Podcast: End of Season Catch Up with Eddie Masters

Oct 4, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Edward Masters performs at UCI DH World Cup in Maribor Slovenia on April 28th 2019 Bartek Wolinski Red Bull Content Pool AP-1Z62AF4TW2511 Usage for editorial use only

Words Chris Hall: Photo Red Bull Content Pool / Bartek Wolinski

This week it’s time for a catch up with the double threat himself, Eddie Masters. Eddie has had an amazing season in both downhill and enduro, taking his first EWS win. We sat down for a catch up a couple of weeks ago at Hardline to find out more about how his season went, including how he’s getting on with the injury that he sustained in Northstar, and what it takes to be at the top in DH and Enduro these days. Use the player above to give it a listen.

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 Thanks for sharing @pinkbike !!

I hope everyone enjoys hearing from Eddie. Can you get too much Eddie Masters?
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 Never too much Eddie. Smile
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 @vikb: Seriously. I was excited when I saw the headline and bummed when I realized I already listened to this one.
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 @chriskneeland: ahh mate, sorry for the confusion, it sometimes takes a while for the article to hit the Pinkbike homepage!
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 @downtimepodcast: No worries man. It's always good stuff. Looking forward to future episodes. Keep up the good work.
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 @chriskneeland: thanks man, will do!
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 First minute: Oneal is great, I love oneal pants, oneal is awesome -- and now more about Eddie, who clearly prefers Fly pants, jerseys and helmets. Man, when is fly gonna make some gloves? Great podcast tho.
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 Ha ha, love it, thanks @borisimobike
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 As someone who just had ACL surgery its super inspiring how Eddie came back from ACL reconstruction in the fall to 14th at the EWS in the spring. Hoping I can get back on my bike as quick as Eddie did.
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 Also he had meniscus work done too which prolongs recovery, it's absolutely insane he was able to come back that early with that result.
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 Subscribe to this podcast!!! it has been great, keep up the fantastic job!!!
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 Thanks @fedfox it's great to hear from people who are enjoying the podcast!
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 Anyone else getting the podcast hang up at a bit past 13 mins? My internet connection is good and a refresh of the page doesn't help.
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 Just checked @vikb and everything seems to be working from my side. Have you tried listening elsewhere? iTunes, Spotify etc all have it...
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 @downtimepodcast: - working now. Thanks for checking.
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 @vikb: no worries mate! Glad it's sorted.
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 I really like Eddie's attitude to competition - very zen and a great role model. Plus he's funny ...daily ablutions, priceless!
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 And don´t forget to take showers!! Smile

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