Podcast: Matt Jones Talks Becoming A Red Bull Athlete & Big Film Projects

Dec 23, 2018
by The HKT Podcast  

Episode #064 of The HKT Podcast features professional slopestyle rider Matt Jones. During this episode we discuss Matt's humble beginnings digging in his local woods with brother Jono, going on to then race 4X and culminating in becoming a Diamond FMB Tour competitor.

Matt also explains the crazy story of how he became a Red Bull athlete, the reason his vlog is so important, and tells some behind the scenes stories from his epic 'Frames Of Mind' edit, plus much more...

Matt's career began digging in the local woods and racing 4X. He's now one of the top slopestyle athletes in the World

bigquotesIt worked out at a months worth of work for every minute of footage

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Read the full #ProjectChainge story here.

MENTIONS: @HookitProducts


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 Thanks for posting Pinkbike! Cheers for listening everybody and for all the support throughout 2018. Have an awesome Christmas and New Year!
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 Quality work Davi boy, loving your work. Both Matt and Jono Jones are class acts both on and off the track, super nice guys, always a pleasure to see them both. Been a while since I've seen Mrs. Jones at the trails, say Hi to her boys from me please, send her my regards.
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 Drink water .
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 Agree. However, it's hard to argue with what the brand has done for action sports and the way they take care of the athletes right?
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 @HookitProducts: Redbull should just make it clear that their athletes do just drink water, they just sell shit to the sheeple
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 @nantmtb: yes what a great business plan "we pay our athletes silly money to represent us but they still choose to drink water, but you should use our product to be like them"
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 Sometimes I wonder if Red Bull Athletes could be better athletes if they didn't have to be drinking red bull every time the camera hits them.
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 1. #drinkwater, is it just me seeing a rather clear difference between hydration and stimulation? Just in case: water is used as a hydrating fluid. Red Bull is used for stimulation. It contains sugars, caffeine and taurine which are stimulating.

2. An idea that an actual athlete (please check the definition of athlete in wiki) who regularly burns lots of calories and has a relatively high metabolism, will suffer from drinking 2 Red bulls per “race” day is ignorant.

3. Their water bottles with RB logo do not necessarily contain Red Bull.

4. Last time I checked beer is what every Pinbiker should drink and if I wasso fkng concerned about my health, I’d rather expose my body to Red Bull than beer.
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 I have been thoroughly enjoying catching up on the HKT podcast whilst working on my bike this week, it’s a great combo. The Matt Jones one is a belter. Keep up the great work.
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 Thanks brother. We really appreciate it!
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 Redbull is like any other sponsor. Get off your high horses about it. No one makes people drink redbull. If your gullible enough to think it gives you super powers then frankly you deserve a highly caffeinated sugary drink.
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 Watching Matt progress has been awesome !
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 All these comments are dumb.
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 Sweet pod. Thanks!
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 Your more than welcome!
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 Such a top dude.

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