wanting to have honest conversations with people rather than come at it from an 'interview' perspective. In my opinion thats what a podcast is, a conversation. There are plenty of people coming at this thing from a more 'interview' perspective as I'm sure you know. As for the studio quality, well, on this occasion there is no studio. This podcast is done via an internet connection that I'm sure you can appreciate is sometimes not perfect. After all Brook and I are opposite sides of the World. The audio from this podcast was actually trash. We had it constantly cut out, we had brook's car connecting to his phone by accident and I spent the best part of about 6 hours through the night going over the audio and getting it to be the best I could possibly get it. Full transparency, I'm not an audio engineer or a sound quality expert and you'll notice that when we do use the new studio that I have invested a lot of money in, the sound quality is far better and, I have a producer sometimes cast an ear over the recording too. The pride thing you've mentioned. Honestly dude, I couldn't be more proud of the community that has been built around this podcast. I'm proud of the fact it's helped raise money for charities, it's helped raise awareness for projects and, it's helped change peoples lives after they have listened to guests who have been on the podcast. Again, thanks for listening and I hope one day the podcast lives up to your expectations. Oh, don't forget it will be entirely free too.
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 The worst interviewer. Always talking, always name dropping. No one gives a shit about you dude. If we did we'd tune into a podcast where you're the guest.
As an analogy think about it like a golfer and a caddie. The caddie hands the golfer a club (you ask the question), then backs away (you don't talk!) . The golfer takes the shot (interviewee answers question). Repeat.
You said yourself you've even forgotten to hit record more times than you care to admit. Lol
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 That was maybe a tad harsh. I'm sure people obviously care about you, I didn't mean that to be so harsh sounding. Haha.
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 @cky78: I think he does an awesome job. You can tell it’s a real passion to him. I’ve listened to so many great episodes and have a better understanding because of listening.
Thanks Davey!
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 @Pa-ul: Hey, I agree, he's totally passionate, and knowledgeable. More so than I am, haha. I guess my point was that we're listening to the podcast to find out about the guest, not the host. I will say I was being a bit harsh before and.... I apologise for that.... Whoa, internet apology. Lol
Cheers to the host for all his hard work, and efforts.
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 @HookitProducts: Hi! Thank you for that reply. I understand where you are coming from and why you dont want to or feel you dont have the time to learn about editing/audio quality. I hope you see my comment as an opportunity for improvement and an opportunity to get a better look at your audience and why some people drop off from listening. If growing the podcast is something you want to keep doing then it is good to listen to some of these dissenting opinions.
Also, something I didn't mention is that I have an interview podcast as well so I fully understand the time, effort, and monetary commitment to creating what you have created. With that I also have experienced and thus understand things you could do help improve the quality which would lead to more people listening. Some of them being very small changes that wouldnt be hard for you to implement.
You are right that it is ultimately up to on how you want to create the final product, just giving you some food for thought if you wanted to grow your listener base!
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 'I am Brook"

So glad he's doing better, I love his attitude. Such a strong guy not only physically
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 Yeah Boi!!!
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 Fuck yeah Bro!!!
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 Fuck yeah!! A dam good honest listen.
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 The uci can go get f*cked They are a joke
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 His positive attitude is incredible.
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