Podcast: Nature vs. Nurture With Jackson Goldstone & His Dad

Oct 4, 2019
by The HKT Podcast  

Jackson Goldstone is a 15 year old mountain bike athlete from Squamish, BC, Canada. No doubt you've seen Jackson riding with and competing against the best riders in the world, recently landing a double backflip at Audi Nines and appearing in various edits but, how did it all start?

Jackson shot to fame at just 3 years of age when his Dad, Ron published a video to Pinkbike called 'Jackson Run Bike To Kindergarten' which is still the most viewed video on the Pinkbike server!

On this episode of The HKT Podcast I was joined by both Jackson and Ron to discuss Jackson's evolving career, how Ron manages his work/life around travelling with Jackson to events, the importance and balancing act of social media, sponsorship deals, the testing family dynamic and what the future holds for Jackson and the rest of the family plus, much more...

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Enjoy, thanks for listening!


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 Jackson is awesome! Too bad his dad is such a unfriendly full of himself douche. Parked next to him during one of the NWCup races last year. We were as friendly as possible but just received blank looks and not even a "hi". Was extremely disappointed with his aloofness especially since we are all supposed to be "rooting" for his boy. I'd say I caught him on a bad day but the behavior continued throughout the weekend. Just an unfriendly dude. Hope Jackson doesn't get full of himself like his dad.
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 Sorry to hear that. I’d say that you caught Ron on an off day/time/whatever. I had the pleasure of working with Jackson and Ron a few years ago on a project and I was more than impressed with them and the family. I found Ron very supportive of BOTH of his children and great to work with. Riding with Jackson was BEYOND FUN, spent quite a few days with him at Whistler trading lines at the bike park.

So proud to see Jackson continue to grow as a rider!
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 Ron sent me a message and explained his weekend which clarified that he actually was having a really bad weekend. I apparently misread him and he honestly seems like a nice guy. I made a uninformed assumption about him. My bad.
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 Thanks for the share @Pinkbike really appreciate it!

Hope everybody enjoys the conversation and learning more about the Goldstone's who, should for sure have their own TV show! Think The Osbournes meets This Is Peaty... your welcome! haha

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 The reason the UK pumps out so many good riders is that the hills aren't that big, so people can session tracks a lot. When you have to go back up 600m to get to the top of a track it limits how many times you can ride it. Because the tracks are shorter it means that you can lap them and get familiar with a track and hit it harder and harder. Because it's all about practice.
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 Hm..thats interesting. It kinda makes sense
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 Yep! And because if us Brits want to ride a good track, we have to go to a race.
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 Surprised to see why YT still haven't hook Jackson up as their CEO.
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 @steezer: some would argue he epitomizes young talent
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 It seems one needs a surname containing 2 minerals.
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 The secret revealed!!!
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 Really enjoyed this one, having two kids and seen some of Jacks video's. Props to Ron.
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 Appreciate you listening mate! Can't beat father and son/daughter time eh...
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 16 no?
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 I wonder if he'll be a millionaire before he's 20?

Shred on, Jackson!
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 YOU need $$$$$$$$$ but that only gets you so far xxx
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 Good effort and interesting but that interviewer's no Michael Parkinson.
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 He's not trying to be...
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 His podcasts are closer to conversions then interviews! That’s why they’re good!

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