Podcast: Dean Lucas on Getting a Private Jet Home from World Cups

Nov 19, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Getting back to Australia after the World Cup season finished was no joke for Dean Lucas. His flight home ended up costing more than $10,000.

Listen to the full three-hour Gypsy Tales podcast below.


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 Shows up on the home page right underneath the article about the bike industry trying to be carbon neutral....
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 To be fair, it would be a pretty far swim from NZ to Australia.
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 It appears his choice was being stranded on the west coast of the US or this. Airline sold him tickets to a flight that never really existed.
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 Yeah I get it, no choice and he had to get home. I was more pointing out that the article seems to be bragging about flying on a private jet as kind of a big deal. Seems pretty out of place.
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 love it. Like when Leonardo decaprio travels around on his yacht and private planes to lecture us about "global warming" or political clowns meet up for the G7 summit via 40 car motorcade.
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 @Pinemtn: Or Biden begging Saudi Arabia to produce more oil from Air Force one on the way to the climate summit because gas prices were getting too high and his approval rate was falling.
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flag spankthewan (Nov 19, 2021 at 21:51) (Below Threshold)
 @Pinemtn: His hypocrisy doesn't justify your poor choices.
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 @spankthewan: such as?
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 Okay, so I have a theory about the placement of these two articles:

It was intentional, they positioned them like that increase conflict and generate clicks.

Welcome to Pinkbike, presented Outside,

No one will remember this transition a couple years from now, it’ll be a whole new crew, just like when Outside was a real magazine.
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 @nurseben: that cuts deep
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 @spankthewan: his hypocrisy does negate the assessment of my choices as poor, however.

that is the issue. the framing of my driving/flying as a poor choice. get f*cked(to you biden or anyone else) if you think normal people aren't watching this dog and pony show...
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 Australia is not the world's 1st polluter for nothing (official sources)
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 Cognitive Dissonance. People love to virtue signal, not make actual sacrifices.
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 Also, speaking of what is and isn't making it on home page, why isn't Kyle Warner being discussed at all? We got a snippet about a photographer going after a shop for photos on their website, and THAT'S industry news, but a national level enduro racer potentially never racing again isn't?

Gunna get some flak here because this is in context to vaccines, but put the politics aside for a second, and just ask yourself, why is Pinkbike going the way it is?
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 @sherbet: What's this news about Kyle Warner?
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 @wpplayer18: He's had some health complications due to the vaccine. I'm staunchly provaxx, but the risks are real, even if they are insanely rare, but apparently his career ending isn't news anywhere as it paints the vaccine in a poor light.

But yep, tell us about a murder at Jamis. Uh huh.
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flag FoesKnows (Nov 20, 2021 at 13:14) (Below Threshold)
 @axleworthington: What absolute absolute drivel inspired by the elite left and entitles rich propaganda. Australia emissions in 2005 were 619mtCo2e. Australians emissions in 2019 were 539mtCo2e.

That is a 20% reduction, the second best in the OECD.

We are on track to reduce it by 35% to 2030.

We are hamstrung by leftist ideology about nuclear, despite ample supply and geo-techtonic suitability, and local governments with aple resources to store it. We are the third largest supplier of Uranium to the global energy system.

We are also the largest producer of the cleanest coal types which despite the simplistic meassaging in idiotic ideology powers a half of the world, much to the applause of the worlds poor and energy starved. Any non Australian coal birtn is less clean and has more environmental impcats, often coming from juistictions were waste and pollution and regulation is an option.

f*ck off with your bullshit, and f*ck COP elite gabfest of morons and their jets and gluing yourselves to roads.
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flag FoesKnows (Nov 20, 2021 at 13:17) (Below Threshold)
 @danstonQ: Didnt you French f*ckeres enter New Zealand and blow up a private anti nuclear protest vessel because of your nuclear weapon testing in the Pacific, killing someone?. f*ck you and your French classmates. Always have and always will be entitled f*cks. Go the yellow vests, protesting about unreal elite policy in the gaulic streets, tear it down lads.
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 @FoesKnows: yes, yes, yes! As an Irish person listening to constant bullshit about how our beef herd needs to be reduced because of carbon emissions I cannot empathize more with you. We produce the cleanest, grass-fed beef in the world and we have the green party retards telling us that we need to get rid of half of our herd so that we can meet our emissions targets. This is a country with no mineral exploitation to speak of, no heavy industry and a small population for the land area. But we export most of our beef and all that will happen is that countries like Brazil, which is cutting down thousands of acres a day of the amazon to make more grazing land, will pick up the slack. It makes no sense at all. COP26 and all this other shit is simply a way for these mega corporations to increase their power and influence over our lives.
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 @sherbet: Agreed, not only that but the dude has been pretty level headed on his stance and is still getting shit on from both sides of the vaccine talk.
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 The whole world has been out of place for over a year now. Don’t see any sense in your comment. @nilswalk:
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 @FoesKnows: Is that you Scott Morrison, you nutter. "Cleanest coal" ha ha ha, like "Least deadly gunshot wound" or "most well rounded murdered". Truly you're all doing the Lords work down there, keep it up!
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 @wpplayer18: This is really sad www.instagram.com/tv/CWCOcGlrFMT
www.instagram.com/tv/CWJwZLeN1Ze Especially that some companies are making in billions, and are not liable for those kind of problems, because governments were sold to their dubious contracts.
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flag pugafi (Nov 21, 2021 at 4:23) (Below Threshold)
 @nilswalk: you lettuce eaters cant get a hood laugh out of anything right??
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 @sherbet: pinkbike being quiet on Kyle … you all a need to ask yourself why?? Honestly I thought PB was better than this.
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 @FoesKnows: I never said that our shit smelled better than yours Mister Rude Smile
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 @pugafi: Wait, you don't eat lettuce?
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 @sherbet: Pinkbike follows Kyle Warner on Instagram. It does seem a little weird there has been no mention of this.
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 @sherbet: I wondered this. PB have previously promoted a fair bit of Kyle's material, but this hasn't been mentioned at all. He seems to have been quite seriously affected.
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 @mobiller: only while laying back on my v12 on my way to my private jet.
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 @JiminOz: The liberal/left, media backed companies will never tell the truth if it conflicts with their interests.
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 @ChrisNJ: Amen. Pinkbike is no different and they just confirmed that fact.
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 @ChrisNJ: Not true.. all media do this, right, liberal, left winged... They all say their version of the 'truth' and won't tell you anything that conflicts their agenda.
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 @kuejku: Currently there only seems to be one agenda though? Sorry, did I just mention the elephant in the room?
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 I was about to start hating on this man- my fingers were ready to start typing hate. But, then I listened to the whole thing and it’s a pretty cool story. Lucky to get a private jet and bet it was a cool experience
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 I respect the guy, the personality I dont like, but he is genuine, and I listen to his stuff although as I say, I would not be friends with him. Cool character of the mtb, but this clickbait title is really misleading as the story is cool. From jet to bus hahah
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 hahahahaah this is great, all these bitches crying about someone taking a private that cost sooo much money and is bad for the environment.... while they ride their 7k bike made in a country that doesn't give a fuck about the environment ... cool... such scholars in here.
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 cool story hansel
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 The jealous Cancel Culture vibe on here is lame. His private jet flight isn't destroying the planet. Save it for China, USA, India, Russia, Japan, Germany et al for their industrial pollution. Most of you would jump at the chance to take this flight if it was offered to you gratis. Good on Dean for enjoying life, and being honest about it.
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 Cancel culture is a term manufactured by the right to attempt to ridicule social and environmental justice. And you forgot Canada , we are the worst Per Capita country in the G8 in terms of pollution.carbon emissions. Most of us according to your comments actually wouldn't jump at the chance to take this flight...
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flag Dadd (Nov 21, 2021 at 15:05) (Below Threshold)
 @sirbikealot: I'm pretty sure you're the epitome of Cancel Culture. Ostracism is too complex to have been created by the right. You'd prefer to toss someone out of society rather than listen to their differing perspective. I was going by tonnes of pollution, as the Per Capita Hydrogen Sulphide levels in your room are also on the list. Canada isn't even top ten. Are you a knight, or a DJ?
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 Dean is a good dude from what I can tell, trying to bring positivity and uniqueness to the scene. I can see how his style might be off putting for folks and might indicate that he’s a narcissist or show off or something, but he seems to be pretty much universally liked by the other riders, so That tells me that he’s actually cool and authentic, not just some wanker trying to grab everyone’s attention through over the top antics.
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flag FoesKnows (Nov 20, 2021 at 13:19) (Below Threshold)
 This story is why climate change is a farce. Its nice to think, but when the chips are down or the opportunity presents, the human self will undertake. If ALL the private jets and motor launches were impounded and crushed, then we would know we have a situation to consider.
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 i have met dean a few times. you are stating facts. 100% a good dude.
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 Uh K
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 3 hours is too long for a podcast.
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 Not really, just listen to it in multiple parts.
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 So many haters! So stoked to have the Gypsy podcast diving into the lives and knowledge from athletes across the board, some pretty rad views and experiences within these episodes. I didn't know much about Dean prior, but got mad respect for him and his outlook after listening to this one. Thanks for sharing PB...get a life ya kooks
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 Jujitsu technique.
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 Dam - I though he was on his way to Glasgow............
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 who the f*ck would want to come here? Only people that should come to Glasgow are those studying at what age can depression kick in.
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 @mtb-scotland: and polish workers Wink
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 I always root for Deanos Machinos to do well in races. He seems like a really chill dude.
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 As a Canadian I can help .
Do whatever the hell you want - then say “sorry” -DONE!
you can’t be angry of something that doesn’t exist and is an invention of white people who just need to make up shit to fight against other white people who are more successful then them .
Blame your incompetence - not the “climate”
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 Listened to the whole 3 hour episode. Those guys just descend into absolute Joe Rogan Drivel. Especially the last hour, complaining about everything and anything. Should have wrapped it up at 2 hours.
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 what would greta do?
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 take a private yacht
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 But PB keeps telling me how badly paid pro mountain bikers are. Yet here we’re are dropping 10k on a private jet home. I don’t know how anyone who isn’t earning well into the 100ks per year could even entertain that idea
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 Half of $10,000. No idea if it’s AUD as well. Solid chunk of change but it’s not f*ck you money
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 I wanted to see if he was bragging about it, but lost interest at '3 hour podcast'
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 Failing to see the point of this.
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 And I guess this post is newsworthy?
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 Hair and shirt, both leopard style!
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 Preach to the converted, but Downhill riders should be on more coin than...say NBA player or Soccer player...you sports that only need 1 ball.
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 greta thunberg says blah blah blah!!!
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 Dec. 3rd
  • 30 31
 Painfully obvious massive narcissist.
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 Three hours of talking about yourself is totally normal bro!
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 @Eatsdirt: ...enough about me...let's talk about me.
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 up the sea eagles!
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 The haters will hate !
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 Is it just me or does Dean seem to be all show and no go ??
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 No go? Dean finished within the top 10 in the overall for the 2019 season.
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 @trumbullhucker55: and a 6th place at les gets this year
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 Just you
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flag fruitcake (Nov 19, 2021 at 18:14) (Below Threshold)

I knew his family would show up...
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 He was a really cool dude in Snowshoe.
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flag fruitcake (Nov 19, 2021 at 20:26) (Below Threshold)
 @trumbullhucker55: Sorry, I m Australian. You ll have to forgive me. I prefer my racers more in the form of Hill and Rennie.
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flag fruitcake (Nov 19, 2021 at 20:27) (Below Threshold)

Kovarik, Hannah and Brosnon.
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 I prefer my MTB racers to be massive bogans
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 @boozed: upvoted
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 @tobius: it’s a term that describes the more “unrefined” personality and behaviour of many Australians. Over here it’s so far from being insulting that if you ever hear an Australian say the word, it should be taken as a compliment rather than an insult.
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 @tobius: well maybe you should take the time to update it? I had a hard time finding any information past those two links you found. In the context of discussing an Australian (by another Australian) it really is a reach to tell them that it’s an unacceptable word. Telling an Australian what they can’t say will bring out the bogan in even the most eloquent. I will remember not to use the word when I’m next in western Ontario. Thanks.
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 @tobius: go kick a dog? Wtf. Also the term isn't derogatory here stop making shit up to be angry at. Go kick yourself in the butt.
  • 2 3
 @boozed: havn't heard "bogan" yet. Is that like UK for duchebag?
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 @tobius: you didn’t get far in the wiki page did you, like the second sentence? “Depending on the context, the term can be pejorative or self-deprecating.”

You certainly didn’t get far enough in to read the section “Non pejorative use” where the very first sentence reads: “The term bogan has sometimes been used favourably to indicate pride in being rough around the edges.” The only thing you’ve managed to enlighten us to is your ignorance, even in the face of information. But please carry on, it’s always amusing when idiots make a tit of themselves.
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 @tobius: we notice you’re getting heavily downvoted . Could that have something to do with spending an inordinate amount if mental energy in a smug attempt to cancel @Afterschoolsports for his in context use of ‘bogan’?

Leave that shit out buddy, it’s insufferable
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 @tobius: Go tell the nearest native? Uh. Native from Ontario here. Have never heard of the term "bogan" used in a derogatory way. This one is new to me.
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 @tobius: your a wanker mate,bogan in Australia is a compliment.a bogan is pretty much as Aussie as a person could be.a Bogan would probably have a mullet and a commodore,and would defs mang said commodore while on the cans,yeah the Bogan!!!
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 @Smoothy55: Bogans in thongs is top aesthetics mate.
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 @tobius: I am part First Nations. Shove your attitude up your ass, punk. Your posts only serve to illustrate your mental state.
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 @Smoothy55: Commodore? Don't be leaving us Ford lovers out in the cold in our Falcons.

In EnZud we use bogan both in the pejorative way and in and endearing way. Usually depends what said bogan is up to at the time.
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 @sherbet: +1. As a white kid growing up in Regina I head way too many old white rednecks talk smack about first nations folks all while keeping a boot on their neck. But never heard "bogan". I live in Calgary now and hear all sorts of smack about just about every background. Still never heard "bogan".
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 @tobius: imbecile is generally considered an offensive and derogatory term.
  • 6 3
 @tobius: wow. You clearly don’t know the first thing about me, and your assumptions betray a siege mentality. My life partner is an Aboriginal Australian, and I’m the son of marginalised immigrants with a first name that’s unpronounceable to most Aussies.

Chucking around the word ‘racist’ in an attempt to play ‘gotcha’ in arguments proves nothing mate. Do you want to strip that loaded term of its meaning? Because that is what misusing it does.

Callouts of this type do little more than divide progressive people, (such as those typically found here on PB) and give actual racists and fascists fuel to f*ck us over with. Why not concentrate your firepower on this latter group?

Try this strategy some time: win people over using intelligence, charisma, good acts and wit

We win by bringing people together, not by dividing them . THAT is what fascists do
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 @tobius: bogan has nothing to do with race,you are the one putting bogans down here.let me ask you this,if you were broken down on the side of the road and there were three cars about to pass you,one was driven by a politician one was driven by a dentist and the third driven by a Bogan.who do you think is more likely to stop and help? that's right,the Bogan,9 times out of ten.Bogans don't want or need defending by a self righteous wanker like you,your metric used for classing and judging people is way off.
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 @tobius: all good
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