Podcast: Joe Breeden on Leaving Football for Bikes, Racing Snowshoe on a Borrowed Bike and More

Nov 3, 2019
by Downtime Podcast  
Moonhead Media

Words Chris Hall : Photo Moonhead Media

This week on the Downtime Podcast, I’m chatting to Joe Breeden. Joe is one of the UK’s top up and coming talents, with a bright future in the sport. Join us for a chat about his move from football to mountain biking, the step up from UK to World Cup level, and from junior to elite. We also cover his horrible injury from a couple of years back, being the first place qualifier at Val Di Sole, racing Snowshoe on a borrowed bike, and much more. This young man has got a wise head on his shoulders, and there is plenty to learn from his approach… so give this episode a listen in the player above.

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 Who leaves a potential football contract on the table for a world cup paycheck is the real question here
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 Kicking a ball or playing with a DH bike and travelling around the World,no brainer really! You only live once. Best wishes for next year Joe.
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 @Beicpinc: millions on millions or thousands on thousands. Indeed a no brainer...
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 Plus bike-ball is about to go massive
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 @pargolf8: you mean annual debt on your credit card if you are a rookie racing DH outside of top 10?
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 @WAKIdesigns: its interest free for 6 months. No worries
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 @IllestT: Isn’t bike-ball when your foot slips the pedal and you smash the top tube?
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 @SacAssassin: user name confirms lol
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 if you must ask yourself why someone does something, then maybe the real question is why does it matter to you? if you dont understand you never will.
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 @Beicpinc: i don't think you know what it feels like to race mountain bikes for a living/sport
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 @ewikpark: You'd be surprised!
I really don't understand the negativity about an 11 year old making a choice between football and riding his bike!

I have an 11 yr old who also,does both,i don't care which one he does,as long as it puts a smile on his face and at the moment there's more smiles on a bike.

Screaming parents and gobby youths or fist pumps and air as a choice.
I know which one i'd rather do,at 11 years old.
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 @Beicpinc: you only die ones you live every day
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flag pargolf8 (Nov 3, 2019 at 15:56) (Below Threshold)
 @whitebullit: it doesn’t but to some of us $$ is the root of happiness. Both WC racers and premier league players are paid gaudily, its just extreme opposite ends of the spectrum. I get your point though, money doesnt buy happiness but its a hell of a good start!
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 I don’t think he was necessarily in a position to get offered a multi-million pound contract. The reality of football, like any commercially popular sport, is only a few will make it. There was no guarantee he’d have got anywhere near the top end and earning big money. Football is ruthless like that.

I think he was wise to pursue a career in something he loved even more that football.
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 @dubod22: do you not think you could say the same about world cup dh? Small percentage chance you’re making it to the top. Smaller pool of athletes? Absolutely. But you make alot more being 2nd tier premier league than 2nd tier world cup.
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 @ewikpark: as much as I love racing mountain bikes. I got an incredible thrill from playing football also. I don't see how one takes away from the other.

People who love football love it every bit as much as we love bikes.
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 @Dropthedebt: amazing!
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 @Beicpinc: anyways, if you become a top level DH rider, you can still play football. If you become a good football player, you are not allowed to do any "extreme" sports. It's specified on most of the contracts, and at higher level, it's the insurance of the player and/or club that prevents you to do so.
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 And the Americans be like-"they play football in the UK?"
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 American here. Can confirm.
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 hehe my first thought was 'yeeeeah, ya might need to make that "soccer"'
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 From the title and the photo, I was already thinking "he looks small for football, must be QB"
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 Sorry friend, we're not all that daft.
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 Ha! Congrats on the rugby win, mate.
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 @Buter: Thanks! Went to work hungover af the next day.... No regrets
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 @Spark24: I think we all did, for different reasons! Helluva performance and a humbling level of desire from the Boks, it must have been amazing to see that from a SA point of view!
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 @Buter: Yeah I would never watch rugby on purpose but I came across the final on the telly. Good for RSA! Inscrutable sport for the uneducated Merican in me. A wicked scrummage indeed.
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 @endlessblockades: I get ya. I kinda fell in love with the international contests when I lived over in Europe (still work there. Occasionally...).

I watched the Diaz v Masvidal fight and was able to catch the tail end of the replay afterwards.
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 Why would you not choose the path that makes you happy? His life will be much richer in other ways :-)
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 I think most of the Americans here are still thinking NFL. To the rest of the globe Football is something else, you know a sport where you actually kick the ball. To my understanding, the salaries of a Soccer player are quite small compared to the NFL league minimum of $510,000. That 510k is to do absolutely nothing but warm a bench!!!!!
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 You are probably thinking of MLS salaries, which you can't really compare to the large, established leagues in other countries. The top leagues in Europe pay at NFL levels (if not more)...the bottom tier teams of the Bundesliga even are averaging half a million in player salaries.
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 Top Soccer Players have bigger salary than any NFL players,also there is lot of more money in all Major Soccer league
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 Many of the players at lower league level are on really poor money along with the precarity of one-year contracts. Made the right choice for himself.
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 I don't know about that! Even League Two players earn £1200-1500 a week on average. That's pretty decent money for anyone, not to mention a person in their early 20s.
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 @humoroususername: Yes but the chances of even getting to that level are far lower than to race wc dh as there is far more competition.
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 @djm35: I don't know the exact numbers but there are 4000 professional footballers in the UK alone. That's a decent amount of slots available. The world cup has a very limited number of places.
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 @humoroususername: Yes but the number of people who want to compete is vastly greater in football and it has global appeal.
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 @djm35: Indeed but there are multiple professional football leagues. Germany, France, Italy, Spain all have about 4000 professionals playing for them. Then there are all of the other smaller countries. There are only about 60 people in the world making a living from downhill mountain bikes. I think the odds are even harder to make it in DH MTB rather than to make it to SOME level of professional football.
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 All those images of footballer v mountain biker blown away. Potential footballer could be top end mtb. haha
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 no son of mine is gonna play the foosball.
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 Forever two wheels...!!!!!!

Always remember people: No balls, no nets!

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